KUBS Mentoring Program Kick-off Day, "Practical Advice from Mentors"
Jun 10, 2019
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KUBS Mentoring Program Kick-off Day, "Practical Advice from Mentors
The 2019 KUBS Mentoring Program Kick-off Day was held on May 30 at 7:30 pm at Ahn Young Il Hall, LG-POSCO Building. 76 students from KUBS with Dean Jae Wook Kim and 24 mentors engaged in various fields including △public institutions △finance △accounting △consulting and △law have attended the event.
First, Jae Wook Kim said in his welcoming speech, "The mentoring program shows the spirit of Korea University," adding, "I hope students could keep in mind the advice from their mentors. I would also like to thank mentors for attending the event even though they were quite busy."

The annual Mentoring Program, held by KUBS Career Hub, is a mentorship program between KUBS students and graduates. KUBS students can apply for the mentoring program via KUBS website around April. Students ranging from freshmen to juniors are grouped with former graduates who have advanced to the career path they hope to follow, and receive practical advice on not only career counseling but also on the job sector in general.
At the event, Seunghoon Lee (‘05) was given a letter of appointment as a mentor representative. After the short introduction, the annual schedule was given and the program officially began. Each student asked for advice on matters about their future career. The refreshment session was followed by casual questions in a friendly atmosphere. "I liked it because the mentors were quite close to our age," said Yejin Choi (’17) who participated as a mentee. "It was very helpful to hear realistic stories about my future career path."

34 mentors and 89 mentees will take part in the mentoring program this year. Mentoring Program is subdivided into three areas: employment (general enterprise, financial enterprise, public enterprise, consulting company), law and public exam (accounting firm, civil service) where students have the highest demand for mentoring. Starting with the Kick-off Day, each group will conduct seminars in their fields through several times of "panel talk," and wrap up the event in January next year.