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ATTN [MS/PhD] Fall 2017 Course Registration Guidelines
l. The Period of Registration and Add/drop 1. Registration: 10:00 AM, 24 Aug.(Thu) ~ 5:00 PM, 28 Aug. (Mon), 2017 2. Add/drop : 10:00 AM, 7 Sep.(Thu) ~ 5:00 PM, 8 Sep.(Fri), 2017   Ⅱ. How to Register 1. Access to exclusive URL for course registration(, and then choose 'Graduate School' and '2nd Semester'. 2. Guidance of Research: Guidance of Research should be chosen every semester according to the below division. <Division of 'Guidance of Research'> (1) Current Students: DKK500-division (Title: Guidance of Research) (2) Graduate Students in KIST Academy Research Industry Collaboration Program, Program in Biomicrosystem Engineering, and those who are in the 2nd or above semester of Science and Technology Studies : DKK510 for Research of Guidance 1, and DKK520 for Research of Guidance 2, 1 credit per each course (3) Completed research graduate students: DKK-600 (Title: Tutorial Research after Completion of Course Work) ※ Except for Guidance of Research credits, students who completed course works are not allowed to take other courses   Ⅲ. The Confirmation of Course Register 1. After finishing online registration under the guidance of advisor and the head of the department, please confirm your courses at 『KUPID-Information Depot-Course Information-Course Registration』. If any problems, then you must correct them within the period of add/drop. (New students will be able to access to KUPID after the beginning of the semester.) 2. If your course is closed after the period of add/drop, you can change your courses at the academic affairs office of your college. 3. You are not allowed to register, add and drop courses after the period of add/drop.   IV. Caution for Course Registration 1. Online registration must be done by him/herself. 2. Please be aware that any opportunities to register will not be given to those who did not complete the process during the period of registration and add/drop. 3. After finishing course registration, you must check (or print) the screen at KUPID whether the courses were correctly input or not. 4. Those who will return to the graduate school are expected to finish their registration in the given period. Also, the registration will be officially approved after finishing your application process to return to the school. 5. Please accurately check the academic number of courses you intend to undertake. If the course is not officially registered due to any reason such as putting a wrong number, it will not be acknowledged without any exception. 6. Graduate students are not allowed to retake the same course previously taken. If do so, the course will be seen as duplicate and cannot be officially acknowledged. You can only retake the course if you had a failing mark before. 7. You can review your results at 'Information Depot' section of the KUPID system. 8. Aside from major courses, every student has to apply for Guidance of Research(DKK500), 2 credits in each semester, so that you must acquire total 8 credits for 4 semesters. Please check whether the course is automatically registered, and change it only if it is incorrect. 9. Graduate students in KIST Academy Research Industry Collaboration Program, Program in Biomicrosystem Engineering, and those who are in the 2nd or above semester of Science and Technology Studies have to apply for both DKK510(Guidance of Research 1) and DKK520 (Guidance of Research 2) complying to their 'double-advisor system'. 10. Maximum limit of applied credits per semester is up to 12, and it can be 15 if including prerequisite courses (Eligible for school year's students before 2010) or advisor designated courses (Eligible for school year's students after 2010). (Excluding credits of Guidance of Research). 11. If you take any non-prerequisite courses from the undergraduate level, the credit will not be acknowledged. Prerequisite or advisor designated courses are not included in your major courses, and will be marked on your report card as elective courses. 12. As from the first semester in the year 2008, 'professional development in teaching' is open for doctorate candidates, so please apply for it if interested. (20 students in CTL810-00 course) 13. If you retake the same course or a retroactive course, the credit will not be acknowledged in any case. In addition, students in Ph. D. course are not allowed to register again any class completed in his or her Master course. 14. If taking a prerequisite course or an advisor designated course, please input the correct course number referring to undergraduate timetable, and clearly put the course as 'prerequisite' or 'advisor designated course'. <Within 15 credits including graduate courses> 15. Please note that course classifications (major, prerequisite, guidance of research and advisor designated course) must be correct. You may be disadvantaged if the credit is not acknowledged by incorrect input.    16. The length of class period ◆ Anam Campus 1st Period: 9:00~10:15 (75 Min.) 2nd Period: 10:30~11:45 (75 Min.) 3rd Period: 12:00~12:50 (50 Min.) 4th Period: 13:00~13:50 (50 Min.) 5th Period: 14:00~15:15 (75 Min.) 6th Period: 15:30-16:45 (75 Min.) 7th Period: 17:00~17:50 (50 Min.) 8th Period: 18:00~18:50 (50 Min.) ◆ Sejong Campus 1st Period: 9:00~ 9:50 (50 Min.) 2nd Period: 10:00~10:50 (50 Min.) 3rd Period: 11:00~11:50 (50 Min.) 4th Period: 12:00~12:50 (50 Min.) 5th Period: 13:00~13:50 (50 Min.) 6th Period: 14:00-14:50 (50 Min.) 7th Period: 15:00~15:50 (50 Min.) 8th Period: 16:00~16:50 (50 Min.) ※ Break time: 15 minutes after 75 minute class, 10 minutes after 50 minute class 17. Time and place of course can be changed depending on the circumstances. 