• KUBS MBA Networking Day
    KUBS MBA Networking Day
    KUBS MBA Networking Day

    KUBS Career Development Center (CDC) will be holding the “2016 KUBS MBA Networking Day” on May 27 (Fri) at 7:00 PM. The event will act as a communication channel where students and graduates of the five MBA programs can share information with each other. Your participation will be deeply appreciated.
    •  Date: May 27, 2016 (Fri); 19:00 – 21:30
    • Venue: Ahn Young Il Hall in LG-POSCO Building (6F)
    • Inquiries: Career Development Center
      (☎ 02-3290-1364)
  • KUBS International Fair
    KUBS International Fair
    “KUBS International Fair” will be held on March 19 (Thu) from 10:30 AM to 3:00 PM in front of KUBS Main Building. The purpose of the event is to promote and actively interact with host institutions of the exchange program in conjunction with international exchange students and KUBS students who have studied abroad previously.
    Snacks and raffle prizes will be given away to event participants. Your interest and participation will be deeply appreciated.
    • Venue: In front of KUBS Main Building
    • Date: May 19, 2016 (Thu); 10:30 AM – 3:00 PM
    • Details: Information sharing regarding exchange program
  • Korea University Has Highest Pass Rate on First CPA Examination
    KU Has Highest Pass Rate on 1st CPA Exam
    Among domestic universities, Korea University has the highest pass rate with 169 successful candidates on the “51th First Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Examination” held on February 28. According to the Financial Supervisory Service, the competition ratio for the first CPA Exam stood at 5.4-to-1. Out of 9,246 candidates, 1,711 have passed the first exam.

    Korea University has produced the highest number of successful candidates on the first CPA Exam for the second consecutive year (181 successful candidates in 2015). KU has 30 more successful candidates than Sungkyunkwan University (136), a school that has second-most CPA candidates. Yonsei University (136) came in third, followed by Hanyang University (119) and Kyung Hee University (111).
  • Mentoring Program with KUBS Student Ambassador, KUBE!
    Mentoring Program with KUBE!
    The Student Ambassador at Korea University Business School (Dean Done-One Kim) called "KUBE" hosts the online mentoring program for high school students for about 3 weeks starting May 2.
    “Following the educational principle of KUBS ‘Business for Society,’ KUBE has been hosting a mentoring program for teens in order to reduce their heavy reliance on private education,” Jin Wook Park (23), president of KUBE, said. “As offline mentoring program expands to online, we hope that more students can get help with their study and career plans through the Study Helper.”
  • KUBS MBA, “No. 1” for 4 consecutive years
    KUBS MBA, No. 1 for 4 consecutive years
    The Korea University Business School (KUBS) topped the 2016 Nationwide Assessment of MBA, conducted by Hankyung Business, for the fourth consecutive year. Since the assessment began in 2013, KUBS has always been a top MBA, reaffirming its leading position in Korea.
    The MBA assessment, jointly conducted by Hankyung Business and Global Research, was surveyed by human resource executives and managers from 300 top domestic companies. The six assessment categories include △Professionalism, △Employer’s Preference, △Globalization, △Development Potential, △Compatibility with Organization, and △Entrance into Graduate School.
