2018 Fall Campus Tour
Nov 12, 2018
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2018 Fall Campus Tour
KUBS student wannabes' one day experience in Korea University Business School

Korea University Business School (Dean=Jae Wook Kim) hosted '2018 Fall Campus Tour & Greeting Day with Teenagers' on November 10 (Sat) in Hyundai Motors Hall. It was prepared and held by KUBS student ambassador (KUBE), and after considerate screening process, 85 high school students from 59 different high schools participated in the event.

Regular Campus Tour is designed to give some idea what KUBS does to high school students who are interested in 'Business Administration'. This 2018 Fall Campus tour consists of △Introduction of KUBS △Introduction of 7 Areas of Major in Business △Campus Tour △Academic Mentoring with KUBS students.

High school students who participated in this tour attended lecture about KUBS and what Business Administration is. After the lecture, students took a tour around campus under the lead of KUBE, and took a detailed look of Korea University Centennial Memorial, Tiger Statue,and Central Library etc). Ho-jung Lee (Business 15), who took a position of MC in this tour told that he is happy to meet future KUBS students here and hope they can all receive an admission from KUBS and hope to meet them again.

Furthermore, KUBS will host Campus Tour periodically (every semester) for high school students who want to enter KUBS. Through this event, we want to help how teenagers can set their career goal and studying plan, providing diverse opportunity to experience. Aside from Campus Tour, KUBS is going to host 'Mentoring day for Teenager' targeting high school sophomores which are all freely provided.