* [Undergraduate] 2019-2 Guidelines for Minor Application, Fall 2019
Guidelines for Minor Application, Fall 2019   ※「Korea University Constitution」Article 36,「Administration of Academic Affairs 」the first clause of Article 7    - A minor requires 21 credit hours apart from your first major  - A second major does not count towards a minor, and a minor is not indicated on graduation certificate.  - An incomplete minor cannot be the ground for deferring graduation.   1. Eligibility: Students who (1) have specified their first major, and (2) have completed more than three semesters, and (3) are enrolled in Fall 2019 ※ Applications by students who are on leave of absence on the corresponding semester will be ceased.  2. Applicable Areas of Study: 1) Students may not apply for a minor from the department of their first major or relevant (cross-listed) course.  2) Students may apply for courses from Anam Campus that are not open at Sejong Campus as a minor. 3) However, if the relevant course is opened both at Anam and Sejong Campus, students must register for a minor from their designated campus.  4) A minor from the College of Education can only be granted to students whose first major is from the College of Education.  ※ Note: A ratio of the number of students taking minor courses at the College of Education is 10%, applicable to entering class of 2006 and 2007. Students who commenced their degrees from 2008 may not apply for a minor at the College of Education due to the abolition of Teaching Certification Requirements (by the Ministry of Education) 5) The minor application is not accepted by the School of Law, College of Medicine, College of Nursing, Department of Cyber Defense, and College of Pharmacy. ◎ Registration Period: September 2, 2019 (Mon) 10:00 AM - September 20, 2019 (Fri) 5:00 PM ◎ Where to Register: Department office of your first major ◎ Registration Process: 1) Complete the attached application form. 2) Complete a designated course list from the department office of your preferred minor. 3) Ask for a signature from the Department Chair of both your first major AND preferred minor, and seal. 4) Submit the completed application form to the department office of your first major ※ Depending on department offices of your preferred minor, applicants may be asked to submit an academic transcript. -Please find the attached application form and designated course list below. ◎ Withdrawal of minor application KUPID ( – Registration & Graduation – Registration – Withdrawal of Multiple Majors      August 14, 2019 Academic Administration Division Education Team
Aug 16, 2019
# 5100
* [Undergraduate] 2019-2 Online Application for Leave of Absence/Return Notice
[Undergraduate] 2019-2 Online Application for Leave of Absence/Return Notice   1. Registration Period : August 1 (Thu) 10:00 ~  August 26 (Mon) 17:00     ※ - Registration & Graduation - University Registration – Absence/Return Application   2.  Leave of Absence · Return Process     Portal Application → Department Office of Business Administration Data Processing → Status Check by Academic Advisor    3. Leave of Absence · Return Process Guide   Category Contents Application Methods 비고 Leave of Absence Regular Leave of Absence Online Application (No attached documents) → Approval   Return Regular Return Online Application (No attached documents) → Approval  ※ Starting from 2018-2nd semester, online application for Regular Leave of Absence due to medical issues is not accepted, hence students must bring a medical certificate (at least 4 weeks) from a general hospital as well as a disease leave of absence to the Department Office of Business Administration.   ※ Starting from 2018-2nd semester, online application for Leave of Absence/Return Process has been changed to ‘Department Office of Business Administration Data Processing’ followed by ‘Status Check by Academic Advisor’. Please keep this in mind when processing your application.    Attached Documents : 1. 2019-2 Leave of Absence/Return Notice         2. 전역예정증명서, 서약서 및 취학승인서 양식 (2019-1 신 양식)         3. 사회복무요원 복무확인서, 서약서 및 취학승인서 양식 (2019-1 신 양식)         4. Disease Leave of Absence         5. Humanities and Social Sciences Administrative Office Contacts         6. Natural Sciences Administrative Office Contacts         7. Sejong Campus Administrative Office Contacts   July 2019
Jul 25, 2019
# 5068
* [Undergraduate] Fall 2019 Tuition Payment in Installments
1. Eligible Applicants - Students who have paid the first installment after submitting a tuition payment in installments application online within the application period* - The following students are NOT eligible for payment in installments: a. Freshmen, transfer students, readmitted students, and students on a leave of absence in the first semester of 2019 b. Students registered for an extra semester (exceeding their ninth undergraduate semester or fifth graduate semester) in the first semester of 2019 c. Research students who have completed their graduate courses (completed research students) *All students with scholarships covering less than 25% of their tuition or tuition bills without any scholarship reductions are eligible. 2. Application Period Classification Application Period Tuition Payment in Installments Approval Apply August 22 – 29, 2019 (by 16:00) College department offices and administration offices    3. Application Method KUPID → Tuition Payment/Scholarship → Payment in Installments Application → Apply 4. Payment in Installments Period Period Bill Printing and Tuition Payment Period First Payment September 2 – 4, 2019 (by 16:00) Second Payment October 1 – 4, 2019  (by 16:00) Third Payment November 1 – 5, 2019  (by 16:00) Fourth Payment December 2 – 4, 2019  (by 16:00)   5. Printing Bills for Tuition Payment in Installments KUPID → Tuition Payment/Scholarship → Tuition Payment in Installments Bill → Print   6. Amount of Tuition Payment in Installments Classification Amount of Payment First Payment 25% of tuition fees + Other payments Second and Third Payments 25% of tuition fees Fourth Payment 25% of tuition fees – scholarship amount (will be deducted or separately awarded)   7. Notice a. Students who have made the first payment must make the second, third, and fourth (final) payments. b. Students who have made the first payment are considered enrolled students. c. If the final payment is not made, the student’s enrollment will be canceled, and the first, second, and third payments will not be returned. d. If tuition is not paid in full by the payment deadline, the student will be expelled from school pursuant to relevant regulations. e. If students who have made the first, second, or third payments wish to withdraw or take a leave of absence from school, they must pay the remaining balance in full. (Tuition refund regulations for withdrawing students will be applied later.) f. Scholarship recipients (students who have applied for the payment in installments of less than 25% of tuition) will receive the fourth bill with the amount due after the scholarship deduction has been applied. g. If a student does not pay his or her tuition within the designated period, he or she will not be eligible to pay in installments for the following semester.   