[Graduate School] Spring 2017 Language Examination Exemption Request
Mar 16, 2017
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Spring 2017 Language Examination Exemption Request (Graduate School)
Based on Chapter 4, Article 38 of the Constitution & the Internal Regulations of the Graduate School, KUBS is now accepting applications for exemption from Foreign Language Exam to submit a dissertation.
1. Eligibility: M.S., Ph.D., and Integrated M.S. & Ph.D. Programs (prospective students entering in Spring 2017 can apply for exemption once their admissions are confirmed)
2. Application Period: February 8, 2017 (Wed) – April 7, 2017 (Fri); 17:00 
3. Submission Location: The Administrative Office of Graduate School (Central Library—Graduate School, Room 127)
4. How to Apply
A. Complete the Application for Exemption from Language Examination and submit with an official English Proficiency Test Score report or an official foreign university diploma.
* If you cannot submit your official document, bring an official and copy of your document to the office. An authorized staff will certifiy a copy of your document as genuine).
B. Acquire a grade of B or above in the language course (Korean included) offered by KU Institute of Foreign Language Studies (exemption application is not needed – students can check their exemption status on the portal).
C. Students who completed Korean Language Regular Program should submit the exemption application and transcript
(Institute of Foreign Language Studies Website:
D. Of admitted students before 2014, those have submitted their official English Proficiency Test Score report should turn in the exemption application after scores are certified by an affiliated department office.
E. Starting with the Entering Class of 2014,  scores can be confirmed by the Administrative Office of Graduate School.
F. Starting with the students who entered the university in March 2015, the passing criteria for French and Russian languages have been changed. Please refer to the Exemption Table.
G. The English Proficiency Test Scores are recognized only if acquired within 2 years from the date of application.