• Creating Future Global Business Leaders
    Creating Future Global Business Leaders
    Creating Future Global Business Leaders
    The KUBS undergraduate program aims to nuture future business leaders by cultivating student creavity, entrepreneurship, leadership and integrity, all with a global perspective.

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[Undergraduate] Spring 2017 Faculty-Student Mentoring Day
KUBS has been offering Mentor System since 2007 by assigning an academic advisor to each student. Through this system, students can obtain information regarding studies, career, scholarship, etc. from professors.   KUBS has arranged the Faculty-Student Mentoring Day where students can meet their advisor and other KUBS students. Your participation will be deeply appreciated.   - How to Check Your Advisor: Visit KUPID > Registration & Graduation > University Registration Inquiries > Personal Information > Advisor - Eligibility: KUBS students (students who are taking “Freshman Seminar” must participate in the event) - Schedule Date Participating Professors Venue Registration April 10 (Mon); 12:00~13:00 Martin Hemmert, Seungwoo Kwon, Kihoon Kim, Daeki Kim, DaeSoo Kim, Dong-One Kim, Byung Cho Kim, Sang Yong Kim, Eonsoo Kim, Dae Il Nam, Kwangtae Park, Jongwon Park, Chan Su Park, Mannsoo Shin, Weon Sang Yoo, Dongwon Lee, Jay Hyuk Rhee, Hosun Rhim , Insik Jeong, Ji-Woong Chung, Chris Changwha Chung, Ho-Won Jung, Cecile Kyung-Ah Cho, Myeong-Hyeon Cho, Seungmin Chee, Se-Joon Hong LG-POSCO Building (6F) Ahn Young Il Hall & Cuckoo Hall Registration April 13 (Thur);  12:00~13:00 Tony C. Garrett, Soo Young Kwon, Kwanghyun Kim, Young-Kyu Kim, Icksoo Kim, Jae Wook Kim, Jaehwan Kim, Jinbae Kim, Jae Yun Moon, Jungbien Moon, Hyoung Koo Moon, Kyung Suh Park, James L. Park, Gil S. Bae, Johngseok Bae, Jinhan Pae, Kwanho Suk, Yong Keun Yoo, Dongseop Lee, Dong Wook Lee, Jae-Nam Lee, Jong-Ho Lee, Yi, Han Sang Yi, Jaiho Chung, Wooseok Choi, Jinhee Choi, Soongsoo Ha LG-POSCO Building (6F) Ahn Young Il Hall & Cuckoo Hall Registration April 4 (Fri); 12:00~13:00 Woochan Kim, Joonghyuk Kim, Tai Gyu Kim, Na Hyun Seung, Kyung Sam Park, Bumjean Sohn, Janghyuk Lee, Jae Uk Chun, Seok Woo Jeong, Ju Hyun Pyun, Joon Ho Hwang LG-POSCO Building (6F) Ahn Young Il Hall Registration Individual Meeting Yong moo Suh, Manwoo Lee, Song Oh Yoon, Hojung Shin, Jaemin Han         Sabbatical Year Baeho Kim, Sung Soo Yoon, Chang Ki Kim, Hicheon Kim, Gangseog Ryu, Shijin Yoo The following professors are unable to make it to the event due to their abroad sabbatical leave.   - Notes 1) Students must check their academic advisor first and sign up for the corresponding date according to their mentor professor’s attendance. 2) If your advisor is not on the table above, it means that (s)he cannot make it to the event; therefore, you must contact your advisor personally and schedule a meeting. 3) A “Letter of Confirmation” will be issued for those who have classes during the event (will be issued on the day of the event). 4) A final grade in “Freshman Seminar” will be given after a meeting with advisor. 5) If your advisor is on a sabbatical leave, the advisor for Freshman Seminar course will be changed to Associate Dean Jaehwan Kim. If your advisor is able to attend the Faculty-Student Mentoring Day, you must participate in the event as well. However, if your advisor is unable to make it, you only need to take the online seminar without participating in the Faculty-Student Mentoring Day.
