2018 G-MBA Alumni Night, Successfully Ended
Nov 20, 2018
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2018 G-MBA Alumni Night, Successfully Ended
The “Alumni Night” of Korea University Graduate School of Business (Dean=Jae Wook Kim) Global MBA (hereinafter G-MBA) has successfully been held. The event was held Friday, November 16 at 7:30 pm at the “Riverside Hotel Nobella Hall.”
On this day, about 80 distinguished alumni including Dean Jae Wook Kim, Associate Dean Dongwon Lee, G-MBA Program Director Professor Yong Keun Yoo, and the newly appointed Program Director Professor Kwanghyun Kim were present to grace the occasion.
The first part of the program begun with the opening address of the president of the 10th cohort of the G-MBA program YoungSoo Song. As part of welcoming the gathering, president YoungSoo Song said that, “the opportunities to meet and have exchanges with fellow alumni are not many. It has always been my concern how we can have frequent gatherings. Thank you so much for coming today”.

The just past overall president of the alumni association KyungSub Lee of Posco Construction also addressed the gathering.  “It has been about 8 years since we started the year-end-party and every year when we meet, I cannot hide my delight. I think it is a very meaningful gathering”, he said. The Associate Dean Dongwon Lee as he gave the congratulatory message also said, “the reason why the G-MBA has become so much developed is due to the contributions and efforts of the alumni. I wish you have a wonderful time.” 


After the first part of the event, the alumni proposed a toast among themselves and enjoyed to their heart’s content while socializing among themselves. Despite his busy schedule, the Dean Jae Wook Kim who passed by the occasion extended his greetings to the gathered alumni. He said, “I wish you enjoy today to your full and I wish you end this year well and welcome the new year healthy.” The second part of the event followed with some event quiz and a draw with some lucky winners and ended with a time for networking.
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