KUBS AMP Ranks No. 1 in “2017 AMP Preference Survey” among Private Universities
Mar 14, 2017
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KUBS AMP Ranks No. 1 in “2017 AMP Preference Survey” among Private Universities
Korea University Business School's Advanced Management Program (AMP) topped in the "2017 AMP Preference Survey" among private universities

The KUBS AMP received excellent evaluations in the business and economics assessment and is ranked second overall among private universities followed by △Yonsei University (3rd) and △KAIST (4th). The ranking is two spots higher than the previous assessment. The newly revised curriculum and innovative participant composition have positively affected the results. “The KUBS AMPfeaturing the powerful alumni networkconsolidated its reputation through curriculum innovation,” the university officials said.
The KUBS AMP focused on enhancing its competitiveness, including its curriculum innovation, in order to develop a distinguished advanced management program, thereby receiving a high score. The lectures have been revised 100% for the innovation of the education program. “We changed the contents of lectures by adding science subjects such as Biotechnology,” said Professor Sang Yong Kim who is AMP Director. Also, the AMP selected second-generation business leaders to strengthen the power of the network. The average age of the program participants has dropped to early 50s. The quality of the network has improved as well. The program enhanced the interview process, resulting in eliminating more than 10 applicants.

The KUBS AMP, which is well known for its alumni network, has a special curriculum called “3rd Period.” After second period, students can go out for a beer and develop a network, and that is part of the AMP curriculum. The purpose of this session is to utilize networking assets by building a strong alumni network.
“Half of the AMP students said that the reason for taking the program is to acquire necessary knowledge for business management whereas the other half said it is to build a network with dignitaries. I can assure you that Korea University has the most powerful network than anywhere else,” KUBS Dean Soo Young Kwon said.
In addition, the KUBS AMP, which has been running its alumni association since 1976, has a curriculum using Korea’s largest alumni network of 5,000 graduates. “We provide an event where AMP students and graduates can attend to maintain KU’s unique alumni network,” Dean Kwon said.
Meanwhile, the assessment, jointly conducted by Korea Economic Daily and Global Research, was surveyed by 417 human resources executives and managers from the government and public enterprises. The 42 AMP programs, which were recommended by 20 major universities in Seoul, were categorized in six areas and were scored based on the following indicators: △curriculum, △current and future reputation, and △network. Each section was ranked either from 1 to 3 or 1 to 5.