Guidelines for Fall 2016 Readmission
Guidelines for Fall 2016 Readmission Chapter 3, Section 1, Article 15 of School Regulation, Chapter 2, Section 1, Article 3 of Constitution & Academic Regulations of Korea University   1. Application Period: June 8, 2016 (Wed); 10:00 – June 10, 216 (Fri); 16:00 (Interview is mandatory; contact the Academic Affairs Office of the relevant college for the date of interview)   2. Eligibility: Students who have previously enrolled at KU for a semester or more but dismissed from the university. * (Students who fall under the options ③, ④, and ⑤, they are eligible for readmission one year (two semesters) after the date of their expulsion) Students who failed to return to university after taking a leave of absence Students who failed to complete registration for enrollment Students who have been expelled according to disciplinary procedures Students who received a poor GPA Students who withdrew from school ※ Students who have been dismissed permanently according to School Regulation are not eligible for readmission   3. Ineligibility for Discontinued Majors (decision made by Educational Curriculum Management Committee) 1) The readmission application for discontinued majors will not be accepted starting Spring 2006. 2) The readmission applicants whose major has been discontinued can apply for other major after completing a “Change of Major Consent Form” (see the attached file below)   4. Documents to Submit 1) One copy of Readmission Application Form (provided form) 2) One copy of Readmission Pledge (provided form) 3) One copy of Statement of Reason and Statement of Purpose (provided form) 4) One copy of academic record 5) One copy of transcript ※ See the attached files below   5. Submission Location: Department Office of Business Administration   6. Date of Interview: June 13, 2016 (Mon) or June 14, 2016 (Tue); choose one (the list of interviewee will be posted)   7. Announcement of Final Results: June 29, 2016 (Fri); 14:00 (expected)   8. Course Registration for Successful Applicants: August 23, 2016 (Tue)   9. Registration Period: August 23, 2016 (Tue) – August 30, 2016 (Tue); 16:00   10. Additional Notes 1) Students are eligible to apply for readmission one time only depending on vacancies 2) Course registration and tuition payment are only eligible for readmitted students. When making a tuition payment, they must pay for readmission fee (a half of current-year tuition) at the same time. If students fail to make these payments, readmission will be cancelled and they cannot reapply for readmission. 3) Readmitted students must comply with School Regulation and Readmission Pledge 4) Students are not allowed to take a leave of absence for the first semester of readmission. 5) The readmission applicants whose major has been discontinued can apply for other major after completing a “Change of Major Consent Form” (see the attached file below)    2016. 5. 26. The Academic Affairs Office
May 27, 2016
Additional Recruitment for 2016 KUBS Global Internship
Additional Recruitment for 2016 KUBS Global Internship   We are currently accepting additional applications for the Summer 2016 Global Internship from May 22 (Monday) to May 31 (Tuesday) 5:00 PM. The program allows students to experience hands-on training, as well as earning 3 credit hours.  Students MUST join the KUPID Portal Community “2016 경영대 국제인턴십” in order to view related announcements. [http://portal.korea.ac.kr > Click the “Community” tab > Search “2016 경영대 국제인턴십”> Join the community] For those who wish to participate in the global internship program on their own and to be granted 3 credits of “International Internship Practice (BUSS462)”, please refer to the relevant announcement. - Schedule     Date Details Remarks May 23 (Mon) – May 31 (Tue) Application Submssion for Global Internship and other supporting document submission (apply online) Apply online, then submit hardcopies to KUBS International Office June 2 - 3       (Thu - Fri) Interview (Korea, English, Chinese)   June 4 (Sat) Final Announcement & E-mail Confirmation for Participating in Global Internship Announcement via Portal Community * Please note that the schedule above is subject to change. New updates and changes will be posted through the Noticeboard on Portal Community. -  Recruiting Companies (Please refer to Experience Report of previous participants) Company Remarks LG Electronics India (Uttar Pradesh, India) Marketing Team Asosiasi Korea Indonesian & Korean Culture Study (Indonesia) Researcher (translation, creating PowerPoint materials etc.) Prima Group (California, USA Law & Finance Group - Secretary position, legal duties, managing clients information LG Electronics Canada (Ontario, Canada) HR, Supply Chain Management, Finance Nemo Partners  (Beijin, China) Consulting, research, and drafting reports HS Ad (Beijing, China) Digital Business Team (Marketing & Advertisement) and Finance Team *Chinese language skill is required for the positions in China. Please refer to the detailed information on the Portal Community.   Possible Number of Host Company Request Students may apply for up to three (3) companies (the company list will be posted on the portal community) Internship Period During summer; 4 to 8 weeks (the schedule is flexible depending on the company) How to Apply Online Application ☜ Click left to apply online and then submit hardcopies to the KUBS International Office   Contact Us Arie Kim KUBS International Office Tel: 02) 3290-536 Email: kubs_intern@hotmail.com  
May 23, 2016
global internship
Mentoring Program with KUBS Student Ambassador, KUBE!
