[Undergraduate] Preliminary Graduation Qualification Review for Prospective Graduates of February 2019
Oct 30, 2018
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[Undergraduate] Preliminary Graduation Qualification Review for Prospective Graduates of February 2019
The Department Office of Business Administration provides the preliminary graduation qualification review and graduation information for the prospective graduates of February 2019 in order to reduce their anxiety for graduation and also to prevent mistakes in advance.
For those who are expected graduate soon, please carefully read the guidelines and attachment below to avoid any disadvantages.
I. Preliminary Graduation Qualification Review
1. Eligibility: Prospective graduates of February 2019 (students whose first major is Business Administration, double majors, and dual degrees included)
1) Due to a high number of visitors, those who have received a text message from KUBS can check their graduation qualification.
2) Pending graduates do not have to visit the office to check their graduation qualification. They can graduate at the end of corresponding semester once the graduation requirements are submitted.
2. Period: October 31, 2018 (Wed) November 2, 2018 (Fri) : Double major from other departments, Dual degree, 1st major-double major
                 November 5, 2018 (Mon) - November 8, 2018 (Thur) : 1st major-intensive major 
3. Time: 10:00 17:00 (excluding lunch break; 11:50 13:00)
4. Venue: The Department Office of Business Administration (Room 103 in KUBS Main Building)
5. Inquiries: The Department Office of Business Administration (Tel: 02-3290-2702)
II. Important Information

1. Contact Information Update
1) Important notices regarding graduation will be announced via phone and e-mail.
2) KUPID > Registration&Graduation > Edit University Registration
2. Confirming and Correcting Korean/English Name for Diploma
1) KUPID > Registration&Graduation > University Registration > University Registration Inquiries
2) If you do not enter your English name, your English diploma will not be issued.
3) Your diploma will be printed with your Korean/English name as it appears on KUPID (double check your English name such as uppercase and lowercase letters, spelling, and space).
4) If any correction is needed, send an email with the student ID number and corrected name to by the end of December (students majoring in Business Administration or dual degree students only; double majoring students must contact the office of their major department).
5) After correction is made, confirm your name on KUPID.
6) Once your diploma is issued, the name cannot be revised.
3. Deadline for Graduation Requirements
1) February Graduation First Friday of January / August Graduation First Friday of July
2) Students must submit all documents to the Department Office of Business Administration by visit or mail.
Mailing Address: Room 103, Korea University Business School Main Building, 145 Anam-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul (make sure to indicate your student ID number and contact information).
3) Your submission status will be available on the portal one week after submitting your documents.
4. Second Major/Minor Cancellation
1) KUPID > 학적/졸업 > 학적사항 > 다중전공포기신청 (only available on the Korean portal)
2) Students must cancel the second major (and minor if applicable) by the end of December in order to graduate in February as intensive major.
5. Graduation Album (students whose first major is Business Administration and dual degrees only)
1) Photoshoot Schedule: TBA. For further information, please refer to the notice on the KUBS website or KUPID.
2) Students will receive a bill after photoshoot.
3) Inquiries: Seven Color(세븐칼라) 02) 776-6666
6. Commencement Ceremony
1) Commencement ceremony will be held once a year in February (including August graduates).
2) The students whose major is Business as first major and dual degree are able to participate in the KUBS Commencement Ceremony. Graduation application will be done in February.
3) Notices regarding graduation gown rental will be announced in February.