18. If you have any questions about course registration, please contact to the academic affairs team of your college, or to the Office of Information Technology and Service(3290-4174) if there is problems in registration system.   V. According to domestic academic exchange program, you can cross-register at total 13 institutes including Kyung Hee University, University of Science and Technology, Seoul National University, University of Seoul, Seoul Women's University, Sookmyung Women's University, Yonsei University, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Korea National Defense University, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Duksung Women's University, The Academy of Korean Studies, and Sungkyunkwan University. Please check the timetable on their own homepages. A guide to Academic Exchange Program will be posted on the notice board of KUPID. ※ Please refer to Chapter 4 of the General Graduate School Rules for Operation (School Regulations for Graduate Schools).   VI. In the case of specialized graduate school of Korea University, you can apply for Graduate School of International Studies, Graduate School of Information Protection Studies, Green School, Medical School, Graduate School of Convergence Information Technology, Graduate School of Information Management and Security. It is allowed to take maximum of 6 credits of courses relevant to your major. (You can only take them within the range of credit acknowledgement, and you are not allowed to apply for courses not associated with your major, such as language courses.) 1. Register: In the period of course registration, you must complete your online registration, and fill out and submit a 'request form of exchange program of exchange program in the university' to the academic affair team of your college with permission from your advisor and head of department. 2. Credit Acknowledgement: It is acknowledged as major course, and total amount of acknowledged credit cannot exceed a half of minimum credit required for completion. (However, total amount of acknowledged credit including any case of credit acknowledgement listed on 'Constitution of the Graduate' cannot exceed a half of minimum credit required for completion.)   VII. Korean Language Program for International Graduate Students 1. Applicant: Any international students of Graduate School excluding undergraduate students 2. Course Registration: On-line registration should be completed by each applicant during the period of registration or add/drop. The credits from this program are not included in major credits, and students are required to change his/her class numbers during the period of add/drop if the class is divided. <Inquiry: KU Foreign Language Center (02-3290-1453)> 3. Classes in Anam Campus (Course Number/Number of Class/Credit(Hours)) (1) IFLS 108-50/ 한국어 초급Ⅰ(BEGINNER'S KOREAN I)/ 3credits (6hours) (2) IFLS 110-50/ 한국어 중급Ⅰ(INTERMEDIATE KOREAN I)/ 3credits (6hours) 4. Credit (Hours): 3credits (6hours) 5. Division of Classes (Procedure): Quota for a division is set to 25 students per one class, and the class can be divided if the number of students exceeds 30. (Placement test will be conducted during the first week after course registration. Classes will be divided after approval of the application for course division.) 6. Classes will be offered on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7:00 to 8:15 PM (75minutes) in Woodang Hall. 7. This Korean Language program is not considered as a way to pass the Korean Language Examination for graduation of Graduate School. 8. Classes in Sejong Campus (Course Number/Number of Class/Credit(Hours)) (1) SLSC 221-00/ 한국어초급1(BEGINNER'S KOREAN I)/ 3credits (6hours) (2) SLSC 223-00/ 한국어중급1(INTERMEDIATE KOREAN I)/ 3credits (6hours) (3) SLSC 225-00/ 한국어고급1(Advanced Korean KOREAN I)/ 3credits (6hours) <Inquiry: Sejong Institute of International Affairs and Education (041-860-1661)>    ※ You can apply your Single ID at KUPID: ※ Any notice from the Graduate School:
Aug 17, 2017
# 3917
ATTN [MS/PhD] Guidelines for Changes to Fall 2017 Academic Registration Status
Guidelines for Changes to Fall 2017 Academic Registration Status   ※ The followings can be changed online: Leave of Absence, Return to School, Change of Academic Advisor, Withdraw from Integrated MS/PhD Program, Accelerated Study of Integrated MS/PhD Program ※ For further details, refer to the attached file below 1. Leave of Absence and Return to School 1) Period: August 1, 2017 (Tue) - August 25, 2017 (Fri); 4:00 p.m. New students CANNOT apply a leave of absence in their first semester (however, pregnency leave and military services are allowed) 2) How to Apply: →  Registration & Graduation → University Registration → Application for Leave of Absence/Return (Graduate School) 2. Accelerated Study of Integrated MS/PhD Program 1) Application for Accelerated Study of Integrated MS/PhD Program A. Period: September 4 (Mon) - September 22 (Fri) <you must registered in order to be in the accelerated study of your integrated MS/PhD program> B. How to Apply: → Registration & Graduation → University Registration → Application for Course of Study Acceleration C. Semester: A range of shortening will be two semesters (one year) or one semester - Shortening of Two Semesters: Apply during the change of academic registration period in the early 6th semester - Shortening of One Semester: Apply during the change of academic registration period in the early 7th semester ※ Students may graduate early only if their cumulative GPA is 4.00 or above by their 6th or 7th semester.     