Mentoring Program with KUBS Student Ambassador, KUBE! Korea University Business School runs various programs for teens, such as △Teen Mentoring Day and △Tour Online mentoring service by KUBS Student Ambassador (KUBE) begins on May 2 (Mon) using Study Helper The Student Ambassador at Korea University Business School (Dean Done-One Kim) called "KUBE" hosts the online mentoring program for high school students for about 3 weeks starting May 2. The online mentoring service operates through the app “Study Helper.” High school students can post questions about study plan and college information on the app and will receive answers from KUBE.     “Following the educational principle of KUBS ‘Business for Society,’ KUBE has been hosting a mentoring program for teens in order to reduce their heavy reliance on private education,” Jin Wook Park (23), president of KUBE, said. “As offline teen mentoring program expands to online, we hope that more students can get help with their study and career plans through the Study Helper.”   KUBE holds the “Teen Mentoring Day” twice a year during vacations for high school students who wish to study at KUBS. Approximately 60 high school students, KUBE members, and 20 KUBS students participate in the event. Selected participants can broaden the understanding of the school and Business Administration major through various programs, such as △Special Lecture by KUBS Faculty, △Campus Tour, and △Business Administration Practices. The event is part of the KUBS social contribution activities for teens, and thereby is all free. In addition to that, KUBE interacts with teens through the “KUBS Tour and Teen Gathering Day,” which is held once per semester.     “As KUBS continues mentoring program activities for high school students who aspire to major in Business Administration, we will be helping students to set their paths and academic plans,” KUBS Dean Dong-One Kim said. “The online mentoring service with the Study Helper will be beneficial to students as well.”     View Related Articles   [조선일보] 고려대 경영대생들, 오늘부터 온라인 멘토링 서비스 [쿠키뉴스] 고려대 경영대학, 홍보대사 ‘큐브’와 온라인 학습 멘토링 진행​ [이데일리] 자기주도학습 1위 앱 ‘스터디헬퍼’ 중고생 무료멘토링 [데이터넷] 자기주도학습 앱 '스터디헬퍼', 중고생에게 무료 멘토링 제공 [아크로팬] 고려대학교 경영대학, 경기센터 보육기업 '탐생' 과 협업
May 04, 2016
The 8th Batch of S³ Asia MBA Explores Korea’s leading Industries
The 8th Batch of S³ Asia MBA Explores Korea’s leading Industries Visited △POSCO, △Hyundai Heavy Industries, △Hyundai Motor Company…Learned about the companies, ranging from their history to manufacturing process     The 8th Batch of S³ Asia MBA (AMBA), Korea University Business School’s Full-time MBA program, attended a domestic field trip. Professor Jaiho Chung (AMBA Academic Director), 28 AMBA students, 2 EA-DBA students joined the field trip, held from April 20 through 22. The participants learned about Korea’s technology industry by touring △POSCO Pohang Steelworks, △Hyundai Heavy Industries Ulsan Plant, △Hyundai Motor Company Ulsan Plant, which are located in Pohang and Ulsan.     The AMBA students had opportunities to learn about POSCO's history and its steel industry, as well as how it has become the world’s leading steel company. At Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) Ulsan Plant, they explored Asan Memorial Hall, featuring achievements of Honorary Chairman Ju-yung Chung, and acquired knowledge of HHI business, such as offshore and engineering industry, green energy, and electro electric systems. Afterwards, the students also visited Hyundai Motor’s Ulsan Plant, which is equipped with high-tech production facilities. They learned the detailed information ranging from the automobile manufacturing process to inspection procedure at Hyundai Motor Company, one of the largest auto makers in the world. “In the past, I could only access to information on Korea’s leading industries though media and data; however, this field trip has allowed us to explore industries and learned about their business strategies, which were wholly beneficial.” One of the AMBA students, Bokyung Kim (the 8th Batch), said. “Not only I was able to understand industry in depth, but also realized that the progress can be made only when close collaboration between company and country occurs.  
Apr 29, 2016
Special Lecture “KUBS Contemporary Business Etiquette” for Future Business Leaders
Special Lecture “KUBS Contemporary Business Etiquette” for Future Business Leader     Starting this semester, Korea University Business School is now hosting an educational session “KUBS Contemporary Business Etiquette” in order to educate students the basic grounding, which is a must for future business leaders. As students enter into society and larger community, it is extremely important to acquire positive attitude and manners for building relationships with various persons,” Dean Dong-One Kim said. “I hope students will learn about basic business etiquette through the sessions before they step out into society. I also wish that they will become a leader with the utmost propriety.”    The special lecture “KUBS Contemporary Business Etiquette” covers the topics of △Greetings and Business Card Etiquette, △Dining and Dressing Manners, and △Conversation Skills, and △Business Phone Calls and E-mails, etc. in business situations. Such education does not only apply to students’ career but also their school life.   Session Topic Eligible Participants 1 Greetings in Business and Exchanging Business Undergraduate and Graduate Students 2 Dining and Dressing Manners Undergraduate and Graduate Students 3 Business Phone Calls and E-mails Undergraduate and Graduate Students    “The KUBS Contemporary Business Etiquette” is held three times per semester. Students wishing to apply for the KUBS programs, such as △Scholarships, △Global Internship, △Internship Practice, △Student Exchange Program, are required to complete one of the sessions. “I thought this special lecture would just be a general etiquette lesson; however, it turned out to be informative. The lecture includes how to behave properly in difficult business circumstances where students normally would not have access to,” Heon Young Lee (Business Administration, ’12) said. “The lessons I have learned will be very useful when developing business relationship with others in society." Contact the KUBS Career Development Center (02-3290-2700) for further inquiries and registration regarding the special lectures.  
