Joint Event of AMP 85th & 86th Generation
Nov 07, 2018
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Joint Event of AMP 85th & 86th Generation

Korea University Business School's Advanced Management Program (Hereinbelow AMP)'s joint event between 85th and 86th generation was held on October 22nd (Mon) in HM 301. The purpose of this event was to maximize good relationship between 86th generation who is currently studying in school while 85th generation is working in the field. AMP alunmi session provides various special lectures covering not only Business & Economics field but also Humanities, Liberal Arts and diverse courses that help to manage a company. In the event, total 50 personnels participated which is a sumation of both 85th and 86th generation.

First class was taught by Seon-woo Kim, Professor from CHA Medical School under the main topic of 'How to make smiling body'. Professor Kim explained about the importance and function of muscle and way to strengthen our muscles. Through the suggestion of Professor Kim, everyone stood up and conducted small exercise which helps muscle to stretch out. During the Q&A session, many AMP students and alumnis asked actively about body health. Professor Kim answered thoughtfully that 'Health is one of the most important value for which we can't compare anything with'.

Second class was taught by Jong-hoon Jung, CEO of 'NeoNaDeli' under the topic of 'Translating old future through traditional music'. Mr. Jung, who graduated Seoul National University majoring Korean Traditoinal Music and won Dong-A music tournament said that he prepared this lecture with a purpose of making students more familiar with korean traditional music. Furthermore Mr. Jung said that we can include music that shows 'our' culture as 'Korean' music, not only traditional ones, emphasizing everyone can enjoy it. He further showed many videos that recorded korean music played with traditional instruments.

After this joint session, 85th &  86th generation had time to build up relationship and many people from various industries like private companies, Government-supported industries, government owned companies etc) participated.