[Exchange Program] The 2nd Round of Spring 2018 Outbound Student Exchange Program
For those who have not been assigned a host institute or withdrawn from the assigned host institute from the 1st round, please click the link below to apply for the 2nd round. The students who have already confirmed the results are not allowed to apply for the 2nd round.   The students who studied abroad previously will be assigned a host institute after the 2nd round. KUBS International Office will contact you via email/phone. 2nd Round Application Period: August 17 (THUR); 17:00 – August 18 (FRI); 15:00 * Application: Due to the system error, URL will be updated before 17:00 on August 17. ** URL has been delayed later than 17:00, so I extended the deadline for Second Round by August 18th, 15:30. Second Round URL: * If the students pass the 2nd round, the confirmation process will be automatically made.  Unlike the 1st round, the students cannot withdraw from the exchange program; thus, please think about it carefully before making a decision.        ※ List of Available Host Institutes for 2nd Round (attached file)         - Please check the requirements requested by each university first.        (You must submit the official language score report)        (If you do not have an official language score report, please apply for one with “Good at English” or "TOEFLiBT 100 Recommended")   * The 2nd round is for the students who have not been assigned a host institute or withdrawn from the assigned host institute from the 1st round. Other students are not eligible to apply for the 2nd round of the outbound student exchange program. 
Aug 17, 2017
Student Exchange
# 3919
ATTN [MS/PhD] Fall 2017 Course Registration Guidelines
l. The Period of Registration and Add/drop 1. Registration: 10:00 AM, 24 Aug.(Thu) ~ 5:00 PM, 28 Aug. (Mon), 2017 2. Add/drop : 10:00 AM, 7 Sep.(Thu) ~ 5:00 PM, 8 Sep.(Fri), 2017   Ⅱ. How to Register 1. Access to exclusive URL for course registration(, and then choose 'Graduate School' and '2nd Semester'. 2. Guidance of Research: Guidance of Research should be chosen every semester according to the below division. <Division of 'Guidance of Research'> (1) Current Students: DKK500-division (Title: Guidance of Research) (2) Graduate Students in KIST Academy Research Industry Collaboration Program, Program in Biomicrosystem Engineering, and those who are in the 2nd or above semester of Science and Technology Studies : DKK510 for Research of Guidance 1, and DKK520 for Research of Guidance 2, 1 credit per each course (3) Completed research graduate students: DKK-600 (Title: Tutorial Research after Completion of Course Work) ※ Except for Guidance of Research credits, students who completed course works are not allowed to take other courses   Ⅲ. The Confirmation of Course Register 1. After finishing online registration under the guidance of advisor and the head of the department, please confirm your courses at 『KUPID-Information Depot-Course Information-Course Registration』. If any problems, then you must correct them within the period of add/drop. (New students will be able to access to KUPID after the beginning of the semester.) 2. If your course is closed after the period of add/drop, you can change your courses at the academic affairs office of your college. 3. You are not allowed to register, add and drop courses after the period of add/drop.   IV. Caution for Course Registration 1. Online registration must be done by him/herself. 2. Please be aware that any opportunities to register will not be given to those who did not complete the process during the period of registration and add/drop. 3. After finishing course registration, you must check (or print) the screen at KUPID whether the courses were correctly input or not. 4. Those who will return to the graduate school are expected to finish their registration in the given period. Also, the registration will be officially approved after finishing your application process to return to the school. 5. Please accurately check the academic number of courses you intend to undertake. If the course is not officially registered due to any reason such as putting a wrong number, it will not be acknowledged without any exception. 6. Graduate students are not allowed to retake the same course previously taken. If do so, the course will be seen as duplicate and cannot be officially acknowledged. You can only retake the course if you had a failing mark before. 7. You can review your results at 'Information Depot' section of the KUPID system. 8. Aside from major courses, every student has to apply for Guidance of Research(DKK500), 2 credits in each semester, so that you must acquire total 8 credits for 4 semesters. Please check whether the course is automatically registered, and change it only if it is incorrect. 