Mar 28, 2017
# 3402
[Undergraduate] Spring 2017 Credit Withdrawal Request
Spring 2017 Credit Withdrawal Request   1. Eligibility: - Students (leave of absence included) who enrolled in at least 7 semesters - Students (leave of absence included) who have earned at least 102 (106) credit hours (for transfer students with a prior BA degree, they must be a fourth-year student; however, students in a dual degree program are excluded)   2. Credit Withdrawal: Up to 6 credits; one time allowed before graduation (however, you cannot drop a course that you are currently taking)   3. Eligible Course Withdrawal - Courses that were taken before Fall 2013 - Among the courses that were taken after Spring 2014, those that cannot be re-taken due to its cancellation.   4. Credit Withdrawal Period - Frist Round: March 27 (Mon); 10:00 – April 14 (Fri); 17:00 - Second Round: June 27 (Tue); 10:00 – July 3 (Mon); 17:00 * Students can withdraw credits one time only, including both first and second rounds (one time allowed before you graduate)   5. How to Apply: KUPID → Registration/Graduation → Grades → Credit Withdrawal (select course(s) you wish to withdraw and submit it)   6. Notes: a. Required courses in the curriculum, such as mandatory elective courses, major required courses, teaching training courses cannot be withdrawn. b. Withdrawn course will be excluded from students’ GPA calculation; however, course title will appear on a transcript with a grade of “W.” c. A course that is currently being retaken cannot be withdrawn. Also, students cannot repeat course(s) that have been withdrawn previously. d. Students are not allowed to cancel their credit withdrawal after done applying (please confirm the graduation requirements first before applying). ※ For further information, please see the attached file below.   March 2017 Academic Administration Division  
Mar 23, 2017
# 3255
[Undergraduate] Spring 2017 New Advisor Assignment for Freshmen/Transfer/Dual Degree/Undeclared Majors
The Department Office of Business Administration would like to announce the results of Spring 2017 advisor assignment for freshmen/transfer/dual degree/undeclared majors. Please check your assigned advisor on the portal as follows:  Registration & Graduation > University Registration Inquiries > Personal Information > Advisor  For freshmen who are taking "Freshman Seminar," their current class section will be changed to their mentor professor class at the beginning of April. The Faculty-Student Mentoring Day(lunch) will be held on April 10 (Mon), 13 (Thu), and 14 (Fri) at 12:00 p.m. Your participation will be deeply appreciated.  This will be the first meeting with your mentor professor as well as having the opportunity to meet with other KUBS students of mentor professor.  Each mentor professor will attend the meeting on a different date. Thus, registration for Faculty-Student Mentoring Day will be available when the final schedule is confirmed. Students who are taking “Freshmen Seminar” must participate in this meeting (students missing the event may receive an “F” grade in “Freshmen Seminar”).  Students may request to change their current mentor professor once a year during the "advisor changing period (during breaks)" after they become a third-year student (earned at least 68 credits, enrolled 4 semesters or more) For other inquiries, contact the Department Office of Business Administration 3290-2703 / pij0612@korea.ac.kr
Mar 17, 2017
# 3245
ATTN [Undergraduate] Graduation Requirements: “Human Rights and Gender Equality Education”
According to ‘Detailed regulations on educational curriculum organization and management’ No. 43 (Requirements for Graduation) amended on November 1, 2016, every undergraduate admitted from 2017 must take an off-line lecture called “Human Rights and Gender Equality”, which is “인권과 성평등 교육” in Korean, so please make sure to take it once by the end of 2017 spring semester.   For doing this, every undergraduate admitted from 2017 should register for the lecture in advance through Blackboard Learn online. For your convenience, we will open the course on every Monday and Thursday as well as other days. The last lecture will be on Thursday, June 29.   -Every lecture is provided in Korean.  -The same lecture in English will be provided, as well. The upcoming one is on March 31st for the second period (10:30 a.m. ~ 11:45 a.m.). Prior registration is not needed for this lecture on March 31st. (After then, however, students should also register for English lecture on Blackboard Learn website.) -English lecture will be opened once a month, so please check the upcoming notice on the college website (KUPID) and Blackboard Learn registration corner. -Since attendance will be checked through an electronic device, make sure to BRING YOUR STUDENT ID CARD when you attend the lecture.   Please refer to an attachment below for further information, including fixed schedules and enrollment instructions.  
