Nomination & Application
Required Documents for Application 1) Online application form
2) One photograph (W 125 * H 155)
3) Official academic transcript
4) Letter of academic reference
- MUST be completed by a student’s professor or an academic advisor who is familiar with the student’s college-level work and is able to attest to his or her character, maturity and self-sufficiency.
- MUST include the recommender’s name, title, and the school’s logo
5) Certificate of Health – official form available at the KUBS online application link
6) Statement of purpose and goals – describes the purpose and goals of his or her exchange semester in 1 or 2 pages (A4 size)
7) Copy of Passport Identification Page (which shows a student’s photo, name, and passport number, etc.) – passport MUST be valid for six months beyond the period of the student’s intended stay in Korea
8) Letter of confirmation for private insurance (for non-Korean passport holders only)
- MUST state the dates of coverage and benefits in ENGLISH
- Insurance MUST be valid throughout the entire study abroad period
- Insurance can be submitted after the student is admitted to KUBS.
9) Pledge – MUST be downloaded at the KUBS online application link and handwritten.
* All supporting documents MUST be written in English or have English translations and MUST be submitted through the online application link only.
Nomination and Application Procedure for Student Exchange Program 1. Before the official nomination, program managers at partner universities MUST jointly agree on the number of exchange students for each academic year with the KUBS exchange program manager.
2. Once the number of nominees has been confirmed, the KUBS Nomination Sheet will be distributed at the end of March (for fall semester) and end of September (for spring semester).
3. A link to KUBS’s online application will be given to the nominees at the end of April (for fall) and October (for spring), and they MUST complete the online application by the deadline indicated.
4. After final review of the students’ application, a ‘Letter of Admission’ will be sent to the students who are successfully admitted through e-mail first. By the end of June (for fall) and December (for spring) the ‘Admission Packet’ including 1) original copy of Letter of Admission, 2) Certificate of Admission, and 3) Business License of Korea University will be sent to the home institution.
5. All the exchange students MUST have worldwide insurance coverage for a study abroad program during the whole duration of their stay at KUBS. Those who do not submit the letter of confirmation for private insurance will NOT be allowed to enroll at KUBS even if they have received the Letter of Admission.
6. The letter of confirmation for private insurance can be submitted either at the time of online application or via e-mail within 2 weeks of receiving the Letter of Admission.