Yeon-Ko TV Tour Around Business School Contents Available
Jan 15, 2019
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[KUBS X Yeon-Ko TV] Tour Around Business School Contents Available

In Channel 'Yeon-Ko TV', the channel which is created by Korea University and Yonsei University students, featured a content introducing three huge Business School buildings in Korea University. Yeon-Ko TV, which is currently having 0.22 million followers in Youtube, also upload videos about how to study efficiently, some tips to enter good universities and stories about university life which many high school students are curious about.

This video was shooted as one of the series named ‘연고대 과방 톺아보기’ and KUBE (Korea University Business School Student Ambassador) introduced LG-POSCO Building, Business School Main Building and Hyundai Motors Building to Yeon-Ko TV creators 'Bumps' and 'Seany'. In the video, viewers can check out many Business School Infrastructure like Sudang Library, Supex Hall and Il-Jin Startup Center. This video can be seen in Youtube,by searching Youtube channel 'Yeon-Ko TV'.