Korea University’s E-MBA Ranked 38th in the World by Financial Times, Top in Korea for Eighth Consecutive Years
Oct 25, 2018
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Korea University’s E-MBA Ranked 38th in the World by Financial Times
Top in Korea for Eighth Consecutive Years

Executive MBA Ranking 2018 by the Financial Times, Top 100 E-MBAs
KU’s higher rank than △Columbia Business School (40th) Cornell University (52nd)

In World’s Top 100 Executive MBA Rankings by the Financial Times, E-MBA at Korea University Graduate School of Business (Dean Soo Young Kwon) placed the top in Korea. It was the top rank for the eighth consecutive years, demonstrating the excellence of practice-based curriculum at E-MBA at Korea University Graduate School of Business.

It is a way higher rank than that of renowned business schools such as Columbia Business School, 40th UCLA: Anderson, 49th Cornell University: Johnson, 52nd Rice University: Jones, 79th. The top place in the world went to E-MBA jointly operated by Kellogg & HKUST Business Schools. In South Korea, E-MBA at Yonsei University placed 51st, which was the second rank followed by Korea University.
Each year, the FT Ranking determines top 100 universities in the world based on the rate of salary increase and career progress, the proportion of doctorates among faculty, and international index. This year Korea University’s E-MBA received high scores on salary increase rate career progress as well as faculty with doctorates.
This is a remarkable outcome given its rank by a single MBA program run by a single institution. In fact, the majority of E-MBA programs in the Asian region are operated jointly by more than two institutions, while Korea University’s E-MBA is conducted independently. In addition, in the comprehensive ranking of last three years, Korea University’s E-MBA ranked 27th in the world, top in Korea (24th in 2016, 20th in 2017, 38th in 2018). It is an outstanding result, followed by world renowned institutions Kellogg/WHU Beisheim (26th) and IMD (26th).
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