KUBS Startup Institute MOU with Center for Law & Creativity at School of Law
Oct 22, 2018
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KUBS Startup Institute MOU with Center for Law & Creativity at School of Law

On October 16th (Tue), the Startup Institute at Korea University Business School (Dean Soo Young Kwon) signed the MOU with the Center for Law & Creativity (Director Myoung Soon-Koo) at Korea University School of Law.

Established in September 2016, KUBS Startup Institute now has a total of 38 resident startup teams which consist of 250 members. Last August, the institute underwent business valuation where its estimated worth was 23.2 billion won. It is an exceptional valuation given that the majority of students at startups are from science or engineering major, unlike the majority of business administration major students at KUBS Startup Institute.

Another remarkable fact about KUBS Startup Institute is that it was founded by private financial supports. The donations of 2 billion and 1.5 billion won respectively by Sang Il Lee, Chairman of Iljin Group and Myung-Ho Seung, Chairman of Dongwha Group made it possible to establish KUBS Startup Institute. In addition to that, further donations from alumni led to more than 10-billion-won fund for the institute. Moreover, entry is open to anyone who is interested in a startup business; it is not restricted to KU students, as long as a team has at least one KUBS student. That openness brought synergy to the teams.

The Center for Law & Creativity is located in Seocho-dong, which is an area that law offices are densely populated. The center is established by the School of Law to provide support for lawyers who start a law firm. The center had an opening ceremony on October 2nd (Tue) at Yoo-Joong Building, Bangbae-dong, Seocho-gu. Entry into the Center for Law & Creativity is open to teams of three to six lawyers, as long as at least one member graduated from Korea University School of Law. All members must be certified lawyers. The center provides office space to the admitted teams, offering a range of assistance for two years to encourage the teams to be venture law firms.
Celebrating the establishment of the center, KUBS Startup Institute signed the MOU to share their two years’ experience and tips to the Center for Law & Creativity. Both agreed to provide consultations and exchange professional knowledge through joint researches and academic conferences.