2) Withdrawal from Integrated MS/PhD Program A. Period: August 1 (Tue) - August 25 (Fri) (same as the change of academic registration period) B. How to Apply: → Registration & Graduation → University Registration → Application to Withdraw - Eligibility: Students who wish to withdraw from Integrated MS/PhD Program and to change to the MS curriculum are eligible to apply. (In other words, the program will be changed to the MS curriculum. This does not mean that students have completed their Master’s program even though they have satisfied the requirements. Prospective MS candidates will be selected in the end of semester when final grades are out). 3. Advisor Application by New Student - → Registration & Graduation → University Registration→ Application for Advisor - Application Period: September 1 (Fri) - September 8 (Fri) 4. Change of Academic Advisor by Enrolling Students - → Registration & Graduation → University Registration → Petition for Change of Advisor 5. Voluntary Drop-Out and Readmission - Submit the Drop-out/Readmission Application (cannot apply online) - Receive approval (seal) from your academic advisor and the Associate Dean, then submit it to the Department Office of Business Administration. 6. Tuition Payment 1) Regular Payment Period: August 23, 2017 (Wed) - August 30, 2017 (Wed); 16:00 [ → Scholarship Application → Register → Print Tuition Payment Stub] - Print out your bill as follows and pay the tuition to the designated bank: 2) Final Payment Period: September 11, 2018 (Mon) - September 13 (Wed); 16:00 7. Course Registration for Prospective Returning Student 1) Period: August 24 (Thu) - August 28 (Mon) 2) How to Apply: log in and then apply - Prospective returning students of Fall 2017 are eligible to register for courses during the course registration period regardless of their status of academic registration or payment (however, if students fail to complete the returning process by August 25, 2017, their registered courses will be automatically deleted).      2017. 7.   Dean of Graduate School
Jul 27, 2017
# 3881
NEW [MS/PhD] Completed Research Student Registration
Completed Research Student Registration   1. Completed Research Student A. As of Spring 2015 Semester, following the policy of Completed Research Students (effective as of 2014), students who have completed  all course requirements but have not yet graduated can maintain the status of being “Completed Research Student” only if they make tuition payments. B. Completed Research Students are guaranteed to use school facilities (including libraries) and have opportunities to participate in research activities. When the registration period ends, the status of "Registered Graduate Students" will be changed to “Completed Research.” 2. Tuition for Completed Research (2% of Tuition Based on Majors)  A. Eligibility: Completed Graduate Students B. Payment Process: Portal System → Scholarship Application → Print Tuition Payment Stub C. Registration Period Regular Registration Period: August 23, 2017 (Wed) – August 30, 2017 (Wed); 16:00 Final Registration Period: September 11, 2017 (Mon) – September 13, 2017 (Wed); 16:00 3. Tuition for Thesis/Dissertation Examination (7% of Tuition Based on Majors) A. The Completed Graduate Students are required to register by paying tuition during their thesis/dissertation examination semesters. A 7% of the tuition will be printed on the bill only if they register for the online examination of thesis/dissertation through Portal System. Completed Graduate Students who already paid 2% of the tuition should make an additional 5% of tuition payment within the second registration period.   B. Payment Process: Each student will make a payment to designated bank accounts (the link for printing bill will be announced later) C. Online Registration Period for Thesis/Dissertation Examination: September 11, 2017 (Mon) – October 18, 2017 (Wed); 16:00 D. Registration Period: October 25, 2017 (Wed) – October 26 (Thu); 16:00 (students who need to pay the balance of 7% or 5% of tuition) E. Registration Procedure for Online Examination of Thesis/Dissertation Portal System → Registration/Graduation → Evaluation of Thesis (Master & Doctor)  4. Prepaid Coursework completed Graduate Students (Before 2014) A. Semester for Thesis/Dissertation Examination Register for Thesis/Dissertation Online Examination → Tuition: KRW Zero (0) → Visit Hana Bank and register “KRW Zero (0)” B. Regular Semester 2% of tuition based on majors ※ However, those who did not pass the thesis/dissertation examination previously and then went through reevaluation must pay for their tuition for thesis/dissertation again. ※ Tuitions paid by Completed Research Students will be used for the "Research Encouragement Scholarship" project (support for excellent research award, academic conference presentation, English proofreading fees, excellent research publication fees, etc.)
