Year-End Sharing Event by ‘Executive MBA 15th Graduate School Alumni’
Dec 21, 2018
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Year-End Sharing Event by ‘Executive MBA 15th Graduate School Alumni’

From the left: E-MBA 15th Area Chair Jae Uk Chun, alumnus Donghyuk Seo, alumnus Wonhyuk Jeong,
alumnus Myungchul Kang, alumnus Jeongil Lee, alumnus Sanghoon Jeong

Korea University Graduate School of Business (President= Jae Wook Kim) Executive MBA 15th Night of Year-End Event was held on December 15 (Sat) at LG-POSCO Building Ahn Young Il Hall.
This event was held with a ’teacher  appreciation   banquet ’ to thank for the teaching for two years. Dean Jae Wook Kim, Associate Dean Dongwon Lee, and many other professors including E-MBA 15th Area Chair Jae Uk Chun attended the event to grace the occasion with their presence.
Executive MBA 15th Graduate School Alumni (Alumni President= Myungchul Kang) had a time where all voluntary donations by each alumnus are gathered and delivered to a welfare foundation for two consecutive years. Particularly, it has been revealed that graduate students whom belong to a higher education group made designated donations for the education of domestic unfortunate children, which made the event more meaningful.

The Events Department of E-MBA 15th (President of Department=Yoosang Kim) which planned this event stated “By having a sense of responsibility that it is a group of leaders, we didn’t want this to remain as a feast of our own. We tried to save the execution budget as much as possible such as funds for borrowing the event hall, and this kind of a pleasure was possible with the help of voluntary donations without any hesitation by our alumni”.