KUBS holds Startup Demo Day ‘2019 Spring CHOO CHOO DAY’
Apr 29, 2019
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KUBS holds Startup Demo Day ‘2019 Spring CHOO CHOO DAY

Korea University Business School (Dean=Jae Wook Kim) will hold ‘2019 Spring CHOO CHOO DAY’ at KUBS LG-POSCO Building at 2 p.m. on May 10th (Fri). This event is a startup demo day where young entrepreneurs, who went through the startup nurturing program by moving into the KUBS Startup Station for 6 months, provide demonstrations and make public announcements of their own product and service. This year, about 300 people of investment parties concerned, university, public institutions, the press, private enterprise, and preliminary entrepreneurs are expected to attend the event.
The following 8 enterprises will make a presentation: K Beauty Men's cosmetics brand 'Bold Box' which targets the Amazon market ’Enjoying Lions’ presenting DIY cocktail kit ‘Slodka’ Life investment platform startup 'TIKLE' Global emoticon platform startup which provides diverse and unique emoticons around the world, 'StiPop' ’DBD Lab’, providing growth hacking tests to help increase business success probability' 'Skylab Entertainment' which develops fantasy and dreamy puzzle / adventure games 'Bilmey’, a contents creator which targets the Malaysian market with mobile video 'SOOHO', a security&compliance specialized startup for block chain business.
Anyone who is interested in the '2019 Spring CHOO CHOO Day' to be held on Friday, May 10 can apply through the link below. Detailed information on the event can be found on the Startup Station website or on Facebook.
KUBS Startup Station
Founded in September 2017, 'KUBS Startup Station' is the first Korean startup training and research institute established within the Business School, and is seeking excellent student entrepreneurs to support their growth to startups. Startup Station hold 'Startup Express', a self-operated startup contest, every semester, and all the residents are selected through a tough competition of more than 10 to1 and by a thorough examination of documents and interviews.

The Startup Station provides practical support for pre-entrepreneurs through up to 5 million KRW support per company, Iljin Center for Startup Incubation on the 2nd floor of KUBS Main Building, and the young entrepreneurs education program at the Seung Myung-Ho Center for Entrepreneurship Education. It also consistently provides opportunities for networking, PR, and information-sharing with startup agencies and experts such as Kim & Chang Law Firm, Samil PwC, Amazon Web Services, and Y Crowdy Funding, which have MOU with KUBS.