Jul 27, 2017
# 3880
NEW [MS/PhD] Application for Fall 2017 Graduate Teaching and Research Assistants
KUBS is now recruiting Fall 2017 graduate teaching and research assistants. Please see below for more information. 1. Application Period: July 6, 2017 (Thu) – July 12 (Wed); 16:00 PM   2. Eligibility: - Full-time graduate students in MS/PhD/Integrated MS & PhD program of Business Administration or International Business (students on leave of absence excluded) - Students whose GPA for the previous semester or cumulative GPA (grade “F” included) is at least 3.5 - Students who have earned a minimum of 8 credit (3 courses) hours per semester ※ New students cannot apply for the Research Assistant positions  3. How to Apply (1) Complete the application form online (be sure to meet the deadline; applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted)   New Students :  Click here to apply    Current Students :  Click here to apply  (2) Please submit your supporting documents (the forms for ①~③ are provided below) to the Department Office of Business Administration (Room 304 in KUBS Main Building) ① Letter of recommendation  ※ New students will be automatically assigned Professor Woochan Kim (Associate Dean) as their advisor. Thus, his name and signature will be made by the Department Office.  ② Teaching/Research Assistant Pledge Form ③ Confidential Pledge Form ④ Transcript ⑤ 4대 사회보험 가입자 가입내역 확인서 1부 (Korean only) ※ 4대 사회보험 정보연계센터 사이트(에서 발급 4. Notes - Online application and all supporting documents must be submitted within the application period - Full-time: students who are currently unemployed or on unpaid leave (international students must hold a D-2 visa) - Assistantship cannot overlap with other scholarships - If documents are insufficient, the application process will be canceled. - Signature/stamp for a letter of recommendation will be provided by the Department Office of Business Administration (current students must receive a signature/stamp from their advisor as well) - The assistantship will be paid out later; thus, please make a tuition payment first within the payment period  5. Work Period August 21, 2017 (Mon) - February 16, 2018 (Fri) ※ Please note that the work period is subject to change due to KUBS schedule. 6. Announcement of Final Results 2nd or 3rd week of August 2017 (tentative); the results will be notified via email ※ Please note that results for research assistants and teaching assistants may be announced separately.   Contact Us: Jina Jeon, Department Office of Business Administration; 3290-1365 /  
Jul 03, 2017
# 3856
ATTN [MS/PhD] Spring 2017 Dissertation Examination Guidelines
Guidelines of Main Points for Dissertation Examination 2017, 1st Semester   1. [Library Website]Up-Load the Dissertation : 6. 26(Mon) ~ 7. 7(Fri) a. Up-Load the Dissertation(original version) in '[User Service]-[Submit Thesis]' section at Library Website b. After receiving an e-mail from the person in charge of library dissertation, students should print out 'the Proof of submitting Dissertation' and 'the Warrant of using Works'. c. A Reference : Tel. 02)3290-2782, 2785, 2786, e-mail : ※ Students can only 'log-in' during the period above. Therefore students must meet the deadline.   2. [At Designated Library] Submit Complete Binding Dissertation : 7. 6(Thu) ~ 7. 