8. Application Procedure for Online Payment in Installments a. KUPID → Login → Tuition Payment/Scholarship → Tuition Payment in Installments Application b. Click Application after reading the instructions regarding payment in installments. c. Check personal and guardian’s information. Make corrections if needed. d. Complete application by clicking the checkbox for guardians’ consent after consulting with guardians. Type in a guardian’s cell phone number.    (A guardian’s consent is not required for graduate students.) e. Print out your bill by clicking Payment in Installments Bill for the given period after receiving approval for payment in installments. f. Make payments within the designated period. g. Students wishing to cancel the payment in installments must click Cancel Payment in Installments before making the first payment. (They must then print out a regular tuition bill during the tuition payment period and pay tuition in full.) h. Approval for payment in installments is made by tuition-related offices (college administration offices and department offices).
Jul 11, 2019
# 5044
ATTN [학부] 2019-2학기 진리장학금 Entrepreneurship Academy 프로그램 신청 안내
2019-2학기 진리장학금 Entrepreneurship Academy 프로그램 신청 안내 1. 진리장학금(프로그램 기반 장학금) 소개 •프로그램 기반 장학금은 본교 학생들을 고려대학교만의 경쟁력을 갖춘 인재로 육성하기 위한 장학금으로써 학업·연구 성취도 제고, 자기 개발및 자기 설계 지원, 개척하는 지성 육성 및 미래 인재 양성을 목적으로 합니다. 그 중 경영대학에서는 도전적 기업가 육성을 위한 활동 중심의 Entrepreneurship Academy 프로그램을 기획하여, 2019학년도 진리장학금 사업에 선정되었습니다.   2. Entrepreneurship Academy의 목적 및 목표 •“도전적 기업가” 육성을 위한 혁신적인 교육 인프라 구축을 목적으로, 첫째, 벤처기업 성공 사례 교육을 통해 기업가 정신이 깃든 리더를 양성하고, 둘째, 기술, 사회, 문화 등과 같은 제반 학문들이 자유롭게 어우러지는 창의/융합형 교육을 제공합니다.   3. Entrepreneurship Academy •특강을 통해 창업에 필요한 관심 분야의 정보(e.g., 투자유치, 회사설립, 세무회계 등)를 획득하고, 렉처시리즈에 참여하여 창업과 관련된 멘토와 네트워크를 형성하여, 학생들의 창의성과 개방성을 배양하는 것을 내용으로 합니다.   아래의 2가지 활동으로 이루어지며, 2개의 군으로 나누어 참가 학생을 선발합니다. •첫 번째 군은 아래의 과정 중, (1) 활동을 합니다. •두 번째 군은 아래의 과정 중, (1)-(2) 활동을 합니다.   (1) 렉처시리즈 •월 1~2회의 렉처시리즈에서 스타트업, 기업가 혁신 관련 현업에 종사하는 멘토를 초빙하여, 현업의 실무 동향 및 창업 전략 등에 대한 경험과 조언을 공유하고 창업에 필요한 네트워크를 구축합니다. 또한, 예비 창업가들의 고민사항을 해결할 수도 있습니다. •일정은 아래와 같이 계획되어 있으며 변경 시, 별도로 안내합니다. 회차 일시 연사 1 2019.09.10(화) 18:30 – 20:30 루트임팩트 정경선 대표 2 2019.10.15(화) 18:30 – 20:30 히든트랙 오정민 대표 3 2019.11.19(화) 18:30 – 20:30 스파크랩스 세션 4 2019.12.10(화) 18:30 – 20:30 임팩트스퀘어 도현명 대표   (2) Startup Express(창업경진대회) •경영대학 스타트업 연구원에서 주최하는 2019 Startup Express: Winter Season(12월 6일(금) 진행 예정) 참가를 위해 활동합니다. 해당 학생은 Startup Express에 서류 제출을 하는 것이 필수입니다. Startup Express의 수상팀은 일진창업지원센터 입주 기회와 입주 시 운영비용을 제공 받습니다.   4. 신청대상/장학금액 •신청대상 : 고려대학교 2019년 2학기 서울캠퍼스 소속 학부 재학생 - 단, 세종캠퍼스학생, 외국인, 휴학생, 수료생, 대학원생, 학점교류생, 외국대학 협정교 소속 교환학생 신청불가 •합격인원 : - Entrepreneurship Academy (1) 활동 군: 00명 - Entrepreneurship Academy (1)-(2) 활동 군: 00명 • 장학금액 : - Entrepreneurship Academy (1) 활동 군: 200,000원 - Entrepreneurship Academy (1)-(2) 활동 군: 250,000원 ​ 5. 활동 결과 및 평가 계획 •선발된 학생은 매 세션 참석 후, 셀프 리포트(세션 내용에 대한 간략한 정리 및 느낀점)를 작성하여 제출해야 합니다. •선발된 학생은 프로그램 종료 시, 정해진 양식에 따른 설문지와 역량 변화 보고서를 제출해야 합니다. •2019년 9월부터 12월까지 정해진 활동에 모두 참여하고 결과 제출 시, 장학금을 지급합니다.   6. 일정 및 제출 서류 •신청일정: 2019년 9월 2(월) 오후 2시까지 첨부된 Entrepreneurship Academy 신청서를 작성하여로 보내주시기 바랍니다. - 메일 작성 시 메일 제목 및 신청서 제목을 반드시 “2019-2 Entrepreneurship Academy 신청서_학과_학번_이름”으로 하여 제출해 주시기 바랍니다. •제출서류: 2019-2 Entrepreneurship Academy 신청서(첨부 양식) •서류발표: 2019년 9월 4일(수) 오후 5시 이후   7. 유의사항 •첫 활동은 9/10(화)에 시작되므로, 합격 후 바로 활동에 참여 가능하신 분들만 신청바랍니다. •활동이 대부분 화요일 오후로 계획되어 있으며, 출석확인서는 발급되지 않으니 참고바랍니다. •총 4회 렉처시리즈 중 2회 이상 불참 시 장학금 지급대상에서 제외됩니다(*1회 결석까지만 인정) •Entrepreneurship Academy (1)-(2) 트랙 신청 후, Entrepreneurship Academy (1) 트랙으로 변경 불가능하지만, 반대의 경우는 가능합니다.   8. 기타 자세한 문의는 경영대학 스타트업 연구원 (02-3290-1699, 2551)으로 연락 바랍니다.  
