Civil Service Examination Alumni Mentoring 2nd Seminar
Oct 27, 2018
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Civil Service Examination Alumni Mentoring 2nd Seminar

On October 12th, Civil Service Examination Alumni Mentoring was held by KUBS Career Center in LG-POSCO building. While last Seminar handled mainly about how to prepare this exam, this second seminar mainly focused on the real work life story of working as a civil officer. KUBS Alumnis Seung-hoon lee (Business 05), Yeon-mi Kim (Business 09), Yeon-jae Yoo (Business 09), Dong-eun Oh (Business 11) participated in this event and shared various and precious advices to KUBS students.
In Part 1, discussion mainly focused about those 'Frequently Asked Questions'. To the question, 'What is the most demanding work in real situation?', Yeon-mi Kim who is currently working at Ministry of Economics and Finance answered that as she is placed in 'Foreign Relationship Department Trade Arbitration Division', there exist works that need to be urgently handled to resolve relationship between foreign countries, thus overall works are unpredictable and irregular with high workload. But she is highly satisfied with her duties feeling that she is representing South Korea in International Society and being very helpful in handling disputes between polices of governments which eventually supports National Economy.
In Part 2, time was mostly spent by Q&A session with high interaction between Mentors and Mentees. For question asking whether majoring business actually helped to pass the exam and whether it helps when working, Yeon-jae Yoo answered that through Business Strategy course he could learn the basics used in working environment.  Seung-hoon Lee responded continuously that Financial Management course helped him to receive high score in Economics division in the exam and it was certain that what he learned by majoring Business Administration was helpful. For the question whether studying for Civil Examination Exam helps when preparing for Private companies, Dong-eun Oh replied that preparing for PSAT helps when we study for private companies' personality test and when one prepared for Ministry of Strategy and Finance, it would be helpful when one applies for government-owned financial institutions. 
About two hours, many genuine informations were shared between mentors and mentees through active interaction. These four mentors cheered up fellow wannabes to make sure to find own way of studying and pass the exam.