7(Fri) a. Students should hand in 'Complete Binding Dissertation' and 'the Warrant of using Works' to designated library during that period(two days) then get a signature at 'the Proof of submitting Dissertation'. b. Designated Library for submitting Complete Binding Dissertation 1) Social and Human Science : Central Library(new building) Room 203, 2nd floor (Tel. 02-3290-1471, 1474) 2) Natural Science / Health Science : Science Library Room 406, 4th floor (Tel. 02-3290-4227) 3) Medicine : Medical Library Serials Room, 2nd floor (Tel. 02-2286-1264) 4) Sejong Campus : Sejong Academic Information Center, 3rd floor (Tel. 044-860-1813) c. The number of submitting copies 1) Master : 6 copies - 6 copies of Hard Cover or 3 copies of Hard Cover + 3 copies of Soft Cover - 8 copies of Hard Cover for Law, 4 copies of Hard Cover for Medicine 2) Ph. D : 6 copies of Hard Cover - 8 copies of Hard Cover for Law 4 copies of Hard Cover for Medicine   3. [At the Department Office] Submit a copy of inner page of Complete Binding Dissertation : 7. 6(Thu) ~ 7. 7(Fri) a. Submit a copy of inner page(the Inner page + the signature page of completion for dissertation examination) and the Proof of submitting Dissertation. ※ A copy of inner page of Complete Binding Dissertation - Inner page : The page which included the name of tutor professor, the subject of dissertation and the date that students submitted the dissertation. - the Signature page of completion for dissertation examination : The page which included the signatures of the chief of committee and committee members. 'Students keep the Complete Binding of Dissertation(Original Version)'   b. Certificates and Complete Binding of Dissertation which are submitted after the deadline cannot be admitted. If the students don't hand in issertations during the period, Graduate school will handle this as a fail of dissertation examination of this semester. Therefore it's very important to meet the deadline. 2017. 6.   The Dean of Graduate School
Jun 16, 2017
# 3835
NEW 2017학년도 1학기 일반대학원 성적처리 일정 안내
2017학년도 1학기 일반대학원 성적처리 일정 안내(학생)     2017학년도 1학기 대학원 개설교과목에 대한 학업성적 평가를 아래와 같이 시행하오니 확인하시기 바랍니다.   아 래 1. 성적공시 및 정정일정 가. 성적공시 조회는 internet 강의평가(수강소감평가) 완료 후 성적공시기간에만 가능 나. 대학원생 internet 강의평가 : 지식포탈 > 학적/졸업 > 성적사항 > 수강소감평가 구 분 일 정 internet 강의평가 2017 6. 7(수) 10:00 ~ 2017. 7. 4(화) 17:00 성적입력 2017. 6. 15(목) 10:00 ~ 2017. 6. 27(화) 17:00 성적공시 및 정정 2017. 6. 28(수) 10:00 ~ 2017. 7. 4(화) 17:00 성적확정 2017. 7. 5(수) 17:00   2. 유의사항 가. 성적조회 후 이상이 있을 경우 반드시 정정기간 내에 담당교수(강사)에게 확인(정정)을 하시기 바랍니다. 나. 성적조회 URL 1) 성적조회 시스템 : 2) 성적조회 로그인 : ID-학번, P/W-포탈비밀번호 ※ 학점교류생 ID : 고대임시학번(학년도+KG+학생번호4자리) P/W : 주민등록번호 뒤 7자리로 초기 설정 (비밀번호는에서 변경가능) 3) I학점으로 공시된 성적은 정정마감일 이후에는 F학점 처리 되오니, 반드시 정정기간 내에 담당교수(강사)에게 확인하시기 바랍니다.           대 학 원 장 2017-1 GRADE POSTING SCHEDULE (FOR STUDENTS)   1. Grade Input and Revision (Students can review their preliminary grades after they complete the course assessment) KUPID( ➝ Registration&Graduation-Grade Inquiries- Course Evaluation Task Time Course assessment 10:00, Jun 7(Wed), 2017 ~ 17:00, Jul 4(Tue), 2017 Grade Input 10:00, Jun 15(Thu), 2017 ~ 17:00, Jun 27(Tue), 2017 Grade Open to Students and Revision 10:00, Jun 28(Wed), 2017 ~ 17:00, Jul 4(Tue), 2017 Grade Confirmation 10:00, Jul 5(Wed), 2017   2. Notice A. Students can review their preliminary grades the day after they complete the course evaluation for this fall semester. B. Grade Review URL : C. Log into Grade Review System 1) ID : Student Number 2) PASSWORD : KUPID Password ※ If you are a domestic exchange student: - ID : Academic Year + KG + Student number 4 digits - Password : 7 final digits of your Resident Registration Number (If you want to change your Password, visit D. Grade "I" will change to "F" the day after Grade Confirmation. If you have inquiries regarding your grade(s), you are expected to contact the professors or instructors during the Revision Period.         Dean of the Graduate School
Jun 12, 2017
MS/PhD Academic
# 3822