Apr 29, 2016
KOSAC President Cheongu Heo (Commerce, ’59) Donates 500 Million Won to KUBS Dream Scholarship
KOSAC President Cheongu Heo (Commerce, ’59) Donates 500 Million Won to KUBS Dream Scholarship A total of 1 billion won were donated to Korea University…The fund will be dedicated to the scholarship     Cheongu Heo (Commerce, ’59), President of Korea Soda Ash Corporation (KOSAC), donated 1 billion won to support the development of his alma mater. On April 25, Dean Dong-One Kim, General Manager Ji Ryong Kim, General Manager Yoon Yi Choi, Assistant Manager Sung Pyo Jang made their presence for the fund ceremony held at the Dean’s Office. The fund will be devoted to the KU Scholarship Funds and KUBS Scholarship Funds 500 million won each. KUBS will use the fund for the “KUBS Dream Scholarship” which provides living expenses for students. Following the principle of President Heo, the college will support students by selecting four scholarship recipients every year “Talented persons with professionalism and positive attitude can contribute to society as true leaders,” President Heo said at the fund ceremony. “I hope this scholarship fund will be awarded to students who are considerate of others, and not just based upon their academic achievement.”   “Following the President Heo’s principal, we will actively support our students to help them grow into leaders serving their communities,” Dean Dong-One Kim said. “I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to President Heo who has shown the love for his KUBS juniors.” In the meantime, President Heo is currently running KOSAC, a company that imports soda ash from the United States. He also served as an entrepreneur for about 50 years, including the years at Sammi Group as an Executive Officer. President Heo has already made donations in the past to show his love for KUBS juniors.  
Apr 27, 2016
Marking 10th Anniversary, Full-Time MBA Homecoming Day Held
Marking 10th Anniversary, Full-Time MBA Homecoming Day Held Homecoming Day was held in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of FMBA and GMBA…The event is to bring graduates and current students together       On April 14 (Thu) at 7:00 PM, the KUBS Financial MBA (“FMBA”)’s “FMBA 10th Homecoming Day” was held at the Conventional Hall of Luna Miele located in Yeouido. At the event, 76 participants, including Dean Dong-One Kim, FMBA Academic Director Chang Ki Kim, and GMBA Academic Director Yong Keun Yoo, were present. Particularly, this homecoming day was attended by many FMBA alumni celebrating the 10th anniversary of the FMBA. Former Academic Director Joon Ho Hwang and Director Kyung Suh Park who were unable to join the event have delivered their congratulations through a video clip. Afterward, Director Chang Ki Kim opened with a congratulatory speech, followed by a dinner and chat time. The alumni socialized and solidified their friendship, while the video and photos of the FMBA from 1st to 10th Batch were displayed on the screen.       On April 16 (Sat) at 5:00 PM, the GMBA Homecoming Day was held in Ahn Young Hall of LG-POSCO Building. GMBA Academic Director Yong Keun Yoo, Associate Dean Hojung Shin, 55 GMBA students, including alumni from 1st to 10th Batch of the GMBA, were attendance at the event. Starting with a welcoming speech, group photoshoot and dinner were provided. Furthermore, there were various programs that allowed the participants to socialize.    “Despite the difficulties in financial markets and economic recession, the success of the KUBS MBA programs for ten years is greatly attributed to our MBA alumni,” Dean Dong-One Kim said, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the full-time MBA programs. “KUBS will do its very best to become No. 30 worldwide and No. 1 in Asia.”   Meanwhile, the KUBS full-time MBA consists of three programs: FMBA that produces financial experts, GMBA & MIM, a reorganized program as joining the alliance of global business schools, and S3Asia MBA fostering Asia specialists.  
