2018 Fall CHOO CHOO DAY - Great Success
Dec 03, 2018
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2018 Fall CHOO CHOO DAY - Great Success

Hosted by Korea University Business School (Dean=Jae Wook Kim) and supervised by Start-Up Center (President=Hee Chun Kim) ‘2018 Fall CHOO CHOO DAY’ was held on November 8 (Thu) in LG-POSCO building Supex Hall. CHOO CHOO Day is an event where start-ups who have an office in KUBS Startup Station and participate in startup incubation program provided for six months, present their performances. In today's event, many investors and future startup CEOs attended.

In the welcome speech, Dean Jae Wook Kim said 'We have been sponsoring StartUp Center with a vision to create and offer preliminary venue that can support startups to achieve their goals and dreams through incubating and developing creative ideas' and continued that he hopes many companies to be interested in our start ups and give out valuable comments and advice.

Six startups participated CHOO CHOO Day were △'Inspire': providing HaoDoc service to Chinese people living in Korea to search hostiptals assigned for Chinese △'Purple Gorilla': company who invented protein drinks to prevent sports-lover muscle loss △'Kidop': startup where they provide customized education contents service for infants △'Motion & Posture': Providing portable personal AI Trainer △'Picasso': providing ranking of youtube creator and search engine △'Studiolink': a production company of web-drama in Southeastern Asia. Each company presented for 10 minutes, had 5minutes of Q&A session and self-advertised through booth.

Seong-mi Kim, CEO of 'Kidop' said that she participated in CHOO CHOO Day because her memory of belonging to KUBS Startup center once and active interaction with various people was wonderful. She continued that through this opportunity, it would be a great chance for her team members to meet new people and listen to fresh stories. Seung-beon Kim, CEO of 'Inspire' said that before 4 months when last CHOO CHOO Day was held, nothing was prepared but for last several months he did his best to plan and made a certain progress and was feeling some old sentiments, participating as a 'startup' in this CHOO CHOO Day. He continued that he was very grateful for the fact that Startup center provides an office to work and also the chance to network with other startup teams.

The name 'CHOO CHOO' came from the sound of a train when it departs, and CHOO CHOO Day is a demo-day hosted by startup center to help startups they are incubating to successfully enter the market. Through this event, startup center promotes continuous growth of its incubating-companies and provides opportunity for them to pitch themselves to potential investors.