Special Lecture by Professionals from Diverse Fields
Nov 22, 2016
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Special Lecture in “Understanding Business Administration” Course
Special Lecture by Professionals from Diverse Fields

As part of the course curriculum, the “CEO Special Lecture Series” was held by Korea University Business School (KUBS). △Zara Retail Korea CEO Bong-jin Lee, △SAS Korea CEO Sungsik Cho, △Macquarie Group of Companies, Korea Executive Director John Walker, and △Philips Korea CEO Dominique Oh attended as a guest speaker and hosted four special lectures. Each guest speaker explained the most up-to-date business issues in their field to enhance the students’ understanding of industry.
Zara Retail Korea CEO Bong-jin Lee

On September 7, Bong-jin Lee, CEO of Zara Retail Korea, delivered a special lecture on “The Fast Fashion Leader, INDITEX.” CEO Lee introduced fashion trends, while emphasizing that fast fashion will lead the fashion industry. Fast fashion, which is a contemporary term used by retailers, quickly captures current fashion trends, rapidly produces, and delivers products. INDITEX Group is a Spanish multinational clothing retailer that owns Zara.
SAS Korea CEO Sungsik Cho
On September 21, Sungsik Cho, CEO of SAS Korea, gave a special lecture on “Why Analytics Matter.” CEO Cho stressed that students must be able to analyze business assignments and develop a strategy based on industry conditions. SAS Korea is a multinational developer of analytics software.

Macquarie Group of Companies, Korea Executive Director John Walker
On October 12, John Walker, Executive Director of Macquarie Group of Companies, Korea, hosted a special lecture titled “Building Financial Businesses in New Markets.” On November 2, Dominique Oh, CEO of Philips Korea, presented a special lecture on “Becoming a Global Leader.”

Philips Korea CEO Dominique Oh
“The lectures were extremely helpful as the guest speakers from diverse fields do not merely introduce their companies but also explained the overall industry.” said Seyeon Hwang (Business Administration, ’16) who is taking the Understanding Business Administration course. “The guest speakers also gave us advice on how to behave in society and plan for my future.”
In the meantime, the course “Understanding Business Administration” provides an overview of business administration and also covers the unique features of seven specialized areas (Marketing, Management, Accounting, Finance, LSOM, MIS, and International Business). The course aims to help students understand the overall fundamentals of business administration. This is a mandatory course for new students. Faculty from each area delivers a lecture on the features and research trends of the areas, allowing students to have a more comprehensive understanding of business administration.