Apr 25, 2016
[2016 Nationwide MBA Assessment] Korean MBA Market Settled Down, KUBS Reaffirms Its “No. 1” Position
Korean MBA Market Settled Down, KUBS Reaffirms Its “No. 1” Position The top universities in the ranking remained the same…Universities show “distinctive” strengths in each category     Eleven years is a sufficient amount of time for the Korean MBA program, launched in 2006, to settle down. The Korean MBA program has become a guidebook of fostering business leaders in the era of limitless competition.   Hankyung Business has been conducting an annual assessment since 2013, surveying human resource managers from 300 top domestic companies to affirm the current status of Korean MBA programs. The results were based on 14 universities, including KAIST, approved as a “Korean MBA Program” by the Ministry of Education. The survey were divided into six categories: △Professionalism, △Employer’s Preference, △Globalization, △Development Potential, △Compatibility with Organization, and △Entrance into Graduate School.    The KUBS MBA topped the 2016 Nationwide MBA Assessment for the fourth consecutive year. The overall score is 4,470 points, increasing by over 700 points compared with the previous year (3,751 points). The MBA program at Seoul National University (SNU) ranked No. 2 behind the KUBS MBA with a margin of 183 points. The score-gap is constantly widened following by 7 points in 2014 and 75 points in 2015.   The winning key to this match is the “Compatibility with Organization” category. This category asks how well can MBA graduates communicate with team members using their friendly and altruistic mind in a Korean company with a strong organizational culture. KUBS ranked No. 1 in the overall assessment because Compatibility with Organization score has risen sharply (684 points→822 points). At the same time, SNU suffered from the same category. The score-gap between KUBS and SNU is 306 points, which is greater than the overall score-gap.   The Compatibility with Organization category is significant in the assessment due its small score-gap and frequent ranking change. As a university receives a high score in this category, the overall ranking is more likely to be changed. In the meantime, this year’s MBA assessment has shown similar results of “2015 Nationwide MBA Assessment,” conducted by Hankyung Business in April.   An excerpt from Hankyung Business Vol. 1064 | Reporter Byung Hwa Kim  
Apr 18, 2016
Alumni Interview: Iljin Group CEO Sang Il Lee (Commerce, ’57)
KUBS Alumni Interview — Sang Il Lee (Commerce, ’57), Chairman of Iljin Group “One with professionalism and positive attitude can succeed” Q: Iljin Group is leading the field of wheel bearing with its innovative technologies. Tell us about the company’s vision and your business philosophy as Iljin Group reaches out to the world beyond Korea. The three core values for Iljin Group’s corporate culture are “creative spirit,” “teamwork,” and “make it happen.” With that being said, our company supports all employees, so they can collaborate to achieve goals based on their insights. A company can stay in business with its results and profits. In order to bear fruits in management, the company shall ensure its competiveness in the market by producing excellent goods in various aspects, such as technology, quality, price, etc.   Iljin Group is leading the world’s wheel bearing market with the global market share of 30%. Our major clients are world-class automobile companies, including Hyundai Motor Company, Kia Motors, BMW, Ford, Renault, VW, PSA, FIAT, Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, GM, TESLA (manufactures electric vehicles), etc.   Since the initial stage of Iljin Group, I had a goal and confidence to produce goods with global competiveness, rather solely focusing on the domestic market. I believed that providing excellent products at the lowest cost would lead our company on the path to success in the global market. Because wheel bearing is an essential part of an automobile, it is important to guarantee its best quality with securing the stability. I must say it was not easy to penetrate the market due its high price and quality; however, under the company’s management philosophy “make it happen,” I did not give up. With a sense of duty, I constantly invested in research in order to be recognized as the most important quality.   Iljin Group currently has research facilities in the United States and Germany. Professional technicians in Korea and overseas cooperate together to enhance the cost competiveness by increasing the automation rate using robots, sensors, and computers. The Quality Assurance Team is responsible for product manufacturing and delivery, while satisfying customer needs. Q: Many students are trying to start their own business nowadays. You have made a meaningful donation for the KUBS Support for Business Start-Ups. KUBS, my alma mater, has been recognized as the best in Korea according to various performance indexes in Korea and abroad. And now KUBS is making progress to be recognized by the world beyond Korea. I am extremely proud of the accomplishments of my alma mater.   