“The future of Korean business administration, Korea University leads.”
With the latest business administration theory,
'the Advanced Management Program (AMP)' efficiently satisfies the practical needs of the business field.

Brochure (PDF)
2015 Fall Semester 80th Advanced Management Program
Admissions of New Students

Join the Spring Semester of the KU AMP,
recognized as the best of its kind with a top-notch faculty and curriculum!
We present a new vision, essential for CEOs.
Number of Students to be admitted
Approximately 00 students
Qualifications for application
  • CEOs and business executives
  • Level 2 or higher administrative and judicial officers
  • Military generals
  • Others with the same qualifications as above
Admissions Guide for Schedule & Process

Application fee paymentInterviewEnrollment of students to be admitted
Required Documents to be submitted
Application form (in a prescribed form of KUBS)  DOWN.HWP  DOWN.docx 

Self-Introduction (in a prescribed form of KUBS) DOWN.pptx
Certificate of employment
Certified copy of the register of the company (or certificate of business registration)
Company's financial statements (1st half of the year)
How to apply

   After paying for the application fee, documents must be submitted.

  Application Fee: \70,000
  (Hana Bank 391-910013-14604)
  (Depositor: 고려대학교 경영대학)
  (An applicant must deposit the application fee in his/her name.)

Application by visiting/mail
     -Address : 서울시 성북구 안암동 고려대학교 경영본관 2층 202호
     -Office Hours : open weekdays from 10:00a.m. - 4:30p.m. (Lunch : 12:00 noon - 1:00p.m.)
Application by email :
Online Application :

Lecture Schedule

Period : 2015. 9 ~12
Graduation Ceremony : Mid-February, 2016
Regular Class : Every Monday 7:00p.m.~9:45p.m.
Sun Mi Choi
Academic Affairs Dept. of Graduate School of Business Administration
Tel. (02) 3290-1695 / Fax. (02) 3290-1624