9. Graduate students in KIST Academy Research Industry Collaboration Program, Program in Biomicrosystem Engineering, and those who are in the 2nd or above semester of Science and Technology Studies have to apply for both DKK510(Guidance of Research 1) and DKK520 (Guidance of Research 2) complying to their 'double-advisor system'. 10. Maximum limit of applied credits per semester is up to 12, and it can be 15 if including prerequisite courses (Eligible for school year's students before 2010) or advisor designated courses (Eligible for school year's students after 2010). (Excluding credits of Guidance of Research). 11. If you take any non-prerequisite courses from the undergraduate level, the credit will not be acknowledged. Prerequisite or advisor designated courses are not included in your major courses, and will be marked on your report card as elective courses. 12. As from the first semester in the year 2008, 'professional development in teaching' is open for doctorate candidates, so please apply for it if interested. (20 students in CTL810-00 course) 13. If you retake the same course or a retroactive course, the credit will not be acknowledged in any case. In addition, students in Ph. D. course are not allowed to register again any class completed in his or her Master course. 14. If taking a prerequisite course or an advisor designated course, please input the correct course number referring to undergraduate timetable, and clearly put the course as 'prerequisite' or 'advisor designated course'. <Within 15 credits including graduate courses> 15. Please note that course classifications (major, prerequisite, guidance of research and advisor designated course) must be correct. You may be disadvantaged if the credit is not acknowledged by incorrect input.    16. The length of class period ◆ Anam Campus 1st Period: 9:00~10:15 (75 Min.) 2nd Period: 10:30~11:45 (75 Min.) 3rd Period: 12:00~12:50 (50 Min.) 4th Period: 13:00~13:50 (50 Min.) 5th Period: 14:00~15:15 (75 Min.) 6th Period: 15:30-16:45 (75 Min.) 7th Period: 17:00~17:50 (50 Min.) 8th Period: 18:00~18:50 (50 Min.) ◆ Sejong Campus 1st Period: 9:00~ 9:50 (50 Min.) 2nd Period: 10:00~10:50 (50 Min.) 3rd Period: 11:00~11:50 (50 Min.) 4th Period: 12:00~12:50 (50 Min.) 5th Period: 13:00~13:50 (50 Min.) 6th Period: 14:00-14:50 (50 Min.) 7th Period: 15:00~15:50 (50 Min.) 8th Period: 16:00~16:50 (50 Min.) ※ Break time: 15 minutes after 75 minute class, 10 minutes after 50 minute class 17. Time and place of course can be changed depending on the circumstances. 18. If you have any questions about course registration, please contact to the academic affairs team of your college, or to the Office of Information Technology and Service(3290-4174) if there is problems in registration system.   V. According to domestic academic exchange program, you can cross-register at total 13 institutes including Kyung Hee University, University of Science and Technology, Seoul National University, University of Seoul, Seoul Women's University, Sookmyung Women's University, Yonsei University, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Korea National Defense University, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Duksung Women's University, The Academy of Korean Studies, and Sungkyunkwan University. Please check the timetable on their own homepages. A guide to Academic Exchange Program will be posted on the notice board of KUPID. ※ Please refer to Chapter 4 of the General Graduate School Rules for Operation (School Regulations for Graduate Schools).   VI. In the case of specialized graduate school of Korea University, you can apply for Graduate School of International Studies, Graduate School of Information Protection Studies, Green School, Medical School, Graduate School of Convergence Information Technology, Graduate School of Information Management and Security. It is allowed to take maximum of 6 credits of courses relevant to your major. (You can only take them within the range of credit acknowledgement, and you are not allowed to apply for courses not associated with your major, such as language courses.) 1. Register: In the period of course registration, you must complete your online registration, and fill out and submit a 'request form of exchange program of exchange program in the university' to the academic affair team of your college with permission from your advisor and head of department. 2. Credit Acknowledgement: It is acknowledged as major course, and total amount of acknowledged credit cannot exceed a half of minimum credit required for completion. (However, total amount of acknowledged credit including any case of credit acknowledgement listed on 'Constitution of the Graduate' cannot exceed a half of minimum credit required for completion.)   