Until the development of KUBS with its 110-year history, there have been numerous deans of KUBS, professors, including former KU President Yoon-dae Euh, who have played a major role. With these professors, KUBS produced talented individuals leading Korea. Also, because of our alumni’s love for KUBS juniors, students have access to study in the superior educational facilities.   A number of world’s distinguished universities strive to improve their start-up education. As I, too, was able to advance into the global market by starting my own business, I believe that start-up education is necessary in order to change the economic paradigm of Korea. I decided to donate the funds to develop my alma mater in a successful direction and to support our students become entrepreneurs who demonstrate their abilities to lead Korean economy. I hope KUBS Start-Up Center, which will be completed in September, will foster entrepreneurs with integrated thinking. I am confident that students will have more chances of success by challenging themselves, rather than being afraid of failure.     Q. What are some virtues that students desiring to start their own business shall improve during their studies? Please give words of advice to KUBS students. I would like to emphasize two virtues: “professionalism” and “positive attitude.” First of all, it is imperative to build your own professionalism. Developing professionalism with insights will help students become global leaders fitting the trend. Once students have made a decision on their business item, they should aim high to become the best in the world. In addition, they should think on their feet to be one step ahead in the market.   Positive attitude is also extremely important. One who only has knowledge cannot become a great leader. Nothing can be accomplished alone. You should endeavor to earn the respect and recognition from your co-workers while working together. One with positive attitude can win the hearts of clients. If you always behave modest and humble, you can become a wise entrepreneur. I will always support our KUBS students on their journey of becoming a great entrepreneur with a warm heart who thinks carefully but act boldly.   
Mar 08, 2016
[2015 MBA Graduate Student Interview] The top graduate of FMBA, Young Jin Kim
Q. Congratulations on being the top graduate of FMBA program I would like to thank professors, staff members, FMBA graduates, other colleagues, and my family who have constantly supported me to achieve this excellent result. The FMBA program has not only built my long-term career plan, but also has given me an opportunity to improve myself throughout the past year. Q. What are your keys to success of becoming the top graduate of FMBA? My proactive attitudes produced such great outcomes. I tried my best to lead the team while performing the numbers of case studies and team projects. In addition, participating classes enthusiastically by reading lecture materials and organizing the list of questions beforehand is another key to receive positive evaluation. For those who are non-business majors, I highly emphasize that it is critical to prepare and review the notes from the previous lecture before class starts. Q. What do you remember the most during your FMBA? I remember vividly every moment of my FMBA journey. If I had to choose one, I would say “International Residence Program.” Studying at the National University of Singapore and Wharton School was extremely new and exciting. Also, I was able to cultivate the business acumen by visiting financial institutions in Hong Kong and New York. Lastly, I cannot forget the memories of my warm-hearted colleagues who helped me when I was injured during IRP. Q. What have you gained after completing one-year course of FMBA? I am currently in the hiring process and have a good feeling about it. Knowledge that I have gained from FMBA program has allowed me to view the entire financial market, as well as thinking globally. In addition, I am confident that students and alumni of Korea University will have access of professional networks and become an asset in the financial sector. Q. Do you have any advice for upcoming FMBA students? Set two or three goals for each module and devote your full attention to the studies. You will find yourself growing after a year. At the same time, I encourage students to participate actively in various events, such as MT, Ko-Yon games, athletic meetings, CDC program and cherish those moments while building your professional networks of MBA colleagues. A year is much shorter than you think. Do your best without regrets. I wish you a good luck in achieving your ultimate goals and success.  