Aug 16, 2019
# 5101
NEW The 19th KUBS Buddy Recruitment
KUBS has signed academic exchange agreements with 102 overseas universities from 29 countries, and is continuously promoting active exchange by sending and accepting numerous students. We are now recruiting the 19th KUBS Buddymembers. For those who are interested, please refer to the information below:   1. What is KUBS Buddy? 1) Purpose: An organization of KUBS students supporting KUBS exchange students To increase the status as a worldwide prestigious university by providing continuous support and promotional services for international students.  2) History: The first recruitment was held in 2010, and KUBS is in process of recruiting the 19th KUBS Buddy for the fall semester of 2019.   3) Recruitment Area: Executive (budget, management, school jacket, book rental service) Press (media planning for activities, photos, video, and Facebook group management) Program (KUBS Buddy regular activities, orientation & MT planning and feedback) 4) Period: One year (2 consecutive semesters mandatory.  However, vacancy from military service is permitted)   5) General Body Meeting: Once a month (mandatory)   6) It is mandatory to participate in the regular activities at least 3 times     2. Eligibility Any KUBS student can apply (Double major students are ineligible) Willingness to provide assistance for international students (we also welcome those who are not fluent in English but have confidence and friendliness towards international students). Preferred Qualifications: Ability to carry on basic conversations in English / Ability to speak a second language (such as Chinese) Proficient with editing software programs (Photoshop, Movie maker, etc.) Junior and Seniors are also welcome   3. Details Assisting in coordinating events regarding exchange student activities. (KUBS exchange student orientation planning and advertisement, monthly activity, etc.) Helping KUBS exchange students adjust to life at KUBS (Each Korean student will be assigned with 3 to 4 international buddies considering their preferences of countries) Increase the bond between Korean and exchange students by hosting minimum of 3~5 activities per semester. Promoting online activities.   4. Recruitment Period & Process Submission Period (Application Screening): July 12 (Fri) – July 27 (Sat); Noon (* complete the application form is attached below) Vacancies: 00 students How to Apply: Complete the attached application form and send an e-mail to (save your application file name as “Name_Student ID Number_KUBSBUDDY”).  Selection Process: June 31(Wed): Announcement of Initial Screening Results (will be notified of interview date and time individually) August 2 – 4 (Fri – Sun): Interview August 5: Results released (each student will be contacted individually)   5. Benefits (must participate diligently for a year) Extra points will be given when applying for exchange student programs and/or global internship programs Certificate of Participation will be issued   6. Contact Information President: Jinwoo Park (010-8504-0588) Vice President: Dahyun Lee (010-9922-1631)   Business School International Office 02-3290-1387 KUBS Buddy Facebook:
Jul 12, 2019
# 5048
ATTN [Undergraduate] Fall 2019 KUBS Scholarship Application Open