VII. Korean Language Program for International Graduate Students 1. Applicant: Any international students of Graduate School excluding undergraduate students 2. Course Registration: On-line registration should be completed by each applicant during the period of registration or add/drop. The credits from this program are not included in major credits, and students are required to change his/her class numbers during the period of add/drop if the class is divided. <Inquiry: KU Foreign Language Center (02-3290-1453)> 3. Classes in Anam Campus (Course Number/Number of Class/Credit(Hours)) (1) IFLS 108-50/ 한국어 초급Ⅰ(BEGINNER'S KOREAN I)/ 3credits (6hours) (2) IFLS 110-50/ 한국어 중급Ⅰ(INTERMEDIATE KOREAN I)/ 3credits (6hours) 4. Credit (Hours): 3credits (6hours) 5. Division of Classes (Procedure): Quota for a division is set to 25 students per one class, and the class can be divided if the number of students exceeds 30. (Placement test will be conducted during the first week after course registration. Classes will be divided after approval of the application for course division.) 6. Classes will be offered on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7:00 to 8:15 PM (75minutes) in Woodang Hall. 7. This Korean Language program is not considered as a way to pass the Korean Language Examination for graduation of Graduate School. 8. Classes in Sejong Campus (Course Number/Number of Class/Credit(Hours)) (1) SLSC 221-00/ 한국어초급1(BEGINNER'S KOREAN I)/ 3credits (6hours) (2) SLSC 223-00/ 한국어중급1(INTERMEDIATE KOREAN I)/ 3credits (6hours) (3) SLSC 225-00/ 한국어고급1(Advanced Korean KOREAN I)/ 3credits (6hours) <Inquiry: Sejong Institute of International Affairs and Education (041-860-1661)>    ※ You can apply your Single ID at KUPID: ※ Any notice from the Graduate School:
Aug 17, 2017
# 3917
[Exchange Program] List of Successful Applicants for Spring 2018 Outbound Student Exchange Program (First Round)
List of Successful Applicants for Spring 2018 Outbound Student Exchange Program (First Round)   Please refer to the attached list of successful applicants for the Spring 2018 Outbound Student Exchange Program (first round) and click the link below to confirm the results.   <Confirmation> Please click the link below to confirm the results whether or not you would like to study abroad at the assigned university. Period: August 16 (Wed); 12:00 PM - August 17 (Thu); 12:00 PM August 17 (Thu); 15:30~16:00 - List of Available Host Institutions for the 2nd Round August 17 (Thu); 15:30~16:00 - Applications open for the 2nd round   <Notes> 1. The students who have been assigned a host institute but decided not to study abroad still have to confirm the results.  2. The students who have not been assigned a host institute also have to confirm the results in order to apply for the 2nd round. 3. If the students fail to confirm the results by the deadline (even if they pass the 1st round), they will automatically be considered a withdrawal. 4. The students can confirm the results via smart phone as well. 5. If the students withdraw from the exchange program after confirming the results, they will lose priority when reapplying for the program next semester. 6. The students who wish to withdraw from the assigned host institute, click the link above and check the “withdraw” button. The corresponding host institute will be available for the 2nd round. 7. If the students click the “withdraw” button before the deadline, there will be no penalty for reapplying. 8. The students who studied abroad previously will be assigned a host institute available in the 3rd round. The results will be notified via email (this policy is designed to give more opportunities to many students). 9. Please double check the supporting documents or the language requirements requested by the host institute before confirming the results. Those who fail to submit the requested documents are responsible for any reasons for disqualification. 10. Please select the assigned host institute when confirming the results.            <Application for 2nd Round>         The students who have not been assigned a host institute or wish to withdraw from the assigned host institute and reapply must click the “withdraw” button and apply for the 2nd round. The list of available host institutes will be available on the KUBS website after the confirmation process. 2nd Round Application Period: August 17 (Thu); 15:30~16:00 – August 18 (Fri); 14:00    How to Apply: Click the following notice “The 2nd Round of Spring 2018 Outbound Student Exchange Program"  (The link will be available on the 16th before the 2nd round application period begins)   * If the students pass the 2nd round, the confirmation process will be automatically made. Unlike the 1st round, the students cannot withdraw from the exchange program; thus, please think about it carefully before making a decision.
Aug 16, 2017
Student Exchange
# 3911
[Undergraduate] English Proficiency Examination for New Students in Fall 2017
Korea University Foreign Language Center will administer the English Proficiency Examination for new students entering in September 2017 to determine which level of Academic English course to take. 1. Target A. New students entering in September 2017 on Anam Campus B. Students on Anam Campus who have entered from 2012 to 2016 and have not yet taken the English Proficiency Examiniation 2. Exam Type: Written test (grammar: 40 questions, reading: 50 questions; listening not included) 3. Exam Fee: Free   4. Date and Venue A. Date: August 18, 2017 (Fri) 2:00 p.m. – 3:50 p.m. C. What to Bring: Pencil (a pen cannot be used), eraser, and ID verification ※ Cannot take the exam without ID verification. B. Venue: Woodang Hall in Humanities and Social Sciences Campus ※ Must be in the testing room by 2:00 p.m.   5. Results and Course Registration A. Individual score results are not available. B. You must take the exam in order to register for Academic English in Fall 2017. C. The Foreign Language Center will send your score results (basic/intermediate/advanced) on August 22 (Tue) via text/email. - You must register for the appropriate level of the course during the course registration period (August 23 (Wed)). - Basic and Intermediate Level: Must take Academic English I (2 credits) in Fall 2017 and Academic English II (2 credits) in Spring 2018. - Advanced Level: Must take Advanced Academic English (2 credits) offered in Fall 2017.   6. Contact Us: 02-3290-1454 (inquiries on the exam), 02-3290-1453 (inquiries on course registration)
Aug 09, 2017
# 3894
* [Undergraduate] Change to Fall 2017 Online Application Procedure for Leave of Absence/Return from Leave
1. Application Period: August 1, 2017 (Tue); 10:00 – August 25 (Fri); 17:00 ※ > Registration & Graduation > University Registration > Absence/Return Application   2. Revision of Leave of Absence/Return from Leave Application Procedure Previous Procedure Revised Procedure Application via KU Portal → Final decision made by One-stop Service Center Application via KU Portal → Confirmation by advisor → Final decision made by department office   3.  Procedure of Leave of Absence/Return from Leave  Category Details How to Apply Remarks Leave of Absence General Leave Apply online (supporting documents not required) → Approval   Military Leave Apply online → Attach a scanned copy of your enlistment notice ※ If you submit other documents, a military leave will not be permitted. (e.g. Confirmation that you are expected to join the military, Certificate of Acceptance with enlistment date, etc.)   Leave after Military Service Apply online → Scan and submit one of the following: Certificate of Discharge, Certificate of Military Service, Individual Register ※ If you submit other documents, a military leave will not be permitted.  (e.g. Military Service Record, Certificate of Service, etc.) Return from a Leave General Return Apply online (supporting documents not required) → Approval   Return from Military Leave Apply online → Scan and submit one of the following: Certificate of Discharge, Certificate of Military Service, Individual Register ※ If you submit other documents, a military leave will not be permitted.  (e.g. Military Service Record, Certificate of Service, etc.) ※ An expected discharged military member is required to submit a certificate of discharge schedule or certificate of service (public good service member) and written oath (other documents will not be accepted).   ※ Students who are returning to school from military service must take the following steps to complete the Application for Reserve Force: → 정보생활 → 정보생활 → 예비군 전입신고서 (only available on Korean portal) ※ Due to changes in Leave of Absence/Return from Leave procedures, the application process may take longer than expected since advisors’ confirmation is required as of Fall 2017/ due to changes in application procedure for Leave of Absence/Return from Leave has been changed, the procedure may take longer since advisor’s confirmation is required. Please contact your department office for further details.     August 2017    Student Affairs Department 
Aug 02, 2017
# 3888
ATTN [MS/PhD] Guidelines for Changes to Fall 2017 Academic Registration Status
Guidelines for Changes to Fall 2017 Academic Registration Status   ※ The followings can be changed online: Leave of Absence, Return to School, Change of Academic Advisor, Withdraw from Integrated MS/PhD Program, Accelerated Study of Integrated MS/PhD Program ※ For further details, refer to the attached file below 1. Leave of Absence and Return to School 1) Period: August 1, 2017 (Tue) - August 25, 2017 (Fri); 4:00 p.m. New students CANNOT apply a leave of absence in their first semester (however, pregnency leave and military services are allowed) 2) How to Apply: →  Registration & Graduation → University Registration → Application for Leave of Absence/Return (Graduate School) 2. Accelerated Study of Integrated MS/PhD Program 1) Application for Accelerated Study of Integrated MS/PhD Program A. Period: September 4 (Mon) - September 22 (Fri) <you must registered in order to be in the accelerated study of your integrated MS/PhD program> B. How to Apply: → Registration & Graduation → University Registration → Application for Course of Study Acceleration C. Semester: A range of shortening will be two semesters (one year) or one semester - Shortening of Two Semesters: Apply during the change of academic registration period in the early 6th semester - Shortening of One Semester: Apply during the change of academic registration period in the early 7th semester ※ Students may graduate early only if their cumulative GPA is 4.00 or above by their 6th or 7th semester.     2) Withdrawal from Integrated MS/PhD Program A. Period: August 1 (Tue) - August 25 (Fri) (same as the change of academic registration period) B. How to Apply: → Registration & Graduation → University Registration → Application to Withdraw - Eligibility: Students who wish to withdraw from Integrated MS/PhD Program and to change to the MS curriculum are eligible to apply. (In other words, the program will be changed to the MS curriculum. This does not mean that students have completed their Master’s program even though they have satisfied the requirements. Prospective MS candidates will be selected in the end of semester when final grades are out). 3. Advisor Application by New Student - → Registration & Graduation → University Registration→ Application for Advisor - Application Period: September 1 (Fri) - September 8 (Fri) 4. Change of Academic Advisor by Enrolling Students - → Registration & Graduation → University Registration → Petition for Change of Advisor 5. Voluntary Drop-Out and Readmission - Submit the Drop-out/Readmission Application (cannot apply online) - Receive approval (seal) from your academic advisor and the Associate Dean, then submit it to the Department Office of Business Administration. 6. Tuition Payment 1) Regular Payment Period: August 23, 2017 (Wed) - August 30, 2017 (Wed); 16:00 [ → Scholarship Application → Register → Print Tuition Payment Stub] - Print out your bill as follows and pay the tuition to the designated bank: 2) Final Payment Period: September 11, 2018 (Mon) - September 13 (Wed); 16:00 7. Course Registration for Prospective Returning Student 1) Period: August 24 (Thu) - August 28 (Mon) 2) How to Apply: log in and then apply - Prospective returning students of Fall 2017 are eligible to register for courses during the course registration period regardless of their status of academic registration or payment (however, if students fail to complete the returning process by August 25, 2017, their registered courses will be automatically deleted).      2017. 7.   Dean of Graduate School
Jul 27, 2017
# 3881
NEW [MS/PhD] Completed Research Student Registration
Completed Research Student Registration   1. Completed Research Student A. As of Spring 2015 Semester, following the policy of Completed Research Students (effective as of 2014), students who have completed  all course requirements but have not yet graduated can maintain the status of being “Completed Research Student” only if they make tuition payments. B. Completed Research Students are guaranteed to use school facilities (including libraries) and have opportunities to participate in research activities. When the registration period ends, the status of "Registered Graduate Students" will be changed to “Completed Research.” 2. Tuition for Completed Research (2% of Tuition Based on Majors)  A. Eligibility: Completed Graduate Students B. Payment Process: Portal System → Scholarship Application → Print Tuition Payment Stub C. Registration Period Regular Registration Period: August 23, 2017 (Wed) – August 30, 2017 (Wed); 16:00 Final Registration Period: September 11, 2017 (Mon) – September 13, 2017 (Wed); 16:00 3. Tuition for Thesis/Dissertation Examination (7% of Tuition Based on Majors) A. The Completed Graduate Students are required to register by paying tuition during their thesis/dissertation examination semesters. A 7% of the tuition will be printed on the bill only if they register for the online examination of thesis/dissertation through Portal System. Completed Graduate Students who already paid 2% of the tuition should make an additional 5% of tuition payment within the second registration period.   B. Payment Process: Each student will make a payment to designated bank accounts (the link for printing bill will be announced later) C. Online Registration Period for Thesis/Dissertation Examination: September 11, 2017 (Mon) – October 18, 2017 (Wed); 16:00 D. Registration Period: October 25, 2017 (Wed) – October 26 (Thu); 16:00 (students who need to pay the balance of 7% or 5% of tuition) E. Registration Procedure for Online Examination of Thesis/Dissertation Portal System → Registration/Graduation → Evaluation of Thesis (Master & Doctor)  4. Prepaid Coursework completed Graduate Students (Before 2014) A. Semester for Thesis/Dissertation Examination Register for Thesis/Dissertation Online Examination → Tuition: KRW Zero (0) → Visit Hana Bank and register “KRW Zero (0)” B. Regular Semester 2% of tuition based on majors ※ However, those who did not pass the thesis/dissertation examination previously and then went through reevaluation must pay for their tuition for thesis/dissertation again. ※ Tuitions paid by Completed Research Students will be used for the "Research Encouragement Scholarship" project (support for excellent research award, academic conference presentation, English proofreading fees, excellent research publication fees, etc.)
Jul 27, 2017
# 3880
[Undergraduate] Fall 2017 “Internship Practice” Credit Approval Application (Domestic Internship)
Due to the curriculum revision being implemented as of Fall 2017, if you pursue an internship during a regular semester, you may earn up to 16 credit hours of the “Internship Practice” course (a maximum of 6 credits may be earned during a summer/winter session).   Please see below for application procedure and assignment submission for the Fall 2017 Internship Practice (BUSS467, 468 & 469), a course that grants academic credits for interning at a company in Korea.   Please carefully read the notice and the list of documents that need to be submitted. You must submit your application by the deadline if you wish to receive internship credits. 1. Process Internship MOU between KUBS and company (prior to internship) > Preliminary approval for academic credit & application submission for approval > Course registration (done by the department office) > Internship > Assignment submission > Grade 2. Major Policies of “Operating Regulations of Internship for College Students (대학생 현장실습 운영규정)” by the Ministry of Education Internship hours (8 hours of work per day, no night shift) may be determined by a discussion among company-university-student. Criteria for interns (currently third- or fourth-year students only), semester, and credit approval may be determined as academic regulations by the university.   A company is required to pay an interning student in order to make internship experience smoothly. The university and a company must sign a MOU with an interning student prior to working.   3. Qualifications Students must have completed at least 4 semesters (as of Fall 2017) to register for the course (including dual degrees, double majors, minors, undeclared majors of Business Administration) However, exceptions can be made through approval by the associate dean Students from other department are not eligible to apply. Students who are confirm to do an internship for at least 4 weeks or have applied for an intern position in the semester you wish to receive credit approval Students may earn up to 12 credit hours of internship courses offered by Korea University (including Internship Practice by KUBS)   4. Credit Approval Procedure for Fall 2017 Internship Practice You must submit your online approval application and documents by September 8 (9:00 a.m.), which is add/drop course deadline. The associate dean will conduct the company screening process KUBS, intern, and company will sign a MOU The department office will sign up for the course You must check your course registration status. You must pay your tuition by the deadline if you have not completed (students exceeding 8 semesters should apply for reduced tuition) You must pursue your internship and then complete assignments You must submit your assignment (see the notice and email) 3. Document Submission (by email or stop by the office): [Click here to apply]      Online Application for Internship Practice (fill it out online and print it) Application for Participating Company (see the attached file) Application for Academic Credit Approval (see the attached file) KUBS Internship MOU – signed by the intern and company (see the attached file) Internship Offer Letter (email or contract) Introduction to company and job description Transcript 4. Submission Period and Procedure Period: July 31, 2017 (Mon) – September 8 (Fri); 9:00 a.m. Submission Location: The Department Office of Business Administration (Room 103 in KUBS Main Building) The application status will be completed once you have mailed to or stopped by the office to submit your application in hard copy after the online submission. Tuition fee refunds will be processed for a summer/winter session only, not for a regular semester. 5. Assignment Submission and Grade – You may submit early (by December 8 (Fri))  Daily Work Journal: Download the attached file and fill out by hand Internship Report: See attached file (no longer than 2 pages excluding photos) Application for Academic Credit Approval (see the attached file) Performance Evaluation by Employer (the school will receive the form directly from the corresponding employer) 6. Notes Course Name (You may earn up to 12 credit hours based on your internship period) BUSS467 Internship Practice I (3 credits) BUSS468 Internship Practice II (3 credits) BUSS469 Internship Practice III (6 credits) Credit Approval Criteria (credits will be approved in combination with the three courses above) Credits Full-time Internship Part-time Internship 3 credits 4 weeks – 7 weeks 160 hours – 319 hours 6 credits 8 weeks – 11 weeks 320 hours – 479 hours 9 credits 12 weeks – 15 weeks 480 hours – 639 hours 12 credits 16 weeks – 19 weeks 640 hours – 799 hours For academic credit approval, you must make a tuition payment and submit assignments Pre-approval is required at the department office prior to your internship – After your internship, you must submit the followings: daily work journal, report, etc. Internship Practice will be graded Pass/Fail. If you fail to submit your assignments after completing the internship, you will receive an “F.” Grade Criteria: Internship Report (25%), Daily Work Journal (25%), Performance Evaluation by Employer (50%)   5. Contact Us: Faizer Kwak, The Department Office of Business Administration Office: Rm 103 (1F) in KUBS Main Building, 고려대학교 경영대학, 서울시 성북구 안암로 145 (02841) Phone: 02-3290-2703 Email:
Jul 18, 2017
# 3871
[Undergraduate] Schedule of Fall 2017 Freshman Course Requirements for Major
Greetings from the Department Office of Business Administration. Six courses (14 credit hours) that the 2017 freshmen must take in Fall 2017 will be automatically registered. Please refer to the schedule below to avoid any conflict when registering for other courses. Major Requirements for Fall 2017: Principles of Accounting, Business Statistics, Principles of Economics II, Thinking and Writing II, Academic English II, and Computational Thinking (the courses will not be shown in the schedule) (However, students who failed Freshman Seminar I in spring 2017 can retake the course next year (Spring 2018)) When planning to register for other courses, please check the attached schedule that corresponds to your Student Number. [Notes] 1. Major requirement courses for freshmen have been assigned based on the class size of each section. Please note that you may change or delete the schedule, but if you need an additional change after deleting your schedule, you must do it on your own. 2. Inquiries for Thinking and Writing: Insun Yoon, 02-3290-1591 / inquiries for Academic English: Taeho Oh, 02-3290-1453 3. If you are an international student who entered Korea University through international admission, please change your Thinking and Writing course to “special class for international students.” Also, you must take the level test in order to enroll in the course. 4. Students who have already taken Advanced Academic English course can take other course for the remaining 2 credit hours. 5. If your major requirement courses are not registered properly by August 4 (Fri), please contact us. Thank you. 6. Some class sections for Principles of Economics II have been changed. The course will be automatically changed by the course registration deadline. Please see the attached file to see the revised schedule. 7. There was an error on Business Statistics (Prof. Kyung Sam Park), and it has been modified. The course is on Tue & Thur in 5th period.  Email: Phone: 02-3290-2703  
Jun 30, 2017
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NEW [Undergraduate] KUBS Dream Scholarship Application
KUBS offers “KUBS Dream Scholarship” that can cover tuition fees and living expenses. This scholarship was funded by KUBS alumni and donors for students who struggle to pursue their studies because they work part-time to earn living expenses.   For those who are unable to continue their studies due to financial difficulties, contact the Department Office of Business Administration. 1. Eligibility - Students who have applied for the national scholarship - Any KUBS students encountering financial difficulties  2. Amounts and Number of Recipients - Amounts: Scholarship will be given monthly (the amount will be commensurate with students’ circumstances) - Number of Recipients: The number of recipients will be adjusted based on scholarship funds 3. Application Period - Students can apply anytime during semester - Those planning to apply in Fall 2017 are recommended to apply by August 18 (Fri).    4. How to Apply - Submit required documents by email to Manager Sunyoung Park ( or visit the Department Office of Business Administration (Room 103 in KUBS Main Building) 5. Document Submission ※Students who have applied for the previous KUBS Dream Scholarship but have not been selected must submit all documents again. International Students: ① Application form ② Personal Statement for KUBS Scholarship ③ Proof of Family Relations (e.g. Birth Certificate) ④ Proof of Parental Income ⑤ Proof of Current Bank Balance ⑥ Proof of Family’s Financial State (optional) Domestic Students: ① 신청서(소정양식)1부 ② 신청사유서(소정양식) 1부 ③ 부 또는 모 명의의 가족관계증명서 1부 ④ 소득금액증명원(신고사실없음증명원) 또는 근로소득원천징수영수증 부모 각 1부 * 소득이 없는 경우 신고된 금액이 없음을 증명하는 ‘사실증명원’을 발급받아 첨부 ⑤ 지방세 세목별(비)과세 증명서부모 각 1부 ⑥ 건강보험료 납부확인서(최근3개월분) 부모 각1부 * 부모 중 한 분만 건강보험료를 낼 경우 건강보험증 첫 장(가족 등재사항이 기재된 부분)을 첨부 ⑦ 기초생활수급자 증명원 등 기타 가계형편을 증명할 수 있는 서류(해당자에 한함)   6. Scholarship Renewal Requirements ① Students who wish to continue receiving the scholarship must apply for the national scholarship in the corresponding semester.  ② Students must submit all required documents to the Department Office of Business Administration within the scholarship application period. Renewal is possible after the qualification review process by the KUBS financial aid manager.  ③ Students must earn a minimum of 12 credit hours in the previous semester. ④ Students must maintain at least 3.0 GPA in the previous semester. ⑤ However, if students are selected to receive the scholarship after the first week of the semester, their GPA of the corresponding semester will be withheld in the renewal selection process. ⑥ A requirement of maintaining GPA will be applied starting Spring 2017. 7. Results - The results will be announced in the beginning of every month - The results will be notified to successful applicants individually 8. Contact Us - or  02-3290-1301