Oct 28, 2015
[2015 MBA Graduate Student Interview] The top of graduate of GMBA, Vincent Lee
Q. Tell us your impression of being named as the top graduate of GMBA program. Professor Se-Joon Hong told us at the very beginning that there is a reward for the top graduate of GMBA and consequently, I worked very hard to achieve it. There is no way however, I could have achieved this position without the help of my friends I worked with on school projects, and as such I am very grateful. Q. What did you mainly focus on to achieve this title while attending school? Our program is very intense with 8-week long courses. There are a number of assignments during those eight weeks with midterms and finals. This busy schedule keeps you constantly focused on the short-term goal of performing well. Q. Why did you choose Global MBA program 2 years ago? I chose it because of the school’s reputation as the top business school as well as the school’s strong alumni network. In addition, the program was only one year versus the standard two-year schedule in America. Q. How was your life as a student of Global MBA? I enjoyed socializing with diverse groups of people and many international as well as Korean graduate students. In addition, I tried to meet many people outside of our program. Life as a GMBA student is not an easy journey but it was very gratifying. Q. Which curriculum of Global MBA was helpful in your career? I wanted to focus on the areas where I was weaker. The most valuable classes I took were twofold. The first was Business Communication, where Professor Silvia Kozlovska helped me become much more confident in front of larger audiences. The second class was Uncertainty, Data & Decisions. Professor Byung Cho Kim made a highly analytical and data intensive class by emphasizing the valuable insights derived from the numbers. Q. Do you have any advice for your juniors who are studying at KUBS? Enjoy the program. Classes and grades are important but what’s more important are the relationships you build here and outside. I would encourage students to focus in class, work efficiently in groups, and with this efficiency, use your precious free-time well.  
Sep 23, 2015
Until you can turn that passion into reality,  Follow your passion!
Until you can turn that passion into reality, Follow your passion!
Jennifer Pak, a recent undergraduate alumna at Korea University Business School, is a fall 2013 participant in the White House Internship Program.  Throughout her undergraduate career, she completed internships at Bank of America Merrill Lynch Investment Banking in Seoul Finance Center and at a marketing company in Los Angeles, California. While attending school,  she worked as a freelancer Reporter and VJ for KBS World and Arirang TV, and volunteered for various service projects.  Before she transferred to Korea University, in 2009, she led up to 40,000 students into cheering as the Head Female Captain of Yonsei University Cheerleading Team, AKARAKA. When she graduated from business school  in the spring of 2013, she worked as a CSI Executive for Mercedes-Benz Korea Ltd in Seoul Square Building. Q. How are you able to get the opportunity to work at the White House?  I learned about the White House Internship Program after leaving Mercedes-Benz Korea Ltd. to pursue a different career track. I have always wanted to see what it was like to be on the other side; to be working in the public sector. I had never been exposed to politics and thought the White House would be an opportunity for me to see what it was like to work in the government. The timing was right so I took the initiative to apply for this internship. Q. What did you prepare to be an intern at the White House?  The selection process is competitive, but I highly recommend that anyone with an interest in public service consider applying. However, in order to be eligible for the White House Internship Program you must be a United States citizen. The online application requires one essay, one policy memorandum, 2 letters of recommendation, a resume, and a series of short-answer questions. I was accepted and assigned to the Office of Management and Administration. Being prepared is half the battle. Just like any other job interview preparation, I wrote out a list of potential interview questions, planned out my responses ahead of time, received some feedback, and did a mock  interview.  The best way to nail any interview is to practice, practice, and practice. Of course, I could not have gone through this without my recommendations, Korea University Business School Service Marketing Professor Janghyuk Lee and Bank of America Merrill Lynch Director and Korea General Counsel James Lee.  Q. Which curriculum of KUBS was helpful?  In spring 2011, I transferred to Korea University Business School as an undergrad. Some of the courses I personally enjoyed were Service Marketing, Venture Business, Process Innovation & IT, Principals of Corporate Finance, Information Security, Advertisement Management, Business Negotiation, and Business Strategy. Although our Business School is known for its numerous hours of tedious group projects and meetings, PowerPoint presentations, and HBS article analysis, it all taught me life lessons that helped me prepare for real life interaction the real world. After graduating, I realized that public service has shaped all aspects of my life at the university, friendships, person al growth, academic learning, and cultural experiences. I learned that there are no limits to service and every project expands not only to your knowledge but your heart, because of many of the wonderful people you meet. There is  no price to place on these valuable experiences. Q. Advice for your juniors who are studying at KUBS. I had a friend who once asked me, “Jennifer, do you know what the longest distance in life is? It’s from your mind to your heart. But do you know what the most difficult path in life is? It’s from your heart to your feet.”  He’s right. It is easier to talk than to do. Start networking. Build relationships. Gain work experience. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t trap yourself. Don’t scoff at the life choice of people around you. Be genuine. Be humble and always smile. Most importantly, follow your passion until you can turn that passion into reality. -Jennifer Pak, KUBS 06  
Jun 22, 2014