Winter 2018 Graduate School Meeting and Special Lecture on Research Integrity
Dec 14, 2018
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Winter 2018 Graduate School Meeting and Special Lecture on Research Integrity

On December 8th (Fri), KUBS held Winter 2018 Graduate School Meeting and Special Lecture on Research Integrity at Hyundai Motor Hall Room B307. The meeting was hosted by Associate Dean Baeho Kim, program director of the department of business administration and department of international business. The research Integrity lecture was held by Professor Tae-Hoon Ha (Korea University School of Law).

At the beginning of the Graduate School Meeting, Associate Dean Baeho Kim stated that “We are having the meeting so that we can pass on necessary notices for the graduate life and directly listen to students’ inconveniences”. Associate Dean Baeho Kim gave information about support of living expenses for the doctor’s course affiliated with the BK21 business and support for international symposiums which can be useful to students’ research. During the Q&A time, a lot of inquires such as the laboratory allocation issue of research assistants in the master’s course, proofreading guidance of English theses, etc. were discussed. Associate Dean Baeho Kim also said “We will consider all the suggestions to relieve any inconvenience while experienced during researches at the graduate school”.

Following this was a lecture by professor Tae-Hoon Ha about ‘Research Integrity for the next generation of the discipline’. The lecture mainly discussed △Definition of research misconduct △Rules of how to cite other’s work properly △Judicial precedents for plagiarism. Professor Ha explained, “Recently, the importance of Research Integrity is being magnified and the university itself is putting a lot of effort by establishing the Research Integrity Center and consolidating regulations of Research Integrity” and added “Our Business School is exemplary since it ensures a stable incubation of a Research Integrity culture by implementing relevant education every semester”.

Professor Ha’s lecture mainly explained obscure methods of citing sources such as contingent plagiarism, self-plagiarism, and how to cite sources when reciting. Professor Ha added “There are many incidents where students do not cite sources because they do not clearly know about how to cite sources or indicating it is ambiguous”. He concluded his lecture by advising that “Since the standard of plagiarism has become strict even more, whenever you are in doubt, it is safe to indicate its source”.