Internship Orientation and Business Etiquette Education
Dec 13, 2018
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Internship Orientation and Business Etiquette Education
On December 6 (Thu), the Business Etiquette Education was held for 2018 Winter Domestic · Overseas Internship students at LG-POSCO Building. Hosted by the KUBS International Office, this session has a goal of providing basic knowledge needed at a workplace for students who have an internship ahead. The education was composed of the following: requesting message from Youngho Jin Professor of KUBS-Industry Cooperation, Business Etiquette Education from Seonghwa Lee CEO of Queens & Company, and Orientation of Domestic · Overseas Internship with Q&A time.

As the first speaker, Professor Youngho Jin presented the following three keywords: △Time management △Attitude △Question and stressed the importance of preparing the upcoming career. Professor Jin especially underlined the third keyword ‘Question’ and said, “The most important mindset of a new employee is the attitude of asking”. He also gave the advice that “Actively utilize Question, the most effective communication method that you can do with your superiors”.
Professor Jin also added that “You will need to prepare a lot for the upcoming 40 years of your business life” and concluded his lecture by stating “From now on, ‘pretending’ that you are an office worker and practicing hard to work on your mindset as one will definitely help a lot”.
Following Professor Jin, Seonghwa Lee (CEO of Queens & Company) gave a lecture on business manner and etiquette for domestic and overseas internship. She took note on nonverbal communication which accounts for 93% of communication and divided her explanation into two sectors: △Image as an office worker and △Action skills as an office worker. In the first session, CEO Lee expressed the importance of first impressions by saying, “It is important to deviate from the image of a student and having the right attires and managing your facial expressions to maintain an image of an office worker”.

In the second session, she talked about various business manners such as the way of greeting, how to give name cards, phone call manners etc. which students might not be familiar with. CEO Lee also stated that “the firm does not expect a perfect level of work processing from the new employee since it knows that he or she is a ‘starter’, but it expects a lot from the new employee regarding a decent first impression, etiquette, speech and behavior“ and stressed the importance of business etiquette by saying ”It is necessary to fully know about the basic business manner in order to show that you are a trustworthy business partner“.  

An orientation of Domestic · Overseas Internship and Q&A time were held after the lecture. For Domestic Internship, guidelines were given regarding the schedule of meetings with the enterprise and professor during the placement. A session explaining payments for flight tickets and documents for submission was held for Overseas Internship.

KUBS is the first department to adopt and manage an international internship program. Starting from 1994, the international internship provides students with vivid field experience across firms in many countries of the world, and about 1950 students have experienced the international internship in almost 500 companies until now.