The “Never-ending” network, ‘2019 Executive MBA CARE Program’
Apr 29, 2019
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The “Never-ending” network, ‘2019 Executive MBA CARE Program’

‘2019 E-MBA CARE (Continuing Alumni Reaching-out &Education, i.e. CARE) Program’, hosted by KUBS Executive MBA, was held at 19th April (Fri) in LG-POSCO Building room 433. Over 40 participants of EMBA graduates and members attended in the lectures.

The event began with the opening remark from the program director, professor Jae Uk Chun, addressing “I think the word `CARE’ has a delicate meaning that contains a characteristic of human nature. I believe that all participants here will have a precious time, sharing significant ideas of various topics each other”. After that, Hee Ok Kang, the president of MBA Alumni took a speech saying “Considering that many members and graduates made a reunion tonight, I guess everyone is deeply contemplating for their own future. I truly wish every member of EMBA to become a tomorrow’s shining star”.
For this CARE program, former national baseball player No Jun Park, a current professor in Sports-leisure department of Woosuk University gave a lecture with a topic of ‘Looking at business management with the eyes of baseball’. The lecturer began his presentation telling “I have never been nervous when I played a baseball game in front of 40~50 thousand fans, but it is always not easy to deliver a lecture in my Alma Mater. I will try my best to make a fine approach between the Business leadership and baseball, which is a very rational sports for understanding the business management”. The lecture went through the contents of Baseball rules and techniques Baseball and the leadership.
E-MBA CARE, organized by KUBS MBA, periodically invites eminent professors for the special lectures in KUBS. The purpose of the program is to build-up a continuous academic environment for the MBA graduates, and to create a concrete network between the MBA members and graduates.