2019 Social Value Research Competition
Jun 11, 2019
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2019 Social Value Research Competition
KUBS Institute for Business Research and Education
SK SUPEX Council SV Committee

1. Qualifications: 1 team formed of 4 people, All members from KUBS student (including Double & Dual major)

2. Categories of application
1) Research: Free topic analysis related to the “Social Value”
2) Case Study: Analyze social venture companies and corporate’s social value in the real world
3) Start-up: Project a social venture business plan
- The length of final report should be: Body 20 pages (A4), font 11, line spacing 1.5
3. Number of Candidates: 10 teams (Total 40 students)
4. Operation support & Prize
(1) All candidate will receive SK scholarship (\3,000,000 for Each team)
(2) Once nominated as an awardee (after the final report submission), the winner will grab an opportunity to participate in the social value ceremonies in foreign regions