2018 F-MBA Night of Year-End, the moment of harmony of Finance MBA
Jan 03, 2019
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2018 F-MBA Night of Year-End, the moment of harmony of Finance MBA

The 2018 Finance MBA (hereinbelow F-MBA) Night of Year-End event was held on December 22(Sat) in Ara Hall at Four Seasons Hotel. The event was hosted by the 12th class of F-MBA students, and it was presided by alumni Sangwoo Han and alumni Jihyun Park.

(From the Left) Emcee alumni Sangwoo Han and alumni Jihyun Park

Prior to the event, guests and visitors were introduced. Professor James L. Park and professor Yoonseo Jung (F-MBA lecturers of the 2nd semester of 2018), Mr. Woosung Nam (President of F-MBA Alumni), Mr. Byunggil Lee (President of 11th class of F-MBA), and 25 students of the 12th class of F-MBA graced the occasion with their presence. A congratulatory message by the president of F-MBA alumni and a reply from the president of 12th class of F-MBA continued the introduction.

A remembrance video of 2018 F-MBA provided by the 12th class of F-MBA students was also showed. The video had pictures and clips of spring, summer, fall Membership Trainings and classes. Alumni members gathered around and developed deeper relationships with each other by recalling the past year. Performances by alumni also brightened up the atmosphere. A dance performance by alumni Junhyung No and a singing performance by Jongseok Kim added attraction to the event.
The 2nd part of the event composed of quiz, games, and a special corner with singing and dancing performances by professors, staff in charge, and alumni. They were highly acclaimed, and the event ended successfully.

Emcee alumni Jihyun Park (12th class) said “I am so proud since I was able to go through 2018 along with our fellow alumni. I was especially admired with various performances by talented alumni, and I am looking forward to the upcoming new year even more” and showed her affection and expectations towards F-MBA as well as alumni.