2019 Spring Semester Graduate School Notices on Examination of Degree Dissertations
Apr 18, 2019
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2019 Spring Semester Graduate School Notices on Examination of Degree Dissertations
A. Important Dates and Related Notices
   - Apply for examination of degree dissertations online and submit the required documents to the   
     administration office of the corresponding department within the document submission period
- Degree candidates must apply online to receive notifications regarding degree dissertation tuition and
examination fees
1) Eligibility Requirements to Submit Dissertation for Examination

Classification Master’s Doctoral Integrated
Requirement for
Major Courses:
24 credits
Research Courses:
8 credits
Advisor Designated
Major Courses:
36 credits
Research Courses:
8 credits
Advisor Designated Courses
Major Courses:
54 credits
Research Courses:
16 (12) credits
Advisor Designated Courses
Those expecting to earn the above are also eligible.( within the current semester)
Requirement for
Dissertation Submission
Fulfillment of the requirements for and passing of the Foreign Language and Comprehensive Examinations
Completion of the Human Rights & Gender Equality course
(applicable to those who enrolled from the spring 2017 semester onward)
  One copy of Certificate of Publication (or acceptance letter) from SCI-level renowned international journals or Korea Citation Index (KCI) Korean journals (KCI candidate journals are accepted for non-science & engineering fields): applicable to those who enrolled from September 2009 onward
Satisfaction of department bylaws
Deadline for Dissertation Submission Within 6 years from the year of admission Within 10 years from the year of admission Within 12 years from the year of admission

 Registration for the Human Rights & Gender Equality course: 

Step 1. Proceed through Blackboard > Course Search > Statutory Duty (Graduate Students) 

Course ID > Register

Step 2Take the Human Rights & Gender Equality course

Contact: Blackboard System E-learning Support Team 02-3290-1585 should you experience difficulties   

2) Online Application Period for Examination of Degree Dissertations : 

April 15 (Mon.) ~ April 18 (Thu.) 4:00 PM 

3) Application Method: Portal Login > Registration and Graduation > Evaluation for Thesis >
  Evaluation of Thesis (Masters and Doctoral)

4) Degree Dissertation Tuition Payment Period: May 1 (Wed.) – May 2 (Thur.) 16:00 

1 Pay an additional 7% or 5% (applicable to those who have pre-paid 2% 
during the regular registration period) of the tuition fee 

 2 Only those who have completed the online application for dissertation examination 
should pay the degree dissertation completion tuition fee.  

  3 Additional registration is not necessary for those enrolled in the regular semester 
additional registration is required for those who have completed the program).

5) Examination Fees Period: May 1 (Wed.) – May 2 (Thur.) 16:00


6) Examination Fees

1 After applying, print out your bill and pay the examination fee at KEB Hana Bank 

       during the payment period.

2 Printing the bill (remember to check the payment account): Proceed through Portal > 
School Register/
Graduation > Apply for the Dissertation Examination > Print out the examination fee bill

If the error message “not valid candidate” appears after clicking Apply for the Degree 
Dissertation Examination, close all Internet browsers and re-log in.

3 Departments of the College of Medicine and at Sejong campus must pay through the designated 

     account instead of the virtual account number, and the name of the depositor should be the name 

     of the student followed by the last three digits of their student number. 

College Bank Account Number
College of Medicine KEB Hana Bank 576-910003-93105
Sejong Campus KEB Hana Bank 670-910018-45805

BSubmission Documents

   1) Submission Period:  April 15 (Mon.) ~ April 18 (Thu.) 4:00 PM 

   2) Submission Documents: Submit the dissertation and following documents
to the administration office of the corresponding department . 

    Recommendation from an examination committee member and
   the list of examination committee
 members must be written by the academic advisor.

   Confirmation from the person in charge of the dissertation examination request
 form must be verified at 
the administration office of the corresponding department.

   One copy of the dissertation for examination needs to be delivered directly to the academic advisor.
 The remaining copies will be delivered to the committee members 
the administration office of the corresponding department.

   The request form for dissertation examination printed from the portal and all the attached 
 must be submitted to the administration office of the corresponding department. 

