Global Initiative Korea University Business School
KUBS History 1905 First Commerce Department in Korea
1953 First MS/Ph.D. program in Korea
1963 First Evening MBA (Korea MBA) in Korea
1994 First Global Internship Program in Korea
2003 First Executive MBA program in Korea
2006 First Full-Time MBA Programs (Global MBA, Finance MBA) in Korea
2007 Accreditations from AACSB (2005) and EQUIS (2007)
2008 Tri-University Collaboration Program (S3 Asia MBA: Fudan-NUS-KU)
2010 Re-accreditations from AACSB and EQUIS
2012 Financial Times Executive MBA Rankings (12th Worldwide, No.1 in Korea)
2015 2nd re-accreditation from AACSB and EQUIS
KUBS Achievements ◈ Dual International Accreditations
First education in Korea accredited by both AACSB and EQUIS
◈ Faculty Size
87 full-time faculty members (largest in Korea at the college level)
◈ Faculty Research
Ranked 91st in the UT Dallas Worldwide Business School Rankings based on Research Contribution 2010-2014 (1st in Korea for 9 consecutive years)
◈ Ranked No. 1 Business School in Korea for 7 consecutive years (2008-2014, Hankyung Business Survey of HR managers from the Top 200 companies)
◈ No. 1 MBA in Korea for 3 consecutive years (2013-2015, Hankyung Business Assessment by HR Managers from the Top 200 Domestic Companies)
◈ Ranked No. 1 MBA in Korea for 6 consecutive years (2007-2012, Ministry of Education; BK21 Program Evaluation)
◈ 2014 Financial Times Executive MBA Rankings
Ranked 28th worldwide (1st in Korea)
◈ 2013 Financial Times Global MBA Rankings
Ranked 86th worldwide
◈ No. 1 Producer of CEOs from the Top 90 Financial Companies in Korea (2013)
◈ No. 1 Producer of CEOs from the Top 500 Companies in Korea and No. 1 Producer of Owner CEOs (2013, CEO Score)
◈ College to produce the highest number of CEOs from the Top 100 Companies in Korea (2015, MK Economy)
◈ No. 1 Producer of Owner Entrepreneurs from 239 Major Domestic Groups (2015, Korea CXO Institute)
◈ 2013 Korea Management Awards Grand Prize (Human Resource Management Area)
◈ 2013-2015 National Brand Award Grand Prize for 3 consecutive years (Career Development Service Area)
KUBS Student Body
Programs Target Segments Total No. of Students No. of International Students
Undergraduate Degree (BBA) Top-level high school graduates 2044 363
Academic Graduate Degree
MS 4 Year college graduates 131 28
Ph.D. Master graduates 48 5
MS & Ph.D.
Unified course of the master’s and the doctor’s 18 0
S3 Asia MBA Mid-level managers in Korea, China, and Singapore 50 32
GMBA Mid-Level managers 38 12
MIM Junior to mid-level managers 10 4
Finance MBA Prospective finance industry experts 15 0
Korea MBA Part-time (Evening) MBA 378 6
Executive MBA Senior managers 98 2
(As of 2016 fall semester)