Yoohee Kim (KUBS15), Doyoung Ahn(KUBS15) and Sunhyung Yoo (KUBS15) wins the “Research Challenge Competition” hosted by Korea Investment & Securities Co., LTD.
Jul 01, 2019
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­­Yoohee Kim (KUBS15), Doyoung Ahn(KUBS15) and Sunhyung Yoo (KUBS15) wins the “Research Challenge Competition” hosted by Korea Investment & Securities Co., LTD.

We have a good news that three KUBS undergraduates, Yoohee Kim(KUBS15), Doyoung Kim(KUBS15) and Sunhyung Yoo(KUBS15) have received the top awards from the “Research Challenge Competition” hosted by one of the largest Korean financial institution, Korea Investment & Securities Co., LTD (“The Institution”).

The Institution targets to discover the new, promising financial analysts in the campus via “Research Challenge Competition” and to support their future growth. The competition was successfully operated as a second-time opening following the last year, gathering 151 challengers (the number increased by 48% compared to 2018)

The award ceremony was held on June 13th (Thu), at Korea Investment & Securities Co’s headquarter located in Yeoi-do. Based on the direct evaluation by senior analysts from the institution, the awards were given to 4 teams (8 people) and one individual who made the out-performing final report and the presentation.

All 9 winners get an option to apply in the institution’s internship (permanent transfer type) in second half of 2019. After finishing the internship with an extraordinary result, they may choose to take the final interview to become a permanent employee of the firm.

Interview with Awarde
대상 수상의 김유희(경영15), 안도영(경영15)
1. Why did your team choose Korean Air as a research subject?
KIS research challenge is a presentation competition covering the business analysis & investment strategy. For business analysis part, 3 corporate options were given to the team, and each team may choose its firm to take a research on. We decided to choose Korean Air since we thought that it might be the best option to collect the most recent data and make the firm’s future earnings expectation. Considering other two corporates, Netmarble and Amorepacific, weren’t good enough to build up a logical research strategy given the limitations in sourcing the data. We wrote the report by organizing the data of Korean Air’s international skyline sales growth, in order to focus on the fundamentals rather than the short-term issues.

2. Please leave us your comment on receiving the award. And please let us know the secret of your winning mentality.
Both of us actively participated in RISK, the value stock research group in KUBS and we are used to doing research on diverse topics of various corporates. Plus, we had time advantages since both of us were on temporary absence on school. We did daily meeting in April, never missed a day structuring the analysis flow, collecting and sourcing the data. Especially, the reason we achieved extra high points on creativity score at the final decision, will be because of our hard work on discovering our own perspective on the Korean Air’s earnings trend. For the further analysis on the financial state and valuation, we approached via regional, RPK and yield calculation and those supported our research a lot. It was a highly rewarding experience, accomplishing what we have targeted, and the output is so sweet.

(우)금상 수상의 유선형(경영15)
1. Please specify the details of your research contents.
I made a business analysis report of the firm ‘Korean Air’. The main factors that we considered while picking up the subject were; 1) the importance of macro analysis such as commodity price, FX, rates considering the key features of airline industry 2) opportunity to make an in-depth analysis on the new finance & accounting issue “IFRS 16”. Therefore, we tried to expand the conventional research pools such as basic valuation methods into wider dimension, so that we can get an alpha score on our research. Furthermore, the competitor firm Asiana’s issue or Hanjin Kal related news were also became our interest point preparing the final report.

2. Please leave us your comment on receiving the award.
We physically lived in Anam, Seoul but spent time in Paris (worked overnight) everyday, spending most of our days in 24 hours café around the campus. It was pretty hard challenge but rewardable as we have put a lot of effort into it. For me, the reward has an extra significance since I’ve developed myself a lot in RISK in recent one and a half year. At the first time I joined RISK, I had zero information in `Stock’ or ‘Equity’, but I suddenly became a team head and vice president of RISK, finally paving a way to become a winning analyst of KIS challenge. I would like to appreciate all of my team members making greatest works for this competition, and every RISK member who gave us bunch of mental & physical support. Thank you all again!