In addition to other scholarships and grants provided by Korea University, KUBS offers scholarships for KUBS students who have difficulties financing their tuition fees. Please refer to below instructions of application and document submission.   신청 안내   1. Application Deadline: July 8, 2019 (Mon)- July 22 (Mon) by 16:30   2. Eligibility: KUBS students who seek financial support from the School, and will register in Fall semester 2019 3. How to Apply: Make an online application via [Programs – Undergraduate – Scholarships – KUBS Scholarship] [Korean: 프로그램-학부-장학제도-고경(면학)장학금 신청], AND print out the application and submit a hard copy to Ms. Bo Bae Jang, Department Office of Business Administration 4. Department Office of Business Administration: Room 103, KUBS Main Building)   5. Amount of Scholarship: 100%, 50%, and 35% of the tuition fee or other forms of scholarships (inclusive of the National Scholarship amount)   6. Required Documents  ※ Please make sure to check if the type of document, name and issue date are correct. (If you cannot make the hard copy submission in person, you may send the documents by post to: Room 103, KUBS Main Building, 145 Anam-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, South Korea) - International Students:    - A copy of the application form (print out after the online application)    - Personal Statement for KUBS Scholarship (see attached)    - Proof of Family Relations (e.g. Birth Certificate)    - Proof of Parental Income    - Proof of Current Bank Balance    - Bank statement for last 3 months (proof of transaction)    - Proof of Family’s Financial State    - You may submit additional documents to demonstrate your financial difficulties. (e.g., medical certificate in case of your family member’s illness)   - Domestic Students:          1) 장학금신청서 1부(온라인 신청 후 출력함)          2) 사유서 1부(첨부파일)          3) 부 또는 모의 가족관계증명서 1부             ▶ 거주지 주민센터 또는 인터넷 민원24시 (에서 발급          4) 2018년도 원친징수영수증 또는 소득금액 증명원 부, 모 각 1부(총 2부)             ▶ 원천징수영수증 : 재직회사 발급             ▶ 소득금액증명원 : 거주지 세무서 또는 홈택스(에서 발급             ▶ 소득금액이 없는 경우 2018년 내 신고 된 금액이 없음을 증명하는 ‘사실 증명’ 확인서를 발급받아 제출함          5) 2018년도 세목별과세증명서 부,모 각 1부(총 2부)             ▶ 거주지 주민센터 또는 인터넷 민원24시 (에서 발급             ▶ 부모의 과세내역이 없는 경우도 ‘세목별 과세 증명서(과세 사실 없음)’ 발급 후 제출 요망          6) 2019년도 3,4,5월 납부 내역이 기재된 건강보험료 납부확인서 부,모 각각1부(총2부)             ▶ 건강보험공단에서 발급 ( 전화 1577-1000 문의 요망)             ▶ 부모 중 한 분만 건강보험료를 내거나 기타 가족이 본인 포함 부모의 건강보험료를 납부하는 경우, 발행일자 3개월 이내의건강보험증(가입자와 보험급여를 받는 가족사항이 기재된 면) 사본 또는 건강보험자격확인서 제출.   7. Outcome Release: *shortlisted applicants will be notified by text     A. First Outcome: Early September 2019 (tentative)      B. Second Outcome: During October 2019 (tentative) 8. Inquiries: Ms. Bo Bae Jang, Department of Business Administration ( 02-3290-1301 / )   Notes 1. Prior to scholarship applications to the University, undergraduate students must apply for the National Scholarship to be eligible for any scholarships from the University. If you have not applied for the National Scholarship during the first round deadline, please make an application during the second round application period (at the end of August to early September, tentative).  2. Prior to their applications to KUBS Scholarship, applicants are required to apply for KU Need-based Scholarship (‘정의면학장학금’) via KUPID by July 31. National Scholarship holders will be granted KU Need-based Scholarship depending on their income quintiles. Please refer to KUPID > Scholarships > Spring 2019 KU Need-based Scholarship for application guidelines.  3. Scholarship benefit can be duplicated; Application is open to students who are already on scholarships (National Scholarship, KU Need-based Scholarship). The total amount of scholarships must be equal to or less than the tuition fee. 4. The payment of scholarship will be made after the tuition payment period. Please note that you must make the tuition fee payment by the deadline.  
