[Startup Center-Lecture on Demand] “Insight on Securities Crowdfunding” - Wadiz Lawyer Jung-eun Jang
Dec 04, 2018
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[Startup Center-Lecture on Demand]
“Insight on Securities Crowdfunding” - Wadiz lawyer Jung-eun Jang

Hosted by Startup Center, 2018 2nd 'lecture on demand' was held on November 20 (Tue) in Business School Main Building Entrepreneur Education Center. In this lecture, lawyer Jung-eun Jang from Wadiz (Crowdfunding website) gave a lecture about securities crowdfunding base on the understanding of corporate law. Lawyer Jung-eun Jang was appointed as consultant lawyer since 2012 when Wadiz was first established and after launching securities crowdfunding on January 2016, she started to cover compliance issues as well.

Lawyer Jung-eun Jang icebreaked the lecture by pointing out that unlike reward crowdfunding, many people are unfamiliar with securities crowdfunding. She introduced securities crowdfunding by emphasizing the difference between these two; securities crowdfunding is crowdfunding that mainly operates listed company as an axis while reward crowdfunding is targeting individuals. If securities crowdfunding ends successfully, investors will be paid with price of shares or price of the corporate bond. 

She then continued by emphasizing points to pay attention when participating securities crowdfunding through Wadiz website. She explained platform like Wadiz is trying to provide environment for investors to easily access to accurate information needed when deciding investment decisions thus solving information asymmetry.

Co-CEO of 'Enjoying Lions' Hyun-sik Yang (Physical education 14) told press that he heard that securities crowdfunding will be the new future way to attract investment without going through VC(Venture Capital), which made him interested to listen to lecture. His company used Wadiz to do reward funding and through this experience, he got to know another option of securities funding and at the same time got to know what startups should be aware of. 


Startup Center hosts 'lecture on demand' and startup/venture related 'lecture series' every semester. These lectures are opened to everyone, thus KUBS students and every single personnels who are interested in this lecture can participate. Please contact StartUp Center (02-3290-2551) if there are any inquiries.