Mar 16, 2017
# 3240
! [Undergraduate] Course Change for Double Major in Business Administration and Economics (Entering Class of 2016 and After Only)
The Department of Economics has changed “Principle of Economics I” and “Principle of Economics II” courses from electives to required courses for its first major/double major starting 2016 (students entering the university from 2016 onwards only). Because of this, the required courses for the first major/double major in the Department of Business Administration have been overlapped.      According to the school regulations, there can be no overlap in the coursework between first major and double major. Students majoring in Business Administration or Economics who entered Korea University from 2016 onwards and are double majoring in Economics or Business Administration must take other 6 credits of major electives from the double major department aside from “Principle of Economics I” and “Principle of Economics II.” 1) First Major: Economics, Double Major: Business Administration (for inquiries, please contact the Department Office of Business Administration; 02-3290-2702)   Before After   Major-related Elective Prerequisite Required Course Major Elective Total Major-related Elective Prerequisite Required Course Major Elective Total Double Major 9 3 24 15 51 6 0 24 21 51 ※ The “Major-related Elective” and “Prerequisite” in the “After” table are the number of credits without “Principle of Economics I” and “Principle of Economics II.” 2) First Major: Business Administration, Double Major: Economics (for inquiries, please contact the Department Office of Economics; 02-3290-5140)   Before After   Required Course Major Elective Total Required Course Major Elective Total Double Major 15 24 39 9 30 39 ※ The “Required Course” in the “After” table is the number of credits without “Principle of Economics I” and “Principle of Economics II."
Dec 20, 2016
# 3159
NEW [Undergraduate] 2017 KU International Summer Campus Registration
2017 KU International Summer Campus Registration     1. International Summer Campus, KU ISC   • Course Period  [6-Week Program] June 27, 2017 (Tue) ~ August 3, 2017 (Thu) [4-Week Program] June 27, 2017 (Tue) ~ July 20, 2017 (Thu)   • Registration Period  January 9, 2017 (Mon) ~ May 17, 2017 (Wed)  ※ For those who register early by February 28, an early bird discount(KRW 200,000) will be offered. ※ KU and other Korean university students can register during the designated period (TBA).   • Eligibility Students currently enrolled in a college/university with at least one semester of Attendance ※ An assessment will be made to select students.   • Application  Complete and submit the online application at http://summer.korea.ac.kr   • Courses Appx. 120 courses in Business and Economics / Humanities / Sociology and Cultural Studies / Fine Art and Design / Science / Law, Politics and International Relations / Korean and East Asian Studies / Korean Language   • Fees and Payment    ISC 1 Course 2 Courses 3 Courses Application Fee KRW 100,000 (Appx. USD 90) Tuition KRW 1,600,000 (Appx. USD 1,380) KRW 2,800,000 (Appx. USD 2,550) KRW 3,700,000 (Appx. USD 3,360) Total KRW 1,700,000 (Appx. USD 1,470) KRW 2,900,000 (Appx. USD 2,640) KRW 3,800,000 (Appx. USD 3,450   • Special Features (1) Prominent Academics About 120 courses taught by 60 distinguished academics from the world’s top universities (2) Diversity More than 1,800 students participating from 290 institutions in about 50 countries (3) Cultural Experience Students can taste the unique culture of Korea by going on various day trips to places like Lotte World Amusement Park, Jamsil Baseball Stadium, etc. Also, there are extracurricular activities such as K-Pop dancing and Korean cooking, etc. (4) Internship Opportunity Internship opportunities will be available for students to gain ample experiences in various career fields at companies or national organizations in Korea.  • Faculty Prof. Institution Field G. Marcus Cole Stanford University Law Eugene Terentjev University of Cambridge Science Kathryn Weathersby Johns Hopkins University Korean Studies Shomu Banerjee Emory University Economics Eloundou-Enyegue Parfait Cornell University Sociology James Morrison London School of Economics Political Science Jeri L. Ahem University of Pennsylvania Humanity Thomas Lancaster Emory University Political Science   •    More detailed information on faculty is available on our website at http://summer.korea.ac.kr   2. KU Pre-College • Eligibility 1. Academically motivated high school students 2. High school graduates who have never attended college-level institutions   • Fees and Payment    Pre-College 1 Course 2 Courses 3 Courses Application Fee KRW 100,000 (Appx. USD 90) Tuition KRW 1,600,000 (Appx. USD 1,380) KRW 2,000,000 (Appx. USD 1,810) KRW 2,500,000 (Appx. USD 2,270) Total KRW 1,700,000 (Appx. USD 1,470) KRW 2,100,000 (Appx. USD 1,900) KRW 2,600,000 (Appx. USD 2,360)   • Special Features 1. The first and only Pre-college program in Korea 2. Following general education program models developed by US Ivy League Institution 3. About 120 courses taught by 60 distinguished academics from the world’s top universities • Course period, Registration period, and other information will be same with KU ISC program.         3. Enquiries • Department: International Education Team • Telephone: +82-2-3290-1152,1599 • E-mail: isc@korea.ac.kr • Fax: +82-2-953-1817 • facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kuisc.iwc/
Mar 22, 2017
# 3251