Business Etiquette Education & Orientation for 2019 Summer Internship:
Jun 17, 2019
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Business Etiquette Education & Orientation for 2019 Summer Internship

Pre-education and orientation for KUBS Summer 2019 Internship program was held on June 4th (Tue) at Hyundai Motor Hall B201. KUBS International department, the event coordinator, guided students to remind how to behave well in their upcoming internship in this summer. The session began with the speech from KUBS’s Industry cooperation focused Professor Youngho Kim,  followed by Business Etiquette education from Sunghwa Lee, the international manner coach, and finally the teach-in orientation.

At the first hand, Professor Youngho Kim addressed that “This summer internship is a first step getting into your career which will last for more than 40 years in your life”. And he emphasized to remember the main three keywords: Time management Attitude Question, which he thinks are the most significant concepts that every career worker should keep in mind. Professor said “The very important beginning is building up your timetable efficiently, setting the priorities of your job. And then, don’t forget to always keep in touch with your seniors, mentors and supervisors in the office, and communicate with them. You must be highly concentrated in every second during the work time, since this internship opportunity will also apply as a test, which evaluates your job fit, and it will become a huge milestone for your future career”.

Next, the international manner coach Sunghwa Lee presented a lecture with a topic of ‘Business manner and Etiquette in Domestic and International Internship’. Ms. Lee stressed out that students should always keep asking themselves whether they are a ‘trustable business partner’ in their fields. Also, she said “Not only the mental attitude, but the external looking and professional image is necessary in terms of business manner”. Then she explained students about how to greet person in the business situation, business card etiquette and networking manner, which will be somewhat not familiar to undergraduate students. “Once you are prepared in those small and trivial points, you will be very successful building up a concrete relationship with seniors and supervisors during the internship” said the coach.
After the lecture, KUBS international department began a teach-in orientation, announcing the upcoming timetables such as mid-term evaluation and scheduled Professor meeting during the internship program. Plus, they helped students to understand several ‘must-know’ bullets such as flight fee scholarship and mandatory documents to submit prior to the program.
KUBS is an absolute pioneer university who introduced international internship program in Korea. Since 1994, KUBS has provided abroad internship opportunities and live experiences in worldwide, to more than 2,000 students in 501 institutions in total.