• LG POSCO Hall
    LG-POSCO Hall
    LG-POSCO Hall

    Largest-Scale, Breeding Edge Facility

    LG-POSCO Hall has the future-oriented, integrated Pro-Digital facilities including the electronic board that transmits the HTML contents of a lecture to the students and built-in super-fast LAN equipment in the table.

LG-POSCO Hall was opened in 2005 to commemorate the centenary of Korea University’s founding, with the vision of becoming the best business school in Asia based on RDBR, research, business-academia cooperation, and international exchanges. Through the implementation of T.I.G.E.R.S. (Technical Leadership, Industry Leadership, Entrepreneur Leadership, Research Leadership, and Service Leadership), the Hall aims to become a future-oriented venue and open a business education area satisfying the three elements of Pro-digital, Flexibility and Landmark, where future 21st century leaders can mature.

To this end, KUBS has benchmarked the educational environments of world-leading universities to create the best business school building in Asia, with optimal acoustics, ergonomic lighting, high-speed wired and wireless internet, and cutting-edge instruction facilities. A six-story building completed in October 2003, its total floor size stands at 14,121 m2. The Hall features lecture rooms and various facilities, including state-of-the-art lecture rooms, Lee Myung-bak Lounge, Supex Hall, faculty offices and Sudang Digital Library.
LG-POSCO Hall Floor Guides
Level 1 Son Moo Young Seminar Room, Dong Hun Seminar Room, Seminar & Lecture Room
Ahn Young Il Room, Control Room, Lobby 1
Level 2 CAREER CENTER, Lecture Room, Pigeon Lecture Room, Lee Yang Seop Lecture Room
Sang Il Lecture Room, Yu Sang Ok Lecture Room, Seminar Room, Maru Lecture Room
Kim Seung Yu Lecture Room, Koo Ja Hoon Lecture Room, Lobby 1,2, Lee Myung Park Lounge
Level 3 Hwa Jin Seminar Room, Has Set Seminar Room, Jun Kyu Soo Seminar Room
MBA Office, Professor's Office, Seminar Room, Park Sung Jin Seminar Room
Service Room, Guide Room, Sudang Digital Library, Lobby 1, 2
Level 4 MBA Office, Professor's Office, Seminar Room, Professor Meeting Room, Service Room
Guide Room, Lee Hak Soo Seminar Room, Kim Dong Ki Seminar Room
Lee Kun Hwan Seminar Room, Tae Ah Seminar Room, Ku Doo Hoi Lecture Room
KB Lecture Room, Park Hyun Joo Lounge, SPPEX HALL, Lobby 1,2
Level 5 MBA Office, Professor's Office, Seminar Room, Meeting Room, Service Room, Guide Room
EXECUTIVE LOUNGE, Kim Byung Kun Lecture Room, Lobby 1,2, Lounge
Level 6 Professor's Office, MBA Office, Seminar Room, Professor Lounge, Service Room
Guide Room, Multi-function Room, Lobby 1, 2