Finland’s Minister of Labor visits KUBS Startup Institute
Nov 20, 2018
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 Finland’s Minister of Labor visits KUBS Startup Institute

The Embassy of Finland on Monday, November 19 visited the KUBS startup institute (Dean Jae Wook Kim).
For this visit, Jari Lindström, the minister of labor of Finland himself took an interest in the human resource development and achievements of the startup institute and so contacted the business school and paid a visit to the institute. A 9-group delegation from the ministry including the minister, Lindström, as well as 2 representatives of the Finland Embassy were part of the visitation and were received by the dean of the business school Jae Wook Kim, director of KUBS Startup Institute Professor Hicheon Kim, director of Seung Myung-Ho Center for Entrepreneurship Education Professor Shijin Yoo, Associate Director Professor Daeyun Park and the representative of the dreamary startup GunWoo Shim.
KUBS introduced the startup institute’s management system and training program to them as well as the current status and vision of the Startup. The detailed program involved an introduction of the startup institute, introduction of the startup dreamary and a Q&A session in that order.

The Dean Kim indicated in his welcoming address that, “it is an honor for the startup institute to welcome the minister of the ministry of labor of Finland and the delegates of the Finland Embassy and this will be a good opportunity for the startup institute and the government of Finland to share about the system of fostering startups.

In the Q&A session that followed, the members of the startup teams of the startup institute inquired about the possibilities of operating in the global market. The director Hicheon Kim answered that, “the startup institute is supporting talented students in the direction of their aims and is considering various ways through which the startups will not remain localized within Korea but will expand their dreams even unto a wider stage.
The minister, Lindström, expressed his surprise at how much successes the startup institute has chalked within the space of 2 years after being opened and said that he hoped, “the excellent human resource talents of the startup of Korea will also play active roles in Finland as well.”
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