[Start-Up Lecture Series] TreePlanet CEO Hyung-soo Kim“Our goal is to create mutual benefit with partners”
Nov 28, 2018
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[Start-Up Lecture Series] TreePlanet CEO Hyung-soo Kim "Our goal is to create mutual benefit with partners"

Third lecture series during the second half of year 2018  was held on November 13 (Tue) at 6:30 in Business School Main Building Start-Up Center. TreePlanet's CEO Hyung-soo Kim gave a lecture about 'Power of Partnership'. TreePlanet is a socially innovated company in which they create forests with strong cooperation with its partners, already planted 700 thousand trees in 12 different countries. CEO Kim was once a film director of environment documentary and through being policy advisory consultant for Korea Forest Service, trained his expertise in this field. 

CEO Kim mentioned that he felt a lack of power of environment documentary that it only boosts people's awareness towards environment, not until the real action, which was the reason why he established a company that actually creates a genuine forest. CEO Kim explained the entry-stage business model (typical business model) called 'GAME' model. This game, 'TreePlanet' allows users to plant a real tree when they plant virtual trees when they play game. Company just simply insert the logo of the client, from which it receives advertisement fee, and use this fee to plant a real tree where tree is desperately needed. CEO Kim is satisfied that there are more and more sponsorship towards the company and business model is transforming into more intuitive and rather straightforward. He pointed out 'StarForest Project' and 'Adopting a tree' project as an example while highlighting many helps from company partners to individual partners.  

During the Q&A session, there was a question about how to form a partnership. He answered that one needs to build positive brand awareness/image through effective business model. As for TreePlanet, it was easier to form a partnership after winning a contest or being nominated as official app while internally, being chosen by a good inner circle, participating in good incubating system and analyzing predecessors' failed cases were certainly helpful.

CEO Kim's ultimate goal is to make TreePlanet as a company not only seeking for the operating profit but also a company that genuinely helps its partner and entire community by setting its motto as 'Try to make partner more outstanding rather than our company, act like a tree that gives out everything without hesitation.'​.

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