[Undergraduate] Spring 2018 <Freshman Seminar I> Online Courses
Mar 20, 2018
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Please find below information on revised <Freshman Seminar I> online courses in Spring semester, 2018.


Prior to 2018 From 2018
Course Lecture Course Lecture
1. Safety Management Sessions 1-1. Understanding Safety 1. Life at Korea University 1-1. History of KU
1-2. Public Space 1-2. Welcome to KU
1-3. Emergency 1-3. Code of Conduct
1-4. Safety and Disaster
2. Writing Sessions 2-1. Writing a Report 2. Guidelines on Assessments 2-1. Group Work
2-2. Report
2-2. Plagiarism 2-3. Academic Integrity
3. Life at Korea University 3-1. History of KU 3. Safety Management Sessions 3-1. Public Space
3-2. Welcome to KU 3-2. Emergency
3-3. Code of Conduct 3-3. Safety and Disaster

- In addition, there has been a revision on the period of course opening and course policy:

Prior to 2018 From 2018 Note
Course Commences On early April On March 2 - Prior to 2018, the online course commenced a month after the start of semester. From 2018, the course starts as soon as the semester commences.
- Online course ends at the end of April (as midterm exam period ends).
Course Ends On early June On April 27
Course Requirements As long as you passed the quizzes, you met the course requirements regardless of online class attendance Online class attendance compulsory – you will not be able to fast forward the video

- Compulsory course requirements:
Online class attendance & Attendance at ‘Faculty-Student Mentoring Day’ lunch event (on
April 9(Mon), 12(Thu), and 13(Fri) at noon)
(Please note that the decision on your grade is entirely up to your academic advisor, apart from the attendance.)