   After receiving the application form and supporting documents from the applicant, 
 the department administration office delivers the dissertation and screening guideline
  to the chair and members of the examination committee. 

Category Master’s Program Doctoral Program Notes
Dissertation for Examination 1. One copy for academic advisor
2. Two copies for the administration office of the corresponding department
1. One copy for academic advisor
2. Four copies for the administration office of the corresponding department
Temporarily-bound dissertation
Documents for Examination of Degree Dissertations Request for Dissertation Examination and Approval for Submission of Dissertation Print out after applying online    
Request for Dissertation Examination   Print out after applying online  
Approval for Submission of Dissertation   1. Recommendation from academic advisor
2. Signature and seal from academic advisor, a professor from the same department, and the head of the department
Separate form
Recommendation from the Dissertation Examination Committee 1. Recommendation from academic advisor
2. Signature and seal from academic advisor and the head of the department
Separate form
Point of Contact of the external member of the dissertation examination committee Accurately record the personal information, name of bank (account number), and other pertinent information Related to examination fee payment
Examination Results The Chair and members of the Dissertation Examination Committee shall directly enter the result on the Dissertation Examination page.
* Refer to the Manual for Entering Dissertation Examination Results for more details.
Amended Fall 2018
Supplements   A certificate of publication (a copy) or Acceptance letter of publication from one of the journals listed in the Science Citation Index (SCI) or in publications of the National Research Foundation of Korea as well as expanded publications (excluding science majors) (applicable to students admitted beginning fall semester, 2009)  
Confirmation of Compliance with Research Ethics for Degree Dissertation (Prescribed Form)
Examination Fee General 150,000 KRW 500,000 KRW Payment
through virtual account

(with the exceptions of the College of Medicine and Sejong Campus)
Academy-Research-Industry 200,000 KRW 600,000 KRW

C. Entering Dissertation Examination Results & Evaluation Summary: by June 14 (Fri.)
    After completing the final dissertation evaluation, the chair and members of the Dissertation Examination
    Committee enter the result and evaluation summary on the Dissertation Examination page.

   * Refer to the Manual for Entering Dissertation Examination Results for more details.
D. (Library Homepage) Online Uploading of the Dissertation: June 24 (Mon.) ~ July 5 (Fri.)    
    On the library homepage (, go to User Service > Submit Thesis > >User Service > Submit Thesis. 
E. Submission of Complete Bound Copies of the Dissertation to the Library and Submission of 
copy of the title and signature pages of the complete bound version of the dissertation and 
 Confirmation of Thesis Plagiarism Check to the administration office of the corresponding
July 4 (Thu.) ~ July 5 (Fri.)
F. Important Notices 
   1) Writing Guide for the Complete Bound Version of the Dissertation:
     Refer to Chapter 4 Section 2, Examination of Degree Dissertations, 
     in the Constitution of the Graduate School – Detailed Enforcement
    Regulations for the Graduate School(Bound dissertations should be 4 x 6).

   2) A submitted request form for a dissertation examination and examination fees are not returnable
3) Change of Dissertation Title
   The title of finalized dissertations must be identical to the dissertation title listed
    on the dissertation examination application form (Title change is not possible after the final screening)

   Revising dissertation titles: Proceed to Portal > School Register/Graduation >
    Dissertation Examination > Apply for the Dissertation Examination > Dissertation Title Change

4) Submission of the Complete Bound Version of the Dissertation:
    Upload the dissertation on the library homepage (
under User Service > Submit Thesis, print out the confirmation sheet and 
    get it stamped after submitting the complete bound version of the dissertation to the designated library.

 Submit the confirmation sheet, a copy of the title and signature pages of the complete
    bound version of the dissertation and
 Confirmation of Thesis Plagiarism Check 
to the administration office of the corresponding department.
5) Observance of the Submission Dates:
    Examination documents and complete bound versions of dissertations submitted 
    after the submission dates shall not be registered, and such dissertations shall be marked fail
    if a dissertation submission confirmation sheet of dissertation submission and

    a copy of the title and signature pages of the complete bound version of the dissertation 
    and Confirmation of Thesis Plagiarism Check have not been submitted by Friday, July 5.

                                    Aprill. 19 
                    Dean of the Graduate School