[Special Lecture] Lee Bo-young, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer(CDIO), gave a Special Lecture
Dec 27, 2018
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[Special Lecture] Lee Bo-young, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer(CDIO), gave a Special Lecture 
Lee Bo-young, the CDIO(Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer) of ‘Uber’, delivered a lecture on December 4 at HM 403. 
The lecture was entitled "The Importance of Diversity and Adoption in Global Companies," with more than 40 students attending. CDIO Lee Bo-young gave lectures in order of growth process and career introduction, task(CDIO) description in Uber, and question and answer.
Referring to her past days as an MBA student at New York University, she explained why he became interested in the 'diversity and inclusion' of corporate culture. "When I first took an MBA program, I was a minority," she said. “I was Asian-American, a woman, and just a yoga instructor at the time."
"To me, what 'diversity and inclusion' means is to think about how 'diversity and inclusion' is different, how to maximize diversity and inclusion, and how to properly guarantee the differences between tasks that arise there," he explained.
She then went on to explain the level of women's academic background in the U.S. and the state of women's business expansion, referring to last year's sexual harassment problem in Uber. "Uber's sex scandal at the time has led me to become the first person in charge of diversity and inclusion in Uber," she said. I'm working hard with my staff to solve this difficult problem, and it is great pleasure to me to take that role."
The 15-minute question-and-answer session after the lecture drew many students' questions. One student asked, "You are busy with various roles of yoga instructer, worker and mother, and I wonder how you can live in harmony and balance among the different roles."
Lee stressed that work-life balance is a very important issue. "I've been busy in many countries these days, but when I get back to New York, I always try to spend time with my children and take some time off to travel with my family. "I think it's important to meet a good spouse who understands my job because my husband's role is also big." 

Meanwhile, Lee Bo-young, who is in charge of diversity and inclusion, is the first person in Uber to be appointed in January of 2018, and is in charge of innovating Uber's corporate culture, which has been a problem due to the sex scandal. The person in charge of diversity is mostly employed by global companies as a job that allows women and minorities to be employed and engaged in their jobs without discrimination.