Jul 11, 2019
# 5039
ATTN [Undergraduate]2019-2 KUBS Dream Scholarship Application
“KUBS Dream Scholarship” provides students with financial support other than tuition fee. It is designed to encourage students’ academic performance by consuming less time on their part-time jobs for financing their living expenses.   Students who seek for financial support are welcome to contact the Department Office of Business Administration for more information. 1. Eligibility - Students who have applied for National Scholarship - Any KUBS students who have financial difficulties  2. Scholarship Amount and Maximum Number of Recipients - Scholarship Amount: monthly payment of fixed amount (the amount is subject to change depending on exceptional circumstance) - The number of Recipients: The number of recipients may be changed according to the availability of scholarship funds 3. Application Period - By August 12 (Mon), 16:30  - Application can be made anytime during the semester, but students are strongly encouraged to make the application by the above deadline. 4. How to Apply - Submit application via email to * Attach the required documents; Merge the documents into one file. The filename must be ‘KUBS Dream Scholarship_NAME_Student Number’ - Or you may submit the document in person at the Department Office of Business Administration (Room 103, KUBS Main Building) 5. Required Documents ※ Students who are already on KUBS Dream Scholarship must submit all documents again. ※ Students who (will) apply for KUBS Scholarship (고경 면학 장학금) may submit the ① application form and② Personal Statement for KUBS Scholarship only.  - International Students: ① Application form (attached) ② Personal Statement for Scholarship (attached) ③ Proof of Family Relations (e.g. Birth Certificate) ④ Proof of Parental Income ⑤ Proof of Current Bank Balance ⑥ Proof of Family’s Financial State (optional) - Domestic Students: ① 신청서(소정양식)1부 ② 신청사유서(소정양식) 1부 ③ 부 또는 모 명의의 가족관계증명서 1부 ④ 2018년 소득금액증명원(신고사실없음증명원) 또는 근로소득원천징수영수증 부모 각 1부 * 소득이 없는 경우 신고된 금액이 없음을 증명하는 ‘사실증명원’을 발급받아 첨부 ⑤ 2018년 지방세 세목별(비)과세 증명서 부모 각 1부 ⑥ 건강보험료 납부확인서(최근3개월분) 부모 각1부 * 부모 중 한 분만 건강보험료를 낼 경우 건강보험증 첫 장(가족 등재사항이 기재된 부분)또는 건강보험 자격(통보)확인서를 첨부 ⑦ 기초생활수급자 증명원 등 기타 가계형편을 증명할 수 있는 서류(해당자에 한함)    6. Requirements for Scholarship Renewal (revised) ① Students who would like to renew scholarship benefits must apply for National Scholarship in the corresponding semester.  ② Students must submit all required documents to the Department Office of Business Administration by the deadline. The applicant’s eligibility will be assessed by KUBS financial aid manager for the renewal of scholarship.  ③ Students must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours in the previous semester. ④ Students must maintain at least 3.0 GPA in the previous semester. ⑤ However, if a student is granted the scholarship after the first week of the semester, their GPA of the corresponding semester will not be counted towards the eligibility assessment of scholarship for the next semester.  ⑥ The GPA requirement is applicable for academic records in/after Spring 2017. 7. Outcome Release - During September - The outcome will be individually notified to the shortlisted applicants only 8. Note: Scholarship benefit can be duplicated; Application is open to students who are already on scholarships. However, the total amount of scholarships must be equal to or less than three million won per semester. 9. Inquiries - or  02-3290-1301
Jul 11, 2019
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Course evaluation for the spring semester of 2019 will be conducted as follows. Undergraduate students are kindly requested to fill in the questionnaire with sincerity.     1. The course evaluation system will be available from 10:00 June 4 (Tue), 2019 to 17:00      July 7 (Mon), 2019.      (Course evaluation will be shortly closed on July 1st 10:00 - 17:00 to improve the quality)     2. Course evaluation:       Students can access their course evaluations in the KUPID ( >          [Registration&Graduation] -> [Grade Inquiries] -> [Course Evaluation]     3. The questionnaire consists of multiple-choice questions and open-ended questions.       Answers and  responses from students are dealt with in strict confidentiality and anonymity.     4. Professors will be allowed to review the evaluation results and answers as early as from July 16,       2019. Students participated in the evaluation are assured that students' sincere answers and       responses will be restrictedly used as raw data for academic improvements to the courses offered.     5. Domestic exchange students are kindly requested to create a Single ID at http://portal. to       access the course evaluation and/or grade review menu.     6. Students are required to read the following notice before filling out the questionnaire.      “ Notice: Course evaluations are used to improve the quality of teaching and learning at Korea      University. We strongly encourage you to actively participate and to provide constructive feedback       in  a respectful way. Your opinion matters “   7. Students must complete the course evaluation on PC since KUPID is not mobile compatible.   8. Students must contact Office of Information Technology and Service(tel : 02-3290-4200/ for the following matters :     - Unable to save the due to the popup blocker in Internet Explorer     - Unable to see or view all 6 answer options of each question    2019.  5.   Administrative Director Academic Administration Division
Jun 07, 2019
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[Undergraduate] Spring 2019 Semester Result Release Dates
1. Grade Input and Revision 구 분 일 정 Due Dates for Grade 2019. 6. 17(Mon) 09 : 00 ~ 7. 1(Mon) 08 : 30 Grade Open to Students and Revision 2019. 7. 1(Mon) 10 : 00 ~ 7. 8(Mon) 17 : 00 Grade Confirmation 2019. 7. 9(Tue) 11 : 00 Repeated Course Selective Deletion 2019. 7. 11(Thu) 11 : 00   2. Notice Students who complete online course evaluation for all courses in which they enrolled for the semester have access to their preliminary grades. (Course evaluation will be shortly closed on Jul 1 10:00-17:00 to improve the quality)   Grade Review URL :   Log into Grade Review System ※ KU students - ID : Student Number, Password : KUPID password ※ Domestic exchange student - ID : Temporary KU student number - Password : 7 final digits of your Resident Registration Number    Grade "I" will be switched to "F" the day after Grade Confirmation. If you have inquiries regarding your grade(s), you should contact a professor or instructor during the ‘Grade Revision Period’.   If you repeated a course, please check the course again on the Course registration menu at [KUPID>Go to Class>]. If you find any mistakes in the course registration, you are kindly asked to report it to your affiliated college/school by Jun 14.   If you repeated a course, the former grade will be erased through a screening procedure after the Grade Confirmation. You can check your new grade for this session after Jul 11 12:00.     2019. 5.   Academic Administration Division
Jun 07, 2019
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NEW 2019 사회적가치 연구공모전 모집공고
2019 사회적가치 연구공모전 모집공고  KUBS Institute for Business Research and Education SK SUPEX Council SV Committee   1. 참가자격: 4인 1팀, 전원 고려대학교 경영대학 재학생 (이중전공, 복수전공 포함)   2. 참가유형 1) 연구형: 사회적가치와 관련된 연구 2) 사례분석형: 소셜벤처 및 기업의 사회적가치 창조 케이스 3) 창업형: 소셜벤처 사업계획서 - 최종보고서 분량: A4 기준 본문 20페이지, font 11, 1.5줄 간격   3. 선발 인원: 10팀 (총 40명)   4. 시상 및 지원사항 (1) 선발시 장학금 지원 (팀당 300만원) (2) 최종 보고서 제출 후 우수팀 선발시 해외 사회적가치 관련 행사 참가 기회 부여 구분 수상팀 수상내역 기업경영연구원장상 1팀 University of Washington CSR Conference 참가 지원 SK 사회적가치상 1팀 Global Social Venture Competition (University of California, Berkeley) 참관 (2020년 4월) 지원   5. 진행 일정 기 간 내 용 비 고 2019년 6월 5일(수) 09:00 ~6월 11일(화) 23:59 마감 신청서 작성하여 서류 접수 – 지원서 접수 (첨부파일 참조) 2019년 6월 12일(수) ~6월 14일(금) 서류 심사   2019년 6월 14일(금) 서류심사 결과발표 – 팀 개별 안내 2019년 6월 17일(월) ~6월 21일(금) 지도교수 매칭 – 팀 개별 안내 2019년 6월 24일(월) ~ 10월 31일 (목) 연구 수행 – 지도교수 지도 하에 팀별 계획한 유형의 연구 수행 2019년 10월 31일(목) 23:59 연구결과 보고서 제출 – A4 20 페이지 (본문), font 11, 1.5 줄간격 2019년 11월 1일(금) ~ 11월 8일(금) 심사 및 수상팀 선발 – 발표 및 시상   – 참가신청서, 연구주제 요약서: 필수 제출 (첨부 파일 확인 요망) – 자료 제출처: 이메일(   6. 심사기준: 연구주제의 독창성과 사회적가치 적합성, 시의적절성, 중요성 등   7. 문의 및 참가접수 (1) 전화: 02-3290-1623 (2) 메일: (* 참가접수 서류는 이메일로만 제출 가능)  
Jun 05, 2019
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* [Undergraduate] Notice for Submission and Correction of English Name for Prospective Graduates of August 2019
[Undergraduate] Notice for Submission and Correction of English Name for Prospective Graduates of August 2019 -  student who expected to graduate in August, 2019, should submit his/her name in English for Graduation Certificate will be issued in English together with in Korean one.  - Notice -   ※ The expected graduates whose name in English is not found on their university records, will be issued the graduation certificate in Korean only. ※ Graduation Certificate is issued once and only on Graduation day.   1. Applicants: Students who expected to graduate in August, 2019   2. New Submission and Corrections: Submit the document(Request form for modification of personal details) via email(   (1) Passport Holder Name must be spelled the same as indicated in your passport.   (2) No passport 1) Last name in Capital letters, First Names in order 2) First letter of first names should be written in capital letter   Ex) HONG, Gildong / HONG, GIL DONG / HONG, GILDONG 등.   3. Consider carefully how your name should be written in English. For example, Suck (석) and Bum (범) have negative connotations in English whereas Beom and Seok do not. Also consider that certain spelling may have gender connotation, e.g., Sue(수) is a female name in English whereas Soo is not an English name (and thus no problem). Likewise, 주 should be rendered as Joo but not Jew.   4. Submission Period : Submission should be made by no later than July 31, 2019     ♣ Please update your address, phone number, e-mail address etc. of your personal information in the portal for amicable communication after your graduation     2019. 6.   Education Team, Academic Administration Division
Jun 04, 2019
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ATTN [Undergraduate] “Business English” Course Registration for Summer Session (By June 13)
[Undergraduate] “Business English” Course Registration for Summer Session (By June 13) Course Registration 1. Eligibility: Entering Class of 2008 to 2019 students who have NOT taken Business English I and II  ※ Students who commenced their degree from 2008 are required to take Business English to meet the graduation requirements.  ※ NOT applicable to: transferred students, students from School of Interdisciplinary Studies, students with a dual degree. ※ Check your eligibility for the course: visit KUPID → Registration & Graduation → Graduation Requirements Status ※ The level of Business English will be determined based on the results of ‘English Level Examination for Commencing Students’.    - Beginning Level/Students who have not taken the exam: Must take both Business English I and II, consecutively    - Intermediate Level: Exemption for Business English I, must take Business English II    - Advanced Level: Exemption for both Business English I and II 2. Deadline for Course Registration: June 3 (Mon) 09:00 – June 13 (Thu) 17:00 ※ Any cancellation must be made via email by June 17 (Mon), 15:00 3. Course Period: June 24 (Mon) – July 18, 2019 (Thu) / 8 lectures in total 4. Course Timetable: students may select one of the following options    1) Mon and Wed Morning: 09:00 - 11:45    2) Mon and Wed Afternoon: 13:00 – 15:45     3) Tue and Thu Morning: 09:00 – 11:45    4) Tue and Thu Afternoon: 13:00 – 15:45  ※ Classes may be canceled depending on the number of applicants or the arrangement of the venue. In which case the Office will contact you – if we do not hear from you, you will not be able to choose your time slot. ※ Lecture venue and teaching staff for each class will be announced once the arrangement of classes has been completed (June 19, 2019 (Wed) (tentative)) 5. How to Register for Course: Follow the link below, fill out required details and click <submit> 6. Inquiries: Sun Young Park, Department Office of Business Administration / 02-3290-1301 /   Notes 1. Please note that depending on the availability of professor and classroom, or the number of applicants, students may not be assigned to their most preferred time slot. 2. Once the semester commences, students are not allowed to withdraw from their course unless they demonstrate reasonable grounds. Course withdrawal will be accepted by June 17 (Mon); 15:00 via email at [ ]. [Student No./Name/Course Title/Time Slot/Reason for Withdrawal] must be specified on email. A letter of confirmation will be sent out once the withdrawal application has been approved - Please contact the Department Office if you do not receive the letter of confirmation. 3. Students who do not achieve a satisfactory outcome (F grade) will be required to pay a 100,000 KRW penalty at the end of the semester. The payment of the penalty is required for the award of the final mark. i.e., the award of final grades is pending until the penalty payment has confirmed, even if the student has completed the course components. If student has received an F in the course, the course has to be re-taken.   - Make a (online) payment to Hana Bank, 391-904544-21137   - Amount: 100,000 KRW * Indicate your name upon payment. Contact the Department Office after completing the payment 4. Students who miss more than 1 lecture will receive a Fail grade. (applicable for Summer/Winter sessions)
Jun 03, 2019
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