Building Worldwide Networks and Hands-on Training at Global Company
Nov 18, 2016
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Global Internship Program
Building Worldwide Networks and Hands-on Training at Global Company
Korea University Business School (KUBS) started the first international internship program in Korea in 1994 and has been offering students the opportunities to experience hands-on training at companies all over the world. The KUBS Global Internship Program, which is the largest among Korean colleges, is an internship training program to nurture students into global leaders. Students can experience international business and corporate culture through the International Academic Collaboration Program.
Students will be placed in foreign branches of domestic companies, multinational corporations, or overseas companies running by KUBS alumni for four to eight weeks to hone their global perspectives. In addition, students are being sent to overseas companies such as △Woori America Bank, △CJ China, △LG Electronics Canada, △HSBC Bank, △General Electric, and △Bloomberg. Recently, the scope of the internship has been widened to include international organizations such as UNEP and UNESCO. As of 2016, KUBS has sent thousands of students, and they have experienced at hundreds of companies.
Some KUBS students successfully landed a full-time job offer after the Global Internship Program. The program leads to overseas employment as well. Not only that, the participants have said that the program has helped them raise global perspectives by participating in the local business site and undergoing various research projects.

The KUBS International Office, which supports the Global Internship Program, educates students the culture and manners of the visiting countries. Students not only learn business etiquette and precautions through the pre-departure orientation session but also learn prevention of sexual harassment from the Gender Equality Center.

Any students who have completed at least four semesters at Korea University Business School are eligible to apply for the Global Internship Program. The final applicants will be selected based on their GPA, language proficiency, interview, responsibilities, and passion for international business. The selected students will be interning for a minimum of four weeks at a company that signed an internship agreement with KUBS. Moreover, three credits of “International Internship Practice” for the summer term will be granted to the participating students.

Although students are responsible for internship expenses including airfare, KUBS partially supports scholarships depending on the students’ financial need. Some companies offer accommodations and meals to the students. Further information on the program can be found by visiting the KUBS website or contacting KUBS International Office (02-3290-5361).

How to Prepare for Global Internship Program
Companies recruiting interns normally request a resume (C.V.) and cover letter. A resume is one page summary of an applicant’s activities such as education and internship experience. It is important not to exceed one page because recruiters may think the applicant is unable to express oneself concisely.
A cover letter is a tool to launch oneself to prospective employer. The applicant must explain the reasons for applying for an internship and how does the position fit in with his career path. When writing a cover letter for the Global Internship Program, the applicant must include his aptitude and career goal instead of vaguely saying that the company is renowned.

After the application screening process, an in-person or phone interview will be held. The applicant should make effort to have an interview on the day that the company has scheduled.
If one is unable to have an interview on the assigned date, he must let the company know the reason. When conducting a phone interview, one must choose a quite area where noise is at minimum.
Recently, competency based interviews (CBI) are becoming increasingly popular. Thus, preparing answers for expected interview questions ahead of time is a wise idea.

Other Tips
Aside from the internship program provided by KUBS, there are various ways that students can discover other internship opportunities at overseas companies. The most inexpensive way is applying for a summer internship program offered by overseas companies.

Students can easily find internship information, including Interview Tips, Recommended Reading, How to Submit Documents, and more, by visiting companies’ websites. After internship opportunities are posted, overseas companies conduct an interview and selection process much faster than Korean companies. For instance, if an internship opportunity is announced in September or October, applications will be accepted until November or December and then successful candidates will be finalized in February or March.