Aug 01, 2017
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[MBA] Fall 2017 Renaissance Program
Korea University Business School runs “MBA Graduate Renaissance Program” to maintain the competitiveness of MBA graduates living in the rapidly changing global business environment. Any KUBS MBA graduates can register for major elective courses provided by Korea MBA Program. A certificate of completion will be given based on attendance and assignment. Your interest and participation are greatly appreciated.   1. Course Registration • Courses: Major elective courses offered by Korea MBA (see the attached schedule below) • Course Registration Period: August 14 (Mon) - August 16, 2017 (Wed); 10:00 – 16:30 • How to Register: [] • Class Size: 5 students per course (first-come-first-served basis) • Results: The results will be announced individually on August 17  (Thu) (when registering, please write your cell phone number and email; those who have been successfully registered will receive registration guidelines) (If there are more than 5 applicants, up to 10 applicants will be added to the waitlist. We will contact the wait-listed applicants if a registered applicant cancels the course).    ※ Those who have registered for the same course twice will be finalized with their last registration (e.g. If the same course has been added to the 1st and 6th list, you will be considered as 6th applicant and be on the waitlist; thus, please click one time).  2. How to Check Course Syllabus (you may see courses without logging in) → Course → Graduate School Courses →Year/Semester: 2017/Spring, Department: Graduate School of Business Administration, Program: Korea MBA → Click the “Course No.” to see the course syllabus   3. First Day of Classes • September 1, 2017 (Fri) 4. Issuance of Certificate of Completion • The certificate will be given to those who meet the requirements below and receive a grade of B or better (those who requested only).  • Those who do not meet the requirements below will fail the corresponding course and cannot receive a certificate.  - At least 80% attendance - Participation in team projects and midterm/final exams - Those who do not attend 80% of class meetings will be restricted to register for courses in the future ■ Contact Us: Administrative Office of MBA Programs ☎ 02-3290-1367,1360
Jul 28, 2017
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[Exchange Program] Interview Schedule for Spring 2018 Outbound Student Exchange
Interview for Outbound Student Exchange Program will be conducted from August 3 (Thu) to August 4 (Fri) for two days.   1. Korean Interview Schedule August 3 (Thu) – August 4 (Fri); 13:00 – 17:00 (tentative) #101 in LG-POSCO Building   2. English Interview Schedule August 3 (Thu) – August 4 (Fri); 13:00 – 17:45 (tentative) #102 in LG-POSCO Building   3. Waiting Room: #106 in LG-POSCO Building  (Please arrive at least 15 minutes early and be seated in the waiting room. Also, check your attendance with the TA.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Important Notes] 1. Interview will be conducted for about 15 minutes in a group of 2 to 3 people. 2. Please wear appropriate attire (a suit is not necessary, but we recommend you avoid wearing jeans, short skirts, and casual clothes.) 3. As mentioned above, please arrive at least 15 minutes early and be seated in the waiting room (#106 in LG-POSCO Building). Also check your attendance with the TA. - Submit a copy of your passport (with your signature), official TOEFL test score report, and other relevant documents if you have not turned them in.    ** If you cannot turn in the official TOEFL test score report on the day of interview due to TOEFL system error, you must turn it in by August 14th** - If you do not submit the following documents, you may be penalized. - There will be two different interviews (Korean and English); therefore, make sure you check both schedules to avoid penalties. 4. Students missing interviews due to tardiness will receive a zero.   5. The request for changing the interview schedule at specific time has been reflected. Interview time can no longer be changed unless there is an unavoidable circumstance.   6. Interviews have not been arranged for those who have already done the Outbound Student Exchange Program. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For further inquiries, contact the KUBS International Office at 02-3290-1389. Thank you.  
Jul 26, 2017
Student Exchange
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