2018 KUBS Challenge Case Competition
Nov 12, 2018
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2018 KUBS Challenge Case Competition
‘2018 KUBS Challenge Case Competition’ organized by Korea University Business School was held on November 3, 2018. KUBS Challenge is a case competition that a team formed of 4 KUBS students presents business case studies within given time. The number of applicants were a total of 13 teams, 52 students, of which 12 teams presented the analysis on the case.
KUBS Challenge started off with Professor Tony Garrett’s welcoming speech. Professor Tony stated “It will be a great opportunity for our students to compete with other countries’ great students if the students participate in the international competitions which are the prizes for gold and silver medals” and that he will “encourage our students to participate in many other international competitions and will hold this case competition more often given its importance.”
Total 12 teams (LEGIT Fourever MAGNUM InsideOut, etc.) presented at this competition. Those teams had to analyze Monte Calcados’s case; looked for this company’s success factors, inferred strategic plans based upon challenges and opportunities. The competition consists of 13min of presentation and 7min of Q&A session.

The committees are KUBS professor Hojung Shin, professor Tony Garrett, professor Young-Kyu Kim, professor SOHN, BUMJEAN, and the operations director of Nthing Seungsoo Han. Out of all 12 teams, the Tigers Consulting Group, Make it Real, 180 Degress Consulting and Elephant in the box teams went up to the final round and had to answer more in depth questions from the committees. The winner, the Tigers Consulting Group (TCG) team stated that “it wasn’t easy to prepare all these within a very short period of time, it was such a good experience and I felt such accomplishment. For the training period, we want to learn from each other’s strength to become an excellent team.
This competition’s winner, the Tigers Consulting Group (TCG) got an invitation to participate in “McGill Management International Case Competition 2019” hosted by McGill University in March 2019. Their airfares, accommodations will be provided, as well as the training sessions. On the other hand, a silver medal winner “Make it Real” will participate in “Global Business Case Competition 2019” organized by University of Washington. Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalists will get the extra points when they apply for KUBS International programs.