[Startup Institute] 2018 Startup Express Winter Season
Oct 16, 2018
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[Startup Institute] 2018 Startup Express Winter Season
The KUBS Startup Institute will be holding Startup Express Winter Season (Startup Competition). 

1. Eligibility: 

A team must include at least one undergraduate/graduate KUBS student/alumnus (graduated within 5 years) (including business administration double major or dual degree students) (other team members can be students from a different department or university; no restriction applies to the size of a team)

2. Schedule

Deadlines Details Remarks
Oct 15 (Mon) – Nov 14 (Wed) Submission of an application form and a statement of a startup idea

-Application Form
(*Attached below)
Nov 15 (Thu) – Nov 21 (Wed) Document Screening  
Nov 22 (Thu) Release of Document Screening Result -only successful teams will be contacted
Nov 26 (Mon) – Nov 28 (Wed) Interviews  
Nov 30 (Fri) Release of Interview Results -only shortlisted teams will be contacted
Dec 3 (Mon) Submission of Presentation -Submission of PowerPoint slides (10-mins length, max. of 20 PPT pages exclusive of cover pages)
Dec 7 (Fri) (14:00-18:00) Final Round -Final result release and award ceremony (Presentation: 10mins per team)
- Souvenir will be provided to participants in the final round (in the order of arrival)
- Compulsory: submission of application form AND a statement of the startup idea
- Optional: submission of a soft copy of the PowerPoint slides presenting your product or service
- Submit via email at

3. Judging Criteria: 
Creativity, marketability and feasibility of the business model, business evaluation, the validity of research and analysis, etc.
4. Award and Winner Benefits
(1) Operating Cost Support

Grand Prize

1 Team
-Entry into Iljin Center
-Operating cost support provided upon entrance (5,000,000 KRW)

Excellence Prize

1 Team
-Entry into Iljin Center
-Operating cost support provided upon entrance (3,000,000 KRW)
KUBS Research Association Award

1 Team
-Entry into Iljin Center
-Operating cost support provided upon entrance (1,000,000 KRW)
(2) Office space provided: for 6 months – 1 year (inclusive of desks, chair, all-in-one printer, water cooler, refrigerator, meeting room, lounge, etc.)
(3) Professional Mentoring from: Kim & Chang, PwC Korea, and AWS Active
(4) Startups resident teams’ monthly meeting and networking events with startup partners (VC, accelerator etc.)


5. Contact Us (KUBS Startup Institute)
(1) Phone: 02-3290-1699 or 2551
(2) Email: (*Submit the application via email)
(3) Website: