Gratification Event for Donor of Open Gallery
Dec 04, 2018
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Gratification Event for Donor of Open Gallery

On November 27 (Tue), a gratification event was held at the startup center to invite donors of the Greem Rental Service of 'Open Gallery'. The event was held to express gratitude to Hak-seok Seo (Business 79), CEO of the Golden Branch and Eui-gyu Park (Business 01), CEO of Open Gallery who is sponsoring Greem Rental Service to startup station.

"I think having a beneficial program to help start a business is a great opportunity for younger students preparing to start a new business." said Eui-kyu Park. "And it's nice to meet young students through this wonderful opportunity." said Hak-seok Seo, the sponsor. He continued that if there is anything he can do in the future, he will be very willing to help is there is an opportunity.

Hee-cheon Kim, president of startup center also said, "Five years after establishing a startup is a very busy period and it is not easy to share experiences for younger generation during this busy state. Therefore, I express many thanks towards our proud alumnis Eui-kyu Park and Hak-seok Suh. The event ended with a photo shoot of donors and students. 

'Open Gallery' is a startup established 5 years ago by KUBS Alumni Eui-kyu Park (Business 01) which they rent korean renowned artists' original drawings in affordable price and switch it every three months. 'Open Gallery' won Minister Prize from 'Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism' and aside from rental service, they provide exhibition planning